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TOPIC: Need Featherweight Advice

19 Mar 2007 10:53 #2157

I bought mine off of eBay last summer, and had a fabulous transaction. Unfortunately, that seller doesn't have any up at the moment. (He's a retired attorney whose wife quilts; his hobby had been to acquire machines at estate sales and flea markets, peak and tweak 'em, and turn around on eBay.) I have about a thousand transactions, both buying and selling, and screened potential suppliers carefully; he didn't have a lot of feedback, but it was all positive, and my purchase would've been protected by PayPal. I also was patient, and investigated auctions and other websites for months. The end result was a gorgeous machine in its originally, nearly flawless case, lovingly cleaned and serviced, and packed with a bunch of notions... all for under $300 (including shipping.)

The deals are out there; just know what you want (I am anal, so a "pretty" and clean-looking machine was important to me), what you're willing to spend, and don't rush to buy too quickly. :wink:

Good luck!

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18 Mar 2007 00:00 #2097

I have a 1938 Featherweight that I bought from a sew and vac store about 9 years ago and absolutely love it. I take it to classes and use it in our motorhome when we travel. I bought the quarter inch foot and throatplate for it. I have only had it serviced once and it runs like a charm. I'd love to get another for my daughter, but the $600 price vs the $300 I paid has me stopped. I saw a number of people in Houston this year with very small Janome's who loved their machines for classes also.
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featherweight 01 Mar 2007 07:40 #1436

I may not be a true featherwght afficionado...mine is a reproduction made by alpha sew. it looks totally original and sews like a dream...it accepts all feet and accessories of an authentic 221. and it was affordable.
also.you can get a home video of how to maintain your little beauty from English's sew n vac in paducah ky.
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01 Mar 2007 07:01 #1435

Hi I did get my featherweight from ebay a few years ago and have not been disappointed. I would caution you to know a little more about ebay than I did it was my first ever ebay bid and I won I was really concerned but if you know how to judge the seller go for it. I take it to classes and really enjoy using it There was a learning curve and they do like to have the basic maintenence (oil, cleaning etc.) on a regular basis The only expense I've incurred was a general servicing when I first got the machine ( it was such an impulse bid that I wanted to have a professional check it out.) I have been doing the maintenece since then.
I don't know anything about the other machine you asked about
Good luck
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Need Featherweight Advice 18 Feb 2007 11:16 #1126

I'm thinking about buying a vintage Featherweight to take to classes, retreats, vacation, etc. Any Featherweight owners out there? What should I look for? What should I avoid? Has anyone purchased one from an eBay auction?

Please share your Featherweight knowledge.

Also, does anyone own a Kenmore Mini Ultra (or maybe it's Ultra Mini?). I'd like to know more about this machine as well.

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