Quilting bees have gone high-tech.

The traditional art form is finding tremendous growth through online communities and Internet programming.

Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, two of the most recognized names in the field, are at the forefront of the revolution. The duo are co-hosts of "The Quilt Show," a quilting program filmed before a live audience and shown exclusively online. The show's Web site, www.thequiltshow.com, features an interactive online magazine, blogs, forums, slideshows, classrooms and a gallery of images from its loyal members.

"The technology we are using wasn't even available six months prior to the launch," Anderson said.

With just under 30,000 members, the quilting site proves that the Internet isn't just for the younger crowd.

"We are reaching quilters worldwide," said Anderson, who is known by television viewers as the host of HGTV's "Simply Quilts."

The "Ricky Tims Super Quilt Seminar" tour will take over the Glens Falls Civic Center Thursday through Saturday. The event will bring hundreds of quilters from the region together for three days of lessons and networking. Tims, Anderson and Libby Lehman, who is well-known in quilting circles, will instruct the sessions.

For Anderson, the live seminar is a way to spread the word about quilting.

"We fly around the country and do four of these a year," Anderson said. "It's all done on gigantic screens with Powerpoint and a live-feed camera."

The tour is just a small part of the quilting reformation. Anderson credits Tims with being a leader in the industry.

"Ricky came up with this. It's his branchild. He is a visionary," she said.

The Internet does more than just provide a delivery method for the content, it shapes it.

"The programming and the shows themselves are superior to what could have been delivered on network television," Anderson said.

And unlike working for a TV network, Anderson and Tims are able to call the shots.

"On the Internet, we own it," she said.

Anderson describes herself as more of a traditionalist, and Tims is known for being more artistic. Although it's an odd pairing, Anderson believes the chemistry works.

"I am becoming more liberated, and he is becoming more controlled," she said. "Never in the industry have two people paired up like we have."

By:  Doug Gruse (dgruse@poststar.com)

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Yes, we have a Garman. We located dozens of Wal-marts on it, but they don't change trailer tires - national policy. Because our prolbem was late on Saturday, and because tire and trailer companies in the area were closed on Sunday, we killed a day in Hurricane, WV. On Monday, the quest began anew and we eventually made it to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Simba, the little dog, belonged to a big burly trucker who was filling up his tank next to us. Our three dogs stay in La Veta at the Bed and Breakfast for Dogs and Cats - in very good hands.



Photo by Gregory Case

Episode 209 with Annie Smith airs today. Annie, the first quilting podcast queen, teaches tricks for successful fabric selection and piecing techniques to make your quilts outstanding. Cheryl Uribe, Gizmo Girl, also shares new tools and a quilting game to make quilting more fun and accurate. To watch the show click here.




Justin and I left Paducah on Saturday morning, but not before chatting with the winner of a Gammill and Wendy Richardson of Quilt Tapestry Studio. You can learn more about Wendy in a previous video.

Then we decided to make our way to see Vicky McCarty, a recent attendee at a La Veta Quilt Retreat - see her Rooster Rhapsody here. Vicki owns a quilt shop, Calico Patch, that was on our way, so naturally we had to stop.

Keep watching - the plot thickens.



It seems each year at the Friday night concert (1600 sell out, yahoo) I try to do something surprising. This year I invited my good friend, Kat Bowser (see Blog Archives video concert, December 24, 2007) from Nashville, to do a few tunes with me.

However, because I own a Harley, I made my 'grand entrance' on a Harley amidst smoke and lights. You would have thought is was the World Wresling Federation or something. I am so grateful that AQS asks me to put on a show for the quilters. Were you there? If so, I'll let you tell all about it from your perspective.

Sharon Schamber won the Best Long Arm quilt award sponsored by Gammill and Diane Gaudinski won the Best Machine Workmanship award sponsored by Bernina. Take a look at these incredible quilts.



Justin and I had a free day and so we took a drive to the Shiloh Military Park near Savannah, TN. This US Civil War battlefield was the site of the worst battle in US history (up to that date). The total number of casualties during this two-day battle (April 6-7, 1862) was more than the total casualties in ALL previous US battles combined - including the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and the Mexican War.

I had a personal reason for going. My great, great, great grandfather, Enoch Tims and his family owned a farm on the battle site. I'm trying to do research to determine some of the family facts. The battle of Shiloh was named for the Shiloh Church, a landmark where one of the Generals of the North, set up camp. The church was severly damaged during the battle - then destroyed and it is reported that some of the logs were used for firewood and foot bridges. I also understand that Enoch Tims was a preacher, I'm hoping to find some sort of connection - even if he was not the preacher of the Shiloh Church. Ironically, Shiloh means, "place of peace." This church is a replica of the original Shiloh Church.

In the video you'll meet and inspiration to us all - Barbara Newman and her winning quilt.



Eleanor , or El, to her friends had a virtual tent city in Paducah for quilters to enjoy - tent after tent with fabric bargains notions, tools and toys. In addition she had daily revival meetings - of the quilterly kind! In Series 3 Eleanor teaches Alex & Ricky how to strip.  Subscribe here.





Keep your supplies ready to go. A tool or tackle box makes a wonderful carryall for scissors, rotary cutter, pins, marking pencils, and other quilting necessities. Another alternative? A lightweight, plastic cosmetic case is relatively inexpensive—and colorful too.


Check out Pat's little ittie-bittie quilt! It was simply perfect and the judges thought so also. The pieces were appliqued by machine blanket stitch. Congratulations to our friend!!!!



Following the seminar, and the hard work of packing up, a lite snack was in order for a bit of fortification.

The Ricky Tims Super Seminar in Paducah ended on Tuesday - the same day as the awards presentation. I wanted to give you all the excitement of the awards before posting this fun video which followed the seminar. Our wonderful British quilt volunteers were VERY brave as you will soon see.

Then up came the WAGS - five quilters from the Memphis area of Tennessee. Many small groups of quilters have clever names. What do you call your special group of quilting friends?

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