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TOPIC: Tulle covered scrap quilt technique??

29 Jun 2008 08:44 #21011

Wow guys!! Thanks for the information, you guys sure work fast. I'll be sure to let you know what we do with this gift.
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29 Jun 2008 00:28 #20996

You know I spent a long time looking for your info Mandy and by the time I got back here I was scooped by these 2 lol! Well Bonnie has a couple videos too, fantasy fabric and fantasy fabric pins. Her home page has a video that has Ricky's music playing.

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28 Jun 2008 22:23 #20992

Another idea is (if my memory is right) Bonnie McCaffery uses tulle for some of her art quilt projects. Same concept as the artist that you are thinking about - in essence raw edge applique held and quilted down under tulle. I have made a couple small quilts and have had fun using tulle. I look forward to hearing/seeing your progress!

Mary Kay
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28 Jun 2008 19:52 #20984

I remember that episode. It still might be archived on the HGTV web site. I think she used a layer as a foundation, then arranged her tiny scraps (which she ran her rotary cutter over a zillion times), then sewed the tulle on. It made quite an interesting wall hanging, but I don't know if I would ever attempt it! :roll: Just a minute - I'm going to go check HGTV (don't tell Alex...)

OK, I'm back. The website is hgtv.com. The video is available. Here's the info:

Confetti Naturescapes
Noriko Endo recycles leftover scrap fabric into this gorgeous Confetti Naturescapes quilt.
Shown on: Simply Quilts QLT-1128

I feel like such a sleuth! Hope this helps.
Linda in Wisconsin, enjoying beautiful weather and family visiting
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Tulle covered scrap quilt technique?? 28 Jun 2008 19:13 #20979

My SIL was here for my girl's birthday party today and brought with her two large pieces of tulle, one pink and the other orange, that were left over from her wedding last summer. She thought I might be able to use them for something. Well, I just had a brainstorm. I cannot quite remember who it was, but I remember an episode of Simply quilts with an oriental lady who made these beautiful quilts by cutting up little scraps and arranging them under a layer of tulle, then free motioning over the whole thing. What I can't remember are the details - did she have a layer of fabric under the scraps or were they just laid out on the batting, or did she secure everything on a backing fabric under the tulle and THEN quilt it... I think it might be a really fun project to do with my kids, or maybe even with my girl's Brownie troop but I need some advice/instructions first. I checked the Simply Quilts site, but I cannot remember exactly which episode it was to look it up. I'm sure someone here should know though.

Thanks in advance
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