Houston, Texas, USA April 30, 2008 - The sixth edition of International Quilt Festival/Chicago drew even more quilters and fabric enthusiasts from all parts of the world than in previous years. Attendees had the opportunty to shop, to learn, and to get an up-close view of incredible artworks - both traditional and contemporary - on display.

In all, 20,249 attendees made their way around 525 booths selling everything from finished antique and contemporary quilts to fabrics, patterns, books, notions and machines. Also among the 288 different vendors were those offering crafts, antiques and home decor as well as jewelry, bags and gift items.

Additionally, more than 1000 quilts, dolls, and wearable art garments were on display in nearly 20 special exhibits. And close to 1,400 Festival attendees also enrolled for special classes, lectures, and special events. With more than 100 classes offered this year, subjects ranged from basic hand quilting to advanced applique and photo transfer to rust dyeing.

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May 1, 2008 - On April 15, 2008 Christa Ebert of Bad Zwichenhahn, Germany joined Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc. (SAQA) and unknowingly became the organization's 2000th member.

"This is a BIG day for SAQA!  We have had amazing growth over the last few years, and it would not have happened without the many dedicated volunteers who have created an organization artists want to belong to.  My hope is that we can continue growing and retaining members - both national and international - artists, students, academics, collectors and other arts professionals," said Judith Content, President.

SAQA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the art quilt through education, exhibitions, professional development, and documentation.  With an active membership of established and emerging artists, the artwork created by SAQA members can be found in both national and international exhibitions, galleries, museums and private collections.

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May block "Scarlet Daffodils" by Sue Garman 

After a long winter it is so astounding to see the first flowers of spring popping their heads out of the dark, deep earth.  Daffodils, or Narcissus in Latin, are called the flower of spring.  And we know that warm, sunny days are to follow when these cheery flowers begin to show their colorful heads.

This month Sue Garman brings you a beautiful urn filled with scarlet Daffodils.  By now, your applique technique is getting better and you should feel less intimidated by the design.  Be sure to continue "showing off" your completed blocks.  We love seeing each quilt as it progresses.  To download the Block of the Month Pattern click here



Lake George, New York is a family resort area.  It has lots to do for family vacations.  There are several miniature golf centers, water slides, parks and of course the beach.  You can stay in hotels or in cabins like the log cabins shown above.  The town is mainly active for about 8 weeks a year.  It starts when school gets out in late June and goes until Labor Day which is early in September and just before school starts again.  Many of the businesses close down except for these months.  However, with gas prices now at $4/gallon, I think the BP station may have shut down a long time ago.

The Seminar starts Thursday and 650 quilters will descend on Glens Falls the town next to Lake George.  It will be a great time of learning and laughing.


We all made it here safe and sound - today we are playing with Gayle Hillert from Bernina of America. No matter where we find ourselves, when we are all together it is just like home. Are you coming to this super seminar? If so, raise your hand (and remember to wear your TQS badge) - oh yes, look who Alex found at the airport? aaarrrrrrrrr Perhaps he is on the way to this Super Seminar!




                                                                                                     Photo by Gregory Case

In a recent TQS Newsletter (Vol. 2, No. 17), we asked you "What Magazines Inspire You?"  And as a TQS member wrote to us and said, "Are you sure you want to open that can of worms?"  The answer is yes!  And boy did we hear from you.  We have learned a lot of great new places that a quilter can gain inspiration.  And really it is right in front of us every day, if we know what to look for.  (Oh, I digress into yet another topic of conversation...we will save that one for later.)

So far we have heard you like everything from the traditional quilting magazines all the way to regional art magazines to gardening.  If you haven't responded, we would love to hear from you as to what magazines you like to read (even magazines outside of the quilting industry).  We especially are enjoying the responses from our overseas members.  So keep your responses coming to Ruth at advertising@thequiltshow.com.  And we will let you know our findings very soon. 






We’ve all heard those awful stories about quilts that “go missing.” Here’s a way to make your claim of ownership more secure. If you normally sign your quilt by attaching a separate label, stitch the label to the backing fabric before you baste the quilt. The label will be quilted into the quilt, creating a more permanent ID.






Quilting bees have gone high-tech.

The traditional art form is finding tremendous growth through online communities and Internet programming.

Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, two of the most recognized names in the field, are at the forefront of the revolution. The duo are co-hosts of "The Quilt Show," a quilting program filmed before a live audience and shown exclusively online. The show's Web site, www.thequiltshow.com, features an interactive online magazine, blogs, forums, slideshows, classrooms and a gallery of images from its loyal members.

"The technology we are using wasn't even available six months prior to the launch," Anderson said.

With just under 30,000 members, the quilting site proves that the Internet isn't just for the younger crowd.

"We are reaching quilters worldwide," said Anderson, who is known by television viewers as the host of HGTV's "Simply Quilts."

The "Ricky Tims Super Quilt Seminar" tour will take over the Glens Falls Civic Center Thursday through Saturday. The event will bring hundreds of quilters from the region together for three days of lessons and networking. Tims, Anderson and Libby Lehman, who is well-known in quilting circles, will instruct the sessions.

For Anderson, the live seminar is a way to spread the word about quilting.

"We fly around the country and do four of these a year," Anderson said. "It's all done on gigantic screens with Powerpoint and a live-feed camera."

The tour is just a small part of the quilting reformation. Anderson credits Tims with being a leader in the industry.

"Ricky came up with this. It's his branchild. He is a visionary," she said.

The Internet does more than just provide a delivery method for the content, it shapes it.

"The programming and the shows themselves are superior to what could have been delivered on network television," Anderson said.

And unlike working for a TV network, Anderson and Tims are able to call the shots.

"On the Internet, we own it," she said.

Anderson describes herself as more of a traditionalist, and Tims is known for being more artistic. Although it's an odd pairing, Anderson believes the chemistry works.

"I am becoming more liberated, and he is becoming more controlled," she said. "Never in the industry have two people paired up like we have."

By:  Doug Gruse (dgruse@poststar.com)

To read the article go to: http://www.poststar.com/articles/2008/04/29/ae/today/13554784.txt



Yes, we have a Garman. We located dozens of Wal-marts on it, but they don't change trailer tires - national policy. Because our prolbem was late on Saturday, and because tire and trailer companies in the area were closed on Sunday, we killed a day in Hurricane, WV. On Monday, the quest began anew and we eventually made it to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Simba, the little dog, belonged to a big burly trucker who was filling up his tank next to us. Our three dogs stay in La Veta at the Bed and Breakfast for Dogs and Cats - in very good hands.



Photo by Gregory Case

Episode 209 with Annie Smith airs today. Annie, the first quilting podcast queen, teaches tricks for successful fabric selection and piecing techniques to make your quilts outstanding. Cheryl Uribe, Gizmo Girl, also shares new tools and a quilting game to make quilting more fun and accurate. To watch the show click here.


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