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TOPIC: Bennington, VT museum

Re: Bennington, VT museum 09 Sep 2013 08:15 #109872

Well, It took years, but we finally actually made the trip. The quilt is even more beautiful than I realized! I didn't notice from the book that it has a scalloped boarder with blue binding. I have finished my baby Jane but it's not quilted yet. I was glad to see how Jane Stickle quilted hers. By hand of course, but I will use my new longarm. The way the quilt is displayed is so unique. It's on a flannel board, on an angle, not hung, of course it's too fragile for that. But it looks to be in great shape with no worn areas at all. A few stains which surprised me. It was dimly lit for it's own safety but surprisingly, we were allowed to take photos, just not flash ones.

I bought several souveniers including a poster which I'll hang in a prominent spot. The museum is rich with history from the battles that took place in the area. They even had several really old sewing machines. We stayed in the very old Thayers Inn just a short drive away in Littleton. My wonderful husband researched and we included 4 (!) quilt shops and a yarn shop in our weekend. Some hikes to keep him happy...

Make the trip if you can! You'll be so inspired and impressed.
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Jane in Person 02 Dec 2009 16:48 #40887

I was fortunate enough to go to Bennington last month to see "Jane". I was mesmerized. If there is ANY way you can go to Bennington in the fall to see her, make the effort. It will change the way you approach your own Baby Jane. First of all the COLOR is so vivid. At first glance, you think it can't possibly be a civil war quilt, but the colors are so fresh and the quilt is phenomenal. I'm on my second block and hope to piece most of it by hand. She's truly THE Quilt of Quilts.
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04 Jun 2009 08:54 #35771

Hmmmm, wonder how far it would be for me? I'm going to have to look into this, thanks for the heads up! Kathy B.
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04 Jun 2009 07:48 #35766

Dang it! I will actually BE in VT on those dates, but it will be for parents' weekend at my boys' college... don't suppose they'd be to keen on mom skipping off for a quilting event, Bennington is about an hour away from their school.

Funny how it's "only 5 hours" for a quilting event, I can imagine in other circumstances it would be "5 long hours"... :wink:

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Bennington, VT museum 03 Jun 2009 16:16 #35759

Have any of you been to the museum in Bennington, VT? I guess that's where the actual Mother Dear Jane Quilt is! It's only about a 5 hour drive for me!

I went to the museum's website and Brenda is giving a lecture on 9/25/09 and a class on 9/26. I'm so excited I could burst!!! My husband says "book it!". He loves New England in the fall...

I have sorted through my stash and came up with quite a few fabrics that will work for Dear Jane. Now just to buy the background and wait for UPS to arrive with my book. Hurry Up!!

Nancy in western NY
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