There is no excuse for not pursuing your passion. Have no regrets. You fail at everything you don’t try, including entering that quilt show or completing that LeMoyne Star block with the Y-Seam.

Here's someone pursuing their passion. And you thought you couldn't do a Y-Seam. No excuses.

If you want to learn how to make a LeMoyne Star, following along with Dee Christopher in her classroom.

Never ceasing to amaze: @aaronwheelz backflip 360 ????: @brandonschmidt92

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We loved this Flanders Basket quilt that was on exhibit as part of the Childress Collection at QuiltCon 2019. There appears to be some method to the madness, but we aren't entirely sure what that might be... A definite handmade scrap quilt created with both cotton and polyester fabrics, we particularly love the basket in green.


Here's a reminder that excellence matters.Watching Stephen Curry shoot a basketball or Sherry Reynolds create perfect points inspires us to do better ourselves. Enjoy.



Here's a great block. We think it might be called "crossroads." What do you think it's called?



Alex talks with MJ Kinman about a quilt teacher's nightmare, Certified Gem Affiliates, "Bossy Ricky" and more. And, find out what exciting news MJ has to share about working with the Smithsonian and other future projects.

Learn how MJ makes her quilts in Show 2407.


This is a beautiful star block from Jinny. Do you know what it's called? Play the game and find out.



We showed the marvelous quilt Keiko Morihiro made for her 30th anniversary (click here), and people asked if there were other examples of her work. This quilt, For the Wedding of My Beloved Daughter, won the Gammill Mastery Award at Houston 2017. Once again, it is handmade and took her 5 years to complete (well she had to eat!). Enjoy the close-ups and especially note the change of hues.

Melissa Mortenson of the Polka Dot Chair Blog came up with the idea of making small Easter baskets out of fabric so she could take them with her when she traveled on Spring Break. These small fabric baskets would be great for “little hands” on Easter morning. Since they are made of fabric they are also very “packable”. You can send them to friends or family far across the country!
The baskets are about 7″ tall and 5 1/2″ across on the bottom.


Need to get sewing in time for Easter. Here's a coupon from BERNINA to help you on your way.



You never know what is going to inspire you as a quilter. In this case, Tanya's quilt was inspired by her husband's fall from a ladder. Read the story behind the quilt and take a look at the interesting method of piecing she used.
Tanya Munro's quilt, Pathways, won 1st Place Improvisation at QuiltCon 2019.
46” x 64”
By Tanya Munro

Dubna, Moscow region, Russia


TQS BOM 2019 "SIZZLE" by Becky Goldsmith

SIZZLE Quilt - Warm

SIZZLE Quilt - Cool


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