Here again is the Quilt Show name badge logo. You can print it, embroider it, paint it, or applique it. Just remember to put your screen name in the bottom blue area. This is a great way to find other TQS members while attending shows. What fun it will be when someone sees your badge and says, "Hey, It's a New Day!"

To print the badge, click here. Then, simply print the page and cut it out with scissors.


It's time to pack up again. First off to Pine Needles in Iowa for their grand opening of their new store! I KNOW a bunch of you will be there - I can't wait to meet you! If not at Jill's then how about Festival in Chicago? I will be in the Bernina booth Friday afternoon and Saturday until about 2:00. In all cases be sure to wear your TQS badge. It's a New Day Every Day!




Sooner or later, we all draw a “design” blank when working on a quilt-in-progress…or starting something new. Perhaps it’s inspiration for the color scheme (or an accent color), or an appliqué design, or a suitable quilting motif that has you stumped. Maybe it’s the entire theme you’d like to capture, or direction you’d like your quilt to take.

Start an “idea file” today by tossing colorful postcards, magazine photos, doodles and drawings, advertisements, and other interesting bits and pieces into a special manila file folder…and add to it regularly. You’ll have inspiration at your fingertips when you are ready to begin your next quilting project…or are stymied by the one in progress.


It is Sunday afternoon and now it is play time! Combining my love of "neutrals" and improvisational work - a quilt is starting to take form - design, redesign, audition, redesign - here is a sneak peek of quilt art play in action! (in Series 3, I will show you how to do these strippy thingies that I learned from Jean Wells). 



Thread a whole packet of needles onto your spool before you begin a new sewing or quilting task. Not only will you be taking advantage of your “fresh” eyes, but you’ll be able to clip the length of thread you need, and proceed smoothly from one needle to the next without having to stop and re-thread.




Just when you think you have seen it all -

go here


Series 2 is currently on Show 207 with Sue Patton.  Here are a couple of pictures from Gregory Case.  To see more of Sue's details go to Slideshows on the Purple bar and pick September Part 3.



To see Show 207 with Sue Patton click here.



Look what I discovered??? - Having recently purchased a projector for classes I thought "hmm, what if I project TQS directly on to the wall from my lap top?" LOOK HOW COOL THIS IS? Perhaps your local quilt shop should host a TQS night for those who do not have high speed - Popcorn anyone? 




Every time we have a shoot, we have a theme day. This time it was a "western" theme. The crew came in western wear and when the first show of the day started we decided to keep the western theme during the show. The show is not a western show, but Alex wore her Rodeo number and Ricky wore spurs.

During the lunch break we went to the historic Fort Francisco museum. The fort is part of the wild west as John Fransicso and Kit Carson were contemporaries. The old Fort Francisco is hidden in the heart of La Veta and offers tours during the summer tourist season.

We've got the next theme day for the fall already slated. What's your guess?


Light a candle, say a prayer - my PC lap top crashed in La Veta - I am wondering where the bulls eye on my chest came from? please advise  Cry (on the way home from La Veta using the hotels free access)

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