This video will really make you appreciate the ability to get dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. Watch as this young lady prepares for a ball in the 1860s. The clothing and presentation were made by Prior Attire.
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This quilt, The Color of Love, by Barbara McElroy was inspired by the affection demonstrated by animals and proves that not all zebras need to be black and white. The photos were taken at the Pacific International Quilt Festival 2017.




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The Eversewn Sparrow machines offer the features you want at a price you love. Their light weight and portability makes them perfect for summer vacation, classes, retreats, quilting with friends- wherever you want to take them!

Eversewn Sparrow Sewing Machines


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Balancing Act is an example of Ann using a "gesture" to rethink an Amish design.

Watch Ann describe how she does it in Show 2213: Amish Remix and Quilting On The Road.

BalancingActbyAnnShaw - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

BalancingActbyAnnShaw - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

BalancingActbyAnnShaw - 300 Pieces Non-Rotating

BalancingActbyAnnShaw - 36 Pieces Rotating

BalancingActbyAnnShaw - 100 Pieces Rotating

BalancingActbyAnnShaw - 300 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


Balancing Act is an example of Ann using a "gesture" to rethink an Amish design.

Watch Ann describe how she does it in Show 2213: Amish Remix and Quilting On The Road.

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


We were honored to have Sue create a number of Block-of-the-Month quilts for TQS. Her designs were beautiful and intricate and her patterns were works of wonder, allowing everyone from a beginning quilter to a seasoned favorite to see their quilts through to completion. Many of the quilts created from her BOMs went on to become multiple award-winners.

Bouquets for a New Day - TQS BOM 2008

Stars for a New Day - TQS BOM 2009
Star Crazy - TQS BOM 2010


Hugs and Kisses - TQS BOM 2010

Ruffled Roses - TQS BOM 2011
The Halo Medallion Quilt - TQS BOM 2017


























There are a few Halo Medallion Quilt Kits available in Island Batik Fabrics


The Texas Quilt Museum will feature a retrospective from the late quilting superstar, Sue Garman. “Sue Garman: Traditional Masterworks” will run June 28-September 30, 2018. 

Thanks to the generosity of Garman’s family, the Museum has filled two galleries with this master quilter’s original creations. Garman was widely known through her internet site ComeQuilt.com which has been continued by her two daughters since her 2017 passing. For four decades, Garman generously shared her techniques, innovative patterns, and advice with thousands of quilt enthusiasts. Her own quilts won numerous prizes and were recognized for their excellence. They’ve been published in many magazines as well as the book, 500 Traditional Quilts

Garman was gifted in mathematics, with a CPA degree, and a lifelong career as an executive at NASA. The attention to detail demanded by her job can be seen in her quilts, with precision piecing as well as amazingly detailed appliqué in her inspiring compositions.  

“Sue Garman’s 32 quilts run the gamut from spectacular to witty and fun,” says Museum Curator Dr. Sandra Sider. “They reflect the genius of this very talented maker.” 
The exhibit is sponsored by The American Business Women's Association, Treaty Oak Chapter.

(Quilt: "Simply Baltimore" by Sue Garman)

Sue made a number of Block of the Month patterns for The Quilt Show. Click the button to see them.


If you know Ricky at all, you won't be too surprised that he selected this quilt, Daddy's Boy, by Kay Donges, which features raw-edge appliqué, pencil shading, and a bit of "thread painting," as his Judges' Recognition Award winner.
Kay talks to Tamara Hanes about how she made the quilt in this interview from AQS QuiltWeek - Spring Paducah 2018.


Check This Out and Then Try it Out!

Alex was surprised and impressed by these great new products at Spring Quilt Market in Portland, Oregon. Their booth was jammed.  These were some of the hottest products at Market. Accurate, pinless piecing is now possible. Take a look at the video and then go to the Shop and get the starter kit and try it out. Quantities of this starter kit are limited. 


The Acorn Easy Precision Piecing Starter Kit

When Alex saw how these Acorn Precision Piecing Products work, she was in love! These products are designed to give you ultimate control in assembling your quilt blocks and appliqué pieces, making everything go together more easily and precisely.


Acorn Precision Piecing Starter Kit


We brought in this starter kit to give you a chance to try the Acorn Precision Piecing Products for yourself. Each kit includes:

1 oz of Seam Align Glue in a squeeze bottle with a precision applicator
This is used in place of pinning for a more secure "slip-free" hold when assembling y
our blocks or applying applique pieces. The applicator makes the glue easy and neat to apply, and once you have applied it and stuck your fabrics together, you press it to dry it, so there is no lag while you wait for it to dry.

4 oz of Easy Press Solution, and an applicator pen to apply the Easy Press Solution
After you have stitched and pressed your seam, you use the applicator pen to apply the Easy Press solution *just* to the seam area of your block and press again. This makes the seam lie absolutely flat, and because you are applying the solution to just the seam area, your block won't get distorted like it can when using starch on the entire block.




Everyone needs one of these quick and practical Tool Caddy and Thread Catchers from Erika Mulvenna at WeAllSew. And wouldn't it make a great gift for your friends?


Drape it over your favorite armchair and load it up with your favorite tools!




(Photo: WeAllSew.com)