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TOPIC: Sewing Machine Wish List

Re: Sewing Machine Wish List 17 Jul 2010 09:53 #48144

The Bernina knee lift's come in adjustable lengths, go see your dealer and get the right size for your needs.
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Re: Sewing Machine Wish List 17 Jul 2010 07:48 #48141

  • eileenkny
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I remember how my Grandma's machine, which my Mom inherited, had a knee control for the needle. I would so much prefer that to a foot pedal. Or maybe a machine that could convert to make it portable. <sigh> :roll:

from the beautiful Hudson Valley of NY
Gammill Classic Plus w/IQ
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21 Dec 2009 11:35 #41329

  • pam7040
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Hey Lorchen, you'd be able to play Ricky's cd's while you quilt. It couldn't get much better than that! :-)

In leafy Berkshire, south of England.
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20 Dec 2009 19:01 #41311

  • Lorchen
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I only have a basic machine, and it'll stay that way until I win the lottery (Mmmmhhhhh..... that won't be very soon, seeing that I never buy a ticket. Maybe I should start looking for a sugar daddy. :) )

So, many features that the more expensive machines have got I don't know anything about. Keeping that in mind:

I'd like a bigger throat space, then the double blanket stitch that some Berninas have, the BSR, a larger capacity bobbin, and a couple of alpabets. And I'd like the machine to also be easily portable so that I can take it wherever I go.

I'm not sure about an embroidery module, because I have never had one, so I don't know if I would use it a lot. Up to now I quite happily do any embroidery by hand.

And for that little luxury: An integrated CD player would be ace. I just love a little music in the background.

From the edge of Sherwood Forest, home of Robin Hood
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20 Dec 2009 02:57 #41289

Yes, I do agree about the awkwardness on the bobbin location. I often tilt the machine back with one hand and fiddle about with the other. Not the best solution.

And JoAnne my Bernina does tell me when it's out of bobbin. :D But it's usually just at the moment when I've realised I've been sewing the past couple of feet with out any bottom thread!! :roll: I try to remember to clean the little sensors regularly but it still falls asleep. :roll:

Ye olde Dorsetshire

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19 Dec 2009 21:50 #41282

Judy, I sure agree with you about the bobbin location on the Berninas. I don't think it could be more awkward. I had to remove part of my sewing cabinet front so I could actually change the bobbin.

About the needle threader, maybe it just needs an adjustment. I had my Elna for years and just didn't "get" the needle threader until I took it in for service, they adjusted it and it works like a charm. But, then, now I have that Bernina with the cursed bobbin location! Otherwise, I do like this Bernina 440.

I would ask for a bobbin that could be changed from the top (my Elna is that way) and one that could be easily checked to see how much thread is left on it (my Elna is that way). Of course, the expensive Berninas will tell you that.

JoAnne in southern California
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19 Dec 2009 18:37 #41281

They probably took your idea and ran with it, Frances!!! This is a great thread! I have an Aurora 435 and I wish the bobbin had an easier access--arthritic fingers have a little trouble. Also, I wish the needle threader really worked! Lastly, I would like to see the reverse button further away from the other buttons--I've hit another button twice now and changed my stitches! I don't even want to think about what I might do with a screen!!! :shock: :shock: Judy in Torrance
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19 Dec 2009 09:55 #41271

Two years ago at Houston, I talked to Alex and she sent me to the Bernina booth and told me who to talk to. My idea was a screen lock. So many times when I'm quilting a quilt and using the straight stitch, when I go to reposition the quilt, I accidently hit the screen and switch stitches, which I don't realize until I start sewing again and suddenly I've got a zig-zag or something. Well last year they were talking about new machines, and there was a screen lock on it. Wish there was a way to retrofit machines for that.
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19 Dec 2009 07:21 #41269

  • cjbeg
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I have a Husky quilt designer, and everything that I would want changed would turn it into the Bernina 820. But first and foremost would be move the display screen, so I don't occasionally touch it and change the stitch in the middle of a project without realizing it. Also better lighting and a knee lift. I guess that would be my three top peeves about my machine.
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19 Dec 2009 07:02 #41267

I have the Janome6500. I think the perfect machine for a quilter would have a longer harp (10-11 inches). Limit the stitches to a straight stitch, zigzag, and an applique stitch (I think it is called a buttonhole stitch). Leave off all the other fancy stitches that we never use, including the buttonhole thingy. Make the faceplate (bobbin cover) snap on/off to make it easier/quicker to clean out the bobbin area. Better lighting. Put the buttons, like needle up/down and the thread cutter where it is easily reached without having to look up. Put a little raised dot on the thread cutter so you can identify it without looking up (Braille for quilters! LOL!)

Maggie in E. Central Illinois
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Sewing Machine Wish List 19 Dec 2009 05:33 #41264

If you could go to the manufacturer of your sewing machine and say, 'Hey Mr/s Designer, I love what you've done here but....', what would you ask him/her to change or add?

Personally I have the Bernina 730 (Bob) and we're doing ok! But if I could have a little bespoke work done it would be to have the headstock about an inch higher than it is from the sewing bed. I have quite large hands and I find I am constantly knocking my first knuckle usually where the cutter is and on the magnifying stalk thingy (does anyone actually use that???). I also find the thread uptake cover is a little in they way of my vision and raising the headstock would improve the line of sight hugely.

I would also ask that the knee lift's first length (the bit out from the machine) were longer. Perhaps I like my machine a bit further on the table than others but with the knee lift (which is so fab to use) it's a little close to the edge. I think I may have a couple of inches added to that at some time.

So if the wand were to be waved, what would you ask for?

(This is just for fun, I've not been prompted by anyone!!!)

Ye olde Dorsetshire

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