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TOPIC: Choosing a coverstitch machine

Choosing a coverstitch machine 22 Feb 2019 13:45 #145284

The coverstitch machine is designed for sewing knitwear and highly stretchable fabrics. Chain stitch, which is formed when weaving threads, is not tightened like in shuttle machines and therefore withstands significant stretching.
The stitcher performs a single stitch, called a stitch, but it does it very well and qualitatively.

Of course, this stitch can be imitated on a conventional machine, if you use a double needle or a decorative knitted seam of some overlock models. But, if you need high quality and speed, the stitching machine cannot be replaced.
A characteristic feature of the stitches is that they are designed to work with polyester and textured yarns, and therefore the seams are not only beautiful but also the most durable.

I have no experience working with any of coverstitch machines you've listed so cannot say exactly they are good or bad. However, I can offer to consider Juki MO-735. Functional and affordable, the high-quality model of a 4-thread instrument. Sew fast and neatly. To spoil the stitch is almost impossible. The coverlock adapts to any fabric, thread or needle, the settings are very simple. Quiet, steady, powerful. You can read a full description here
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Choosing a coverstitch machine 29 Nov 2018 11:08 #144618

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I have a coverstitch machine, the Janome... so i can't comment on your two candidates. The cover stitch machine as you said doesn't have a cutting blade, and doesn't overcast edges. it makes a line of stitching on one side of the fabric (either 1, 2 or 3 at a time) and the other side is the looper thread that holds them together. One the right side it looks like a single needle, double needle, or triple needle stitch, but it stretches! It is primarily going to be for making hems in stretchy fabrics although there are decorative things one can do with it too. When I look at my knit garments, the hems are all done on a coverstitch machine.

I got a separate serger and coverstitch machine because switching back and forth between the functions on a combo machine takes too much time. I had an old combo machine, it took quite a while to switch back and forth.

Hope you can get enough info to make your decision and happy sewing!

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Choosing a coverstitch machine 29 Nov 2018 05:26 #144616

I decided that it's time to buy a cover stitch machine, Christmas is coming (be prepared, Santa!), moreover - I already have several options in mind...
But with my lack of experience is not helping at all.
First of all, I can't get the difference between overlock and coverstitch besides the blade. Could you help me with that?
What I probably don't want to buy is a hybrid machine (which can do both), since I found out that you'll need to switch back and forth during the whole process. As for now I've narrowed down my options to these two beauties: CV3440 and the Juki MCS-1500. There are lots of reviews on the Juki, and I am confident it would be a good quality machine. However, I think I would prefer the larger harp space of the Brother. Does anyone have experience with them to share?
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