Lilo recently visited the European Patchwork Meeting in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, France and discovered a wonderful exhibit they were featuring there. Swiss quilt group patCHquilt was celebrating their thirtieth anniversary by putting on a showcase of 100 challenge quilts for the occasion. The challenge was open to all members of the group of every skill level and each quilt had to adhere to the following criteria:

  • Works must be original, not from a kit and must include a red border.
  • They must be 30 cm wide, 120 cm long, and displayed portrait style.
  • The quilt must include at least 1/2 of the Edelweiss fabric (that each person received), and feature a piece of that same fabric that is 10 cm x 10 cm in size.

To join in the celebration with patCHquilt, we will be featuring four of the challenge quilts each week that were displayed as part of the exhibition at the European Patchwork Meeting.

Please enjoy the next four quilts from Margot Strahm, Margrit Cossy, Marianne Hartmann, and Marianne Margot.

Title of Quilt: Swiss Dream

Quilter's Name: Margot Strahm

Title of Quilt: My Place

Quilter's Name: Margrit Cossy

Title of Quilt: Silent

Quilter's Name: Marianne Hartmann

Title of Quilt: Swissness

Quilter's Name: Marianne Margot


Back in the Fall when I received an invitation for a luncheon for the various sponsors and supporters of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, I was mesmerized by a quilt that was hanging at the luncheon.
Come to find out Jean Wells (2019 TQS Quilt Legend) had displayed a personal quilt she had purchased from the Tentmakers of Cairo. Since I am all about handwork I was gobsmacked! Not only by the detail of the stitching, but just with the knowledge of how vast and varied our stitching community remains.
Then...lo and behold the 2020 Quilters Affair booklet was released for the upcoming classes and one of the classes offered was Stitch Like an Egyptian!!!! I am amazed at the variety of classes offered in our little town of Sisters! Check out the flyer and take a look at Class 211...maybe I'll see you there!
211 Stitch Like an Egyptian
Hany Mahmoud & Ahmed Kamal
1 Day - 8:30 am - 3:30 pm . . . $95
Level: All Size: Small Cushion Cover or Wall Hanging
(no sewing machine required)
This is an exciting handwork only class where you will enjoy one on one
time with the Egyptian tentmakers who will demonstrate and teach you the
ancient techniques they use for their spectacular work with plain clear colours.
The work is done with needle turned applique, but the tools are simple and
basic and the work strong and interesting. The work is not quick and you will
not complete your sample in class. You will work on a cushion cover sized
piece – but will learn all the processes necessary to complete your cushion
cover. Several simplified patterns will be available to choose from.
Stay tuned and travel along with us on Quilt Roadies.

Click here for Anna's blog.


Susan says, "I wear aprons a lot, because I make lots of messes. I do a lot of surface design on fabric before I stitch it into art quilts, I dabble in other sloppy crafts, and I dig in the dirt (garden). I designed this apron to cover most of my clothing, but still be comfortable and utilitarian. It’s easy to customize it to meet your needs, and make you look fabulous!"

Click here to go to tutorial at WeAllSew.com.


We thought we'd start the new year with a spectacluar quilt, Boteh Symphony, by Claudia Pfeil. It was on exhibit at the Houston International Quilt Festival 2019.

We'll let her sign explain it all.

Learn how Claudia makes her amazing quilts in Show 2413.













Apparently it is quite common, but we had never heard of it. Some of our viewers noticed the problem that Alex was having.

Then her doctor told her to get it fixed. Here is the story.


This is a beautiful star block from Jinny. Do you know what it's called? Play the game and find out.



Bethanne Nemesh used post quilting insertion and gradation scallops in her quilt, Song of Summer. Have you heard of these techniques? They produced quite stunning results in her hand-dyed saffron wholecloth quilt which won 2nd place Merit Quilting, Machine - Frame at the Houston International Quilt Festival 2019.

Learn from Bethanne in Show 2107: Extraordinary Binding Techniques & Amazing Fabric Collage.







There are new exhibits at the National Quilt Museum. Watch the video to learn more.

  • Quilts of Valor
  • Jane Dunnewold: Inspired by the Masters


Jean Wells' quilt, Shelter, was inspired by a walk in the woods where Jean came upon a bird's nest.

Learn the whole story from Jean in Show 2513.

ShelterbyJeanWells - 35 Pieces Non-Rotating

ShelterbyJeanWells - 99 Pieces Non-Rotating

ShelterbyJeanWells - 300 Pieces Non-Rotating

ShelterbyJeanWells - 35 Pieces Rotating

ShelterbyJeanWells - 99 Pieces Rotating

ShelterbyJeanWells - 300 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Kristin Goedert


Jean Wells' quilt, Shelter, was inspired by a walk in the woods where Jean came upon a bird's nest.

Learn the whole story from Jean in Show 2513.


Original Photo: Kristin Goedert

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