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Join us on a new 12-month journey as we bring you bring you another spectacular quilt designed especially for TQS by Sue Garman. The 2017 TQS BOM Halo Medallion Quilt features a stunning variation of a feathered star surrounded by multiple scrappy borders. As icing on the cake she has included flying geese rings and delectable mountain blocks. Once again Sue has created a quilt for you that is sure to be a family heirloom in your home.

TOPIC: Month 12 Wrapping Up and Sizing Info

Month 12 Wrapping Up and Sizing Info 01 Dec 2017 09:36 #142826

Thank you for pointing us to the October 2009 video. Until watching it, I planned to make the quilt pretty much exactly as Sue designed it. I would never have had the confidence to fiddle with her design. Now, I am seriously considering making modifications like those she demonstrated in the video. I especially liked her final version of the king-size quilt. The large plain border she added gives a nice place to rest your eye. I have been contemplating quilting Halo Medallion on my domestic machine. (Hey! A woman can dream, right?) Making it a king-size quilt would put a quick end to THAT fantasy!! :-)

I also watched the November video on making flying geese. It was timely because Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt Clue published today calls for oodles of flying geese.

As to Month 12 of Halo Medallion, I didn't realize there was going to be another border outside the DM border. It wasn't on Carolyn's quilt nor on any of the illustrations we've seen up to now. I like it because it protects all the DM and star points from being cut off as I add the binding. (I like to take a little bigger seam so the binding is nice and full). I cut my binding strips from my red fabric weeks ago. I don't know if I have enough left to make my outer border red and I don't think I'd like the last border and binding in different colors. I could always switch both to green and use my oodles of red binding for something else eventually. Several decisions left to make. I guess my first should be about what size and shape quilt I want.

I have learned a lot throughout this year! And, I haven't started the quilting yet! :-)


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Month 12 Wrapping Up and Sizing Info 01 Dec 2017 07:40 #142823

We made it to the end. Here is my blog on Month 12 and a link to how to enlarge your quilt, should you want to:

bbquiltmaker.blogspot.com/2017/12/halo-star-medallion-month-12.html. Note: the link in the blog takes you to all of the 2009 videos. The one you want is October--click on the Playlist, upper left, to find them all, select October.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey.

North Alabama, USA
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