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TOPIC: fusing gunk on iron

22 Sep 2009 08:44 #38601

  • bar7700
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I have always used.... Dritz Iron-Off. Hot iron cleaner that you can find in Wal-Mart and hobby stores.

Recently I bought the iron cleaning sheets when I ordered fabric online. I always know where everything is in my sewing room. Believe it or not I can't find those sheets! Sometimes I clean up too well and something new gets put in an odd place. I will find them today and report back how they work. My iron is full of spray starch and could use a good cleaning.

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22 Sep 2009 02:26 #38598

This thread gives new meaning to the category topic (Help - I'm Stuck), made me chuckle! I like to use Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner, it's a paste in a tube, just squeeze a little onto a cloth (I use an old face flannel) and rub your iron over it. It's a US product (I'm in the UK), their website is http://www.faultless.com. I'm afraid the ironing board cover is a goner :( . Good excuse for a pretty new one though :D

in central England
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21 Sep 2009 18:08 #38593

When my iron gets funky I use the magic eraser too. However, I set the eraser on a small folded towel, spray the eraser with water, and then scrub my hot iron over it till it comes clean. I re-spray the eraser with water as necessary.
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21 Sep 2009 14:51 #38587

How to clean your iron would depend on whether it has a Teflon coating on the bottom. Make sure the method you use is safe for this surface. When my quilt buddy dropped my iron on the nylon carpet, I used wet paper towels on the hot iron. (This also works on fusible goo)

Jean in Windsor, ON

Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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21 Sep 2009 12:06 #38580

  • PDQuilt
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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Cold iron, damp sponge. (Thank you Ms. Schambers). :wink:
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21 Sep 2009 11:52 #38579

Iron cleaners do a great job in a lot less time than the salt and brown paper (which I have found doesn't work all that well, anyway). Rowenta sells one but it's the same stuff as the cheaper kind. They both work the same. Be sure to follow the instructions, though. You have to use it on a hot iron.
As far as the ironing board cover goes, My husband made me an oversize ironing board (plywood, batting, etc.) which I cover by pinning on a double layer of cheap muslin. When I get this cover all gunky from fusibles (or when the cat urinated on it) I throw it in the wash. If the gunky stuff doesn't come off, then I just use the back side, which is still clear. Then I can fold it inside out and get two more surfaces to use. A really cheap solution and I always have muslin on hand.
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21 Sep 2009 08:21 #38574

Ironing board covers come and they go. When they get stuff on them it is time for them to go. Besides, the ironing board always looks so nice with a new cover. The methods mentioned by the others for cleaning the iron works. Plus Rowenta has a cleaning kit, which I use, for cleaning irons. Worth a try. You can get these at Lowes, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond and I'm sure other places too. Bobbi
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21 Sep 2009 03:26 #38570

  • Libbi
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New ironing board cover. I did the same thing but the gunk gets trapped in the weave and oozes out on your nice, new fabric FOREVER! Sorry for shouting, but I was traumatized by the experience. I found some stuff that removes gum from fabric but it was tedious and only worth it to save the project, not the ironing board cover.

Looking out the window at Lake Leman in beautiful Switzerland
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21 Sep 2009 00:54 #38569

I use the dryer sheet on a pad of kitchen roll with no problems. Have you tried it slightly warmer? Certainly smells a lot nicer than the cleaning stick.

I thought ironing board covers were virtually classed as a disposable commodity in this game. :roll: :oops: :oops: :D

Ye olde Dorsetshire

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20 Sep 2009 20:44 #38561

  • Mailmanldy
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Try a brown paper bag with salt, and run the warm iron over the salt. That usually works to clean the iron.

Another thing I have done, is to use the Mr Clean Magic Erasers, those work wonders. The iron should be cool for those, not hot.

Not sure what you can do about the ironing board itself. Unless you can remove the cover and throw it in the wash.

Diane in Colorado Springs
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fusing gunk on iron 20 Sep 2009 19:19 #38559

I have been fusing my brains out for the past two days - my iron is yuckie - I used a dryer sheet on a warm setting - no luck, now my ironing board cover has weird product on it - help!!??
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