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RED & WHITE BLOCK SWAP -DIY 29 Oct 2014 20:32 #122353

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Okay, I will begin a new topic to accommodate the conversation. :wink:

Gosh, it seems with so many people at the Quilt Show in Houston, we oughta occupy outselves with something to surprise them all when they get back home.

It seems that a few of my questions etc. are already answered.

How's this sound? I'd like to put out these ideas, and then we (I) or me and someone else who volunteers... can decide on the final 'rules'. I vote that Rosemary or some other experienced person volunteer to be an assistant.

The 'final rules will be labelled 'final rules'. Please put out your ideas now. Let's say that we have until November 7th to determine the 'rules' and give people time to think about it and join. Joining could be anytime, as in the mug rug exchange.

It seems: There is enough initial interest to go ahead with this swap.
The idea of a standard sized block from/for everyone is 6 inches FINISHED - that means 6 1/2 inches unfinished

Each person who wants to join decides on which block she will make. First block chosen goes to whoever calls it first. Example, If I say I will make a 4 patch, and I'm the first to say it, then I 'get' to make the four patches for everyone. - I can keep a list of who is making what, so if you join later, you can find out. (Quilter's Cache is a good resource)

There may be more than one round, but for each round, you only make the block you first picked. Then, make the block you picked second, third etc. It depends on how many want to do this.

Arrange your own dates and mailing details with the people you want to swap with. (like maybe you want to swap 6 blocks with one gal, because you want what she's making and she wants what you're making) Be clear about which block you are sending, and which block you expect to receive.

The fabric MUST be either RED or WHITE, the fabric can be tone on tone, or teeny-weeny prints (only red-and-white)or batik, but must read as red or read as white. (how do you like that idea?) Definitely pre-washed. Good quality 100% quilting cotton. Some of you may not like the teeny print idea...let's see about that... :?

Also, does anyone have anything to say about fabric that is both red and white (only) or white and red(only) - no gold or black etc. ?
This may end up looking like a red and white Farmer's Wife quilt (Idaho???)
anything else?

Depending on how many people want to do this, we could keep going for ever...round after round after round. :P

Oh, and yes, I pick the four patch @ 6-1/2 inches, so it will be a 6-inch finished block. For the first round. :lol:
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