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TOPIC: "Eyelash" problem with fusible applique

Re: "Eyelash" problem with fusible applique 21 Oct 2014 09:04 #122209

  • idaho
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All of those tips are great !! If you use tiny zigzag be sure to land the left stitches slightly off the edge
and the right ones a bit farther in the applique. My McKenna Ryan projects have all been done with
invisible thread and ZZ. Too Many color changes otherwise !
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Re: "Eyelash" problem with fusible applique 21 Oct 2014 07:40 #122207

  • suehenyon
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Rita has given a terrific, thorough answer. I find that Kona solids, and other solids, for some reason fray unmercifully. They are not woven as tightly as good quilting fabric.
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Re: "Eyelash" problem with fusible applique 21 Oct 2014 04:35 #122204

Hi Beth, that is such a frustrating problem and I have experienced it with a red fabric which frayed easily too. My first suggestion is that you get Steam a Seam 2 for your next project and make sure you adhere it to the background fabric according to the instructions. I notice that the instructions for the new version say that you should press it for 15-20 seconds. The second thing that I will suggest is that you use a new microtex 80/12 or 75/11 needle as these will also help. Thirdly, you make sure that you are stitching along the edge of the applique but actually on the background fabric rather than on the edge of the applique. I use a double blanket stitch as this will cover any gaps between the background and the applique. And finally, you will need to either starch your background fabric until it is stiff as paper or use some sort of stabilizer like Ricky Tims Stable Stuff, Stitch N Tear or a fusible stabilizer on the back of your background fabric as this will keep the whole thing from wanting to gobble up the fabrics when you are using embroidery stitches like the blanket stitch. I hope that is of help. :D
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"Eyelash" problem with fusible applique 20 Oct 2014 20:09 #122202

  • BethMI
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I just completed a small applique kit (already given away) that involved fusible applique. I was not happy with the result. The kit contained what seemed like good, quilt-store quaality black cotton fabric which was cut into the outline of tree branches -- some pretty skinny.

I pre-washed the fabric, dried it and then fused it to double-sided fusible that I got at my local quilt store. (It was NOT Steam-a-Seam I or II because that is not yet available in the stores around here.)

I fused it down onto the background (also pre-washed), and it seemed to work fine.

Then I began zig-zagging it down, and the edges of the black raveled terribly. After I got the entire quilt done, I had to give the edges a "haircut" to trim off all the 1/4" raveling. It looked like the tree branches had eyelashes on the side.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? What is the fix?

I have a large McKenna Ryan-type fusible applique quilt to do next (this one for ME), and I hardly want to bother starting it if it will turn out like this one!


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