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TOPIC: Computer Software

Re: Computer Software 05 Jul 2010 09:17 #47570

I too am a Corel fan. I started years ago with 5 and have upgraded several time and now use 13. I just spent 4 days in Paducah with Caryl Fallert exchanging ideas and ways to use Corel. Corel is now up to 15 so some of the early versions are reasonalbly priced. It includes not only the drawing program but an excellent paint and photo suite. In Ricky's Convergence book I have two quilts that were made with fabric designed and printed using Corel. I would love to hear from more Corel users about tricks that you use.
As for printing, I too just move what I have designed into the area that will print, allow some overlap and then tape the pieces together as needed.
Betty Ann
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Re: Computer Software 04 Jul 2010 10:54 #47497

EQ 6 will print applique patterns in several pages, overlapping the larger pieces on to two or more pages. You can also move the pieces around for better placement on the page. However, designing applique has its limitations.

However, for real flexibility, I use CorelDraw X5 (older versions do the same) as it will print a large pattern on multiple pages. You can also design anything with this software. Right now, I am working on a huge (7' x 9') wall hanging that has hundreds of pieces. I drew it to scale in CorelDraw, and even though it is on a normal size piece of paper on screen, I adjusted the scale so my the rulers say it is 10x that size. The biggest pieces are about 14" wide. Some small ones are only 1/2" wide. I've printed nearly all of the pieces by using the multiple page feature. It wanted to print them at the normal size (as if the scale was 8.5 x 11) but the printer window allows me to increase the scale or size of what I want to print. The "print preview" feature also allows me to move the pieces to best fit on my paper. If the selection I am printing is bigger than 8.5" x 11" I can print part of the selection, then move it to include what was missed and print again, without closing the print preview window. I love CorelDraw! :D
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08 Feb 2010 02:24 #43308

You could have somewhere in your printer preferances, the option for 'Poster Printing'. This would split a picture so it can be printed over several sheets.

Have a look around in your box of tricks for you printer and check out in Google too.

I'v never done it myself, I have access to an A3 printer. :oops:

Ye olde Dorsetshire

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Computer Software 07 Feb 2010 14:25 #43280

I want to to be able to print out Applique designs from beginning to end. Design, position and print. My problem is I only have a regular printer and cannot afford one of the cool bigger ones. What kind of software can I use to make these designs and be able to print the layout in sections?

Thanks for the help.

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