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TOPIC: Vision problems while stitching

Vision problems while stitching 26 May 2017 15:56 #141354

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I get eyestrain and headaches if I spend too much time staring at one close thing (like sewing, knitting or my computer) too long. I learned to take breaks. Get up, walk around, look at other things at different focal points. It really helps.
The right lighting helps me a lot. I like a daylight-corrected light, such as Ott-light, with an adjustable light that I can point wherever it will be most comfortable for my eyes. This really helps me.
I might also suggest that you train your employees to do the work the way you want it done, to take some of the stress off you. It will take time and effort. Regard it as an investment that will pay big dividends for you and your eyes! Your eyes are so important!
Best wishes,
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Vision problems while stitching 25 May 2017 23:20 #141343

Hey, I am from Canada. I own a textile shop and a stitching center. Designing is my passion and I have got a lot of good customers. I have got very few employees. I get satisfied only when the whole work is done by me.

But, these days, I am experiencing some problems with my vision. I have low eyesight and I use glasses to rectify them. When I put stress during stitching, my eyes will become red. Also, they will start watering. This is seriously affecting my work. I am planning to have a lasik eye surgery from Austin next week in order to avoid the usage of glasses.

Is there anybody over here with similar problems? Do you experience headache and eye pain during stitching? What do you guys do in order to tackle it? Please give some genuine replies and suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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