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TOPIC: Steam-a-seam

Re: Steam-a-seam 15 Apr 2014 09:48 #117349

Hi. Do it the opposite way. Peel off the hard to get off side first, attach to your fabric, cut out and then remove the easier side. It takes a few minutes to get that side peeled off but it can be done. I finally have the hang of it after ruining a couple pieces. Hope this helps. It is still the best stuff out there.
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Re: Steam-a-seam 31 Mar 2014 10:50 #116847

Thanks, Debbie. I was never able to get it as far as the machine to see if it gunked up. The stuff just won't separate from the paper to remove the fabric successfully without messing it up. I thought I was doing something wrong. I will do as you suggest and order the other product.
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Re: Steam-a-seam 31 Mar 2014 07:52 #116839

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Martha, I just reposted something I had written several months ago about the Pellon product in earlier Forum topic after you wrote this and I will repeat it here. I hope you will find it helpful. Trust me, the Soft Fuse Product is incredible and SewThankful's service is wonderful!!! I think the price may have gone up a little per yard since I originally wrote this several months ago...you know the old story, supply & demand will drive up the price...but it is worth the price.

"Since SAS II is no longer available...at least for a while, I did find a fusible that is very good. It is not as repositionable as SAS, but it is soft and works well. It is called Fusi-Bond Lite Adhesive from Sew Lazy by Lazy Girl Designs. I was able to purchase it by the yard at http://www.sewthankful.com and the price, even with shipping was very reasonable. I ordered five yards at $2.89 each and the shipping was only $3.99.

I had also purchased the Pellon EZ Steam fusible at JoAnns and it was disgusting. I bought several packages (when notions were 1/2 price) thinking it would be similar to SAS, but it wasn't even close. It is supposed to be machine friendly, but my needle gunked up with ever stitch. I wanted to trace my design on the cover paper, but the paper was so slick not even a Sharpie would work. I returned all of it and did buy Wonder Under, which was better.

However, I still recommend the Fusi-Bond over the Wonder Under and I will be using it on my BOM since there is no SAS II left in the world

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."...quote courtesy of Dr. Seuss
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Steam-a-seam 31 Mar 2014 00:52 #116828

I am new to quilting. In fact, the BOM quilt is my first attempt. I saw where it is recommended that we use Steam-a-seam to do the applique letters. I have had no luck in finding it so I decided to try E-Z-Steam. I traced my letters on the side that removes easily just like the instructions say. I peeled off the back side and stuck it to the back side of the fabric. I cut around it and then tried to peel off the other side so I could stick it to the quilt. It won't come off, no way, no how. When I tried to force it my letter became misshapen and messed up in the corners. Nothing stuck to the fabric. Any help anyone can give me in finding Steam-a-seam or another product that will work would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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