Who is this excited quilting celebrity? Why it's none other than... oh yes, see Episode 109

The exicitement is electric in Paducah. One of the best parts of being here is seeing old friends and meeting new ones. The reception following the awards presentation is one of those places where faculty, sponsors, and the AQS team gather for the first time.


We just finished a Super Seminar prior to THE BIG SHOW - What a fabulous group of folks. Many of YOU were there (roll call please). I have to report  that this city is gearing up for quilters in droves - the town will double it's size! All stores decorate their windows with quilterly items. However, it was not a quilt that caught my attention. 928_928_paduach_004.jpg



It is kind of amazing when you think of all the quilts being born world wide - and then to see the workmanship - simply wonderful!




                                                                                                 Photo by Gregory Case

Jane Davila, mixed media, fiber artist, and teacher will be our special guest in chat room "Featured Guest" tonight at  5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern. Jane will share tips and ideas for creating work that is out of the ordinary.  Join us for an hour of inspired creativity. 



As promised - Caryl's stash and studio. Visit Caryl's website for patterns, lessons on CD-rom, and to see her beautiful quilts.



Several hundred gathered for the awards presentation at the Carson Four Rivers Center in Paducah, KY tonight. Libby Lehman, the ever popluar MC of the event, continued to keep the audience in stitches with her funny comments. This year, it was all based on old TV shows: Desparate Housequilts, Ragnet, and Leave it to Sleever were among the most popular titles.

While attendees always enjoy the wit and humor Libby provides, it's really all about the winners. Best of Show this year went to Ted Storm from The Netherlands for her quilt Spring of Desire. The quilt was inspried by Ted's great, great, great grandmother's bridal handkerchief Congratulations Ted! To learn more about Ted and the history behind this quilt visit the Daily Blog on November 29, 2007.

Visit the AQS website for the complete winners list.




Our Gallery is nearing 9000 quilts.  It is wonderful to see the wide variety of work.  This quilt was inspired by whom?  And tell us who inspired the quilt you are working on now.



Quilt show on your travel agenda? Tuck a pad of stick-on return address labels in your purse or tote bag before heading to the big event. You’ll save lots of time—and prevent writer’s cramp—when you are registering for quilt drawings and door prizes. (These labels are also handy for identifying quilt books, magazines, rulers, and othe quilting gadgets.)


Your wish is my command - round one of the quilts..............



Quilts from well-known quilt artists grace the home of Caryl Fallert.

Most of you know that Suzanne Marshall (Episode 203 ) was, and is, my quilting mentor and cheerleader. Caryl Bryer Fallert's quilts (design and color) have had a powerful influence me (and many of you) since I started quilting in 1991. It is such a pleasure to know Caryl. It is rare that we could meet for longer than a fast hello as we pass in the halls en route to classes, or taking a quick lunch break. Because we had planned to arrive in Paducah before the madness of the show, we were able to plan dinner - which was fantastic (at Max's) but I also got to see Caryl's new 8000 sq. ft home, studio, and retail shop. I had toured it before it was finished, but this was my first time to see it completed. For Caryl, it is a dream come true and came true after a LOT of really hard work.

Caryl has good taste when collecting quilts. In the opening segment (kitchen) there are two small quilts made by two well-known quilters who will be featured in Series Three of TQS. Can you guess the artists? Also a third person is mentioned during this clip that will ALSO be on Series Three - and no, the answer is not me.

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