Check this out!!! In my home today was Kris and her trusty side kick and good friend Helen. This quilt was designed by both Kris and myself - Kris is doing all the incredible work. It has been a joy to watch this quilt progress. Today I handed over the quilting design that I created to compliment her delicious work. Oh, did I forget to mention? This is Mantica California's opportunity quilt for 09!!!!! We wil keep you posted when the tickets are ready - In addition a pattern will be available. My heart is spinning.




The forum problems are larger than we thought.  WebGuru Bob is going to take it down again and go back to the best backup we have.  This looks like April 9.  He anticipates that it could be down 3 days while he restores the back ups and tests the posting process.  We will keep you updated on the progress. 

By the way, it is always good to back up your letters and pictures that are on your computer in case of a problem.  Just ask Alex and WebGuru Bob.  My suggestion for home computers is to use a memory stick.  They are getting very cheap and can hold a lot of information.  They are also easy to use.  In most cases you can just insert them into your USB drive and the computer will know that you have some extra memory.




Which way is which? Try this simple test to determine the grainline of fabric that no longer has its selvage. Firmly grasp the fabric in both hands and tug. Lengthwise grain responds with a loud “snap,” while crosswise grain gives a lower-pitched “thud.”

Once you’ve determined which is which, insert a small, rustproof safety pin into the fabric, parallel to the lengthwise grain.



Do you have treasures in your closet and not sure what to do with them? Check out this blog with Cindy Needham - she gives a new twist to the word recycle- to learn more about how Cindy works watch show 202 - her show is a TQS classic! If you have not yet renewed series two - go here. Also, Bob the Thread Guy and Gammill pop their heads into the picture -



Meet Jen G. who was at the Chicago Festival - She brought along her first applique effort from my book Hand Applique - Pretty awesome job Jen! It is always a pleasure when students bring along projects that have been inspired by either work shops or books. THANKS Jen and check out her blog here.



I always love going to major quilt events - such as this past weekend in Chicago. Fortunately my lap top is up and running again and I have figured out this new video program. Here we go with a series of shorts for you! Imagine my surprise when I saw my new book, Super Simple Quilts,  that I co authored with my friend Liz Aneloski - I didn't even know it was in the States yet. For your own copy visit the http://www.alexandersonquilts.com. Also, I was more than thrilled when I ran across this booth of incredible batiks, Batiks Galore - visit their site here. I am drooling, just thinking of it!



Check these out - looking for the perfect gift for someone who has EVERYTHING? These are made by EyEmbellishments - they are handcrafted whimsical embelishment cards that I found in Chicago. Perfect as is, or add a simple frame. Also check out their hand crafted pottery - simply fabulous! Visit their website by going here




                                                                                                       Photo by Gregory Case 

Episode 208 with Jane Davila, artist, author, and quilter, teaches you the elements of good design and how to embellish a project by working "outside of the box".  If thinking outside of the box has never been something you are comfortable with then this show will definitely give you a creative boost.  Jane shows you how to create small projects that can be embellished with paint, wire, doodads and other fun "found" objects.

To watch the show click here.


OK gang - who is this good looking young man (I love him to pieces)? His mother will be a guest in series three (and I love her to pieces!) - take a guess! Sign up for series three here.




I can't believe it is/was 80 degrees in livermore and threatening snow and rain in Chicago - but that didn't dampen spirits at all (or curb spending habits). First day there I got to spend it with some VIP's with Bernina. These are folks who recently purchased 730's from their local dealers. Bernina treated them to the ulitmate festival experience. Here is a picture I took of the Bernina U.S. President Martin Favre on stage in front of everyone before I spoke - watch out if you are around me because i am getting pretty good with an arms length shot -

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