Marci said she just threw some fabrics together to have fun when she made Diamond In The Rough. We think a little bit more thought may have gone into it than that.

Watch Marci Baker in Show 2402.

DiamondintheRoughbyMarciBaker - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

DiamondintheRoughbyMarciBaker - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

DiamondintheRoughbyMarciBaker - 300 Pieces Non-Rotating

DiamondintheRoughbyMarciBaker - 36 Pieces Rotating

DiamondintheRoughbyMarciBaker - 100 Pieces Rotating

DiamondintheRoughbyMarciBaker - 300 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


Marci said she just threw some fabrics together to have fun when she made Diamond In The Rough. We think a little bit more thought may have gone into it than that.

Watch Marci Baker in Show 2402.

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


Update January 2019:

Janet's quilt, "Garden Variety Sampler," won Best of Show at Road to California.

Update August 2018:

Janet's quilt," Garden Variety Sampler," won Best of Show AQS Quilt Week Grand Rapids 2018.

Click here to see the promised close-ups.

Click here to watch Alex interview Janet when she won BOS Houston 2017.


The Houston Quilt Show began with Awards Night. It is always exciting to see the quilts presented under the lights. The walls are black and the curtains rise as each quilt is awarded. Finally there was only one award left and Best of Show was received by Janet Stone. We will get you ultra close ups for Friday because Janet has been awarded "Master Quilter" status. Congratulations to Janet our artist from Show 1401.



A lot happens in this show. First, Alex shares tips for making a pieced binding. Then, she and Ricky meet with Suzy Williams of SuzyQuilts.com. They talk about her quilting journey and how she designs her own fabric using Spoonflower's print-on-demand technology. Suzy says that creating her own fabric allows her tremendous flexibility.

Learn how to design your own fat quarters and get over your creative slump making mini quilts, when Show 2403 debuts Sunday, January 27, 2019.

Watch Suzy and Spoonflower in Show 2403.



These lovely tumbled stone coasters feature the miniature quilts of artist Kate Adams. Inspired by 19th Century style quilts, and crafted in antique fabrics, Kate's quilts are truly reflective of the art of traditional American quilt making.

"Home Is Where The Heart Is" American Quilt Coasters - Set of 4


"Patchwork Traditions" Coaster Set

Patchwork Traditions Coaster Sets


"Home is Where The Heart Is" Coaster Set"Home Is Where The Heart Is" American Quilt Coasters - Set of 4


"Americana" Coaster Set"Americana" American Quilt Coasters - Set of 4



Janet Stone won more than Best of Show at Road to California 2019. Her quilt, ABC Frippery, also took home a 1st place prize.

Star Members can watch Janet in Show 1401: From ABC to BOM - Tips and Techniques Just for "Ewe".

Photo: Janet Stone


The Chroma Chronicles is a participatory project of the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles Artist in Residence, Lisa Solomon. Through this project, Lisa will be collecting stories and memories that relate to color.

It can be anything from a very significant, formative memory, to something simple where the color is prominent in your mind. Quilts will be made from these stories and colors. You can also visit the blog, The Chroma Chronicles, to see Lisa document the progress of the project.

Visit the SJMQT and share your color story!

San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

PHONE: (408) 971-0323




Lint in your sewing machine is the natural consequence after hours of time spent sewing. Cleaning and removing lint is a key item on your regular machine maintenance checklist. Don't let your machine look like the one below. Take a look at this article from WeAllSew.com that contains the Dos and Don'ts of machine maintenance.


(image: WeAllSew.com)


I have been asked numerous times why G and I do what we do...travel, visit various quilt shops, and meet up with people along the way, especially quilters. It started out as a way to document our travels without having to scrapbook. But, it grew. It grew because of you! Although we are blessed with beautiful views along the way...

We realized with all the challenges this world presents us there is a common thread of quilting & music that binds us, and we have a great desire to find the connection and not the disconnection. Each town, each quilt shop I visit, I can weave the connection of our humanity and it gives me hope. Quilting has a long history of providing warmth and love to others and it continues to this day. Whether you are a modern or primitive, cute or functional, you understand the work and planning that must have been part of each creation.

Currently we are camped at an RV park in Tucson, AZ and it is rich with quilters. As I have shared before, the sewing room is amazing, with space to spread out, and the group here also is involved in charitable stitching. When I decided to spread out a bit and stitch in the room yesterday, I was stunned by a new quilt hanging on the wall. A fabulous wool quilt which was a BOM created by a first time wool stitcher!!! He took a stitching class at his local shop, and in the tradition of quilting the knowledge and skill was passed on to him. Now that is what quilting is about...sharing and supporting each other so that the tradition of quilting and giving can continue!

Be sure to pass on the gifts of your experience and knowledge...but most of all, keep stitching!!!

Stay tuned and travel along with us on Quilt Roadies...where we are connecting one quilter and one shop at a time!!


Helen Godden created an original hand-painted scene of Sydney's Festival of Lights, called VIVid. She used Lumiere acrylic fabric paint to capture the color and carnival atmosphere of the festival, which takes place around Sydney Harbour, Australia. It absolutely glows...

Helen's quilt, VIVid, was part of the Painted Surface exhibition at the Houston International Quilt Festival 2018.

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Introducing the TQS BOM 2019
SIZZLE by Becky Goldsmith

SIZZLE Quilt - Warm

SIZZLE Quilt - Cool


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Apliquick Rods


Apliquick - 3 Holes Microserrated Scissors


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