This dress was inspired by an archival piece from the House of Vermont (1930s) made from ribbon and yarn. It is mind boggling to watch the labor that goes into each exquisite piece of embroidery.

You'll have to turn on the CC (Close Captioning) to have English subtitles.


In Show 2307: Easy Stack Quilts & Solving Color Snags, Paula Doyle talks about working on the Magna Carta quilts. Here she guides us around all eight wonderful quilts, which were on display depicting the history of the signing of Magna Carta and also four legacy quilts, which include portraits of people associated with human rights.


Tired of tossing those plastic bags from the produce department? Got an hour or two? Spoonflower's fast and easy Farmer's Market Produce Bag tutorial will have you stitching up a few reusable tote bags for yourself in less than an hour. Definitely not destined for the trash, the bags are fun, colorful and easily washable. And you know, it's never too early to get started on gifty sewing for the upcoming holidays.

Did someone say holidays? The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book, filled with 30+ projects, might make that gifting of handmade items a little easier this year. Hop on over and get your copy before the September 30 pre-sale ends.


If there is one personal trait I embrace, it is my childlike curiosity. And, when we are on the road there is a lot to distract me. As I was traversing an airport concourse, moving fast along side fellow travelers, my peripheral vision caught sight of beautiful color and I was stopped in my tracks. So much of life keeps us moving forward with hardly a glance around and I am reminded of a quote by Thomas Merton...

Art in public places gives us a chance to lose ourselves if only for a moment and rebalance our perspective. As I stopped and took a closer look, I was gob smacked! Each huge canvas reflecting nature was created by individual rolls of wool!!! What I am saying is thousands of rolls of wool gave birth to a view in nature. I was both stunned and fascinated not only by the creations, but the hope that blossomed knowing that there were young people out there who are moved to create art...to make the world a more beautiful place. Art gives us Hope.

The PDX airport is a big supporter of arts in public places and their choice of Xander Griffith's wool creations was perfect. Not only did they display the art but they had a screen playing an interview and explanation by Xander of his process. You can find more information on Xander Griffith's large scale art work on his website. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into a different kind of fiber world and that it lifts your heart!


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Did you guess who made this quilt? It's "Jacuzzi Jazz" by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry and she made it specifically for her solo show “Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry: 40 Years of Color, Light, and Motion."

You can read all about it here.

You can learn from Caryl in Show 1308: Techniques, Tips...and a Very Special Tour for Quilters.


In response to the devastating flooding caused by Hurricane Florence, the nonprofit Quilt Alliance is offering quilt owners a small step towards recovery.

The Quilt Alliance, founded in 1993, works with individuals and groups to document, preserve and share the rich history of quilts and their makers.

Alliance board president Michael Newman said, "We aim to support, celebrate and commemorate the quilt community, and we are deeply concerned for those impacted by the storm and wanted a way to help. Houses can slowly be rebuilt, but the precious and personal physical objects that are often destroyed by these disasters impact families profoundly. Stories of quilts lost (or salvaged) from natural disasters are frequently the focus of our oral history projects."

Here is the webpage on our site for those who would like to request a free kit:


The Quilt Alliance partners with Newman's company, StoryPatches, as well as Retro Clean and Moda Fabrics to create a Quilt Recovery Kit to offer to anyone who has had a quilt damaged in a natural disaster like Hurricane Florence.
Larry Gonzales of Retro Clean says, "We are happy to be at least a small part of the recovery process for distraught families."
Each kit includes:
  • A 4 oz. sample of Retro Clean, a stain-removing soaking agent for quilts and all washable fabrics,
  • Two all-cotton, sew-on Quilt Survivor labels for quilts,
  • Cleaning and labeling instructions,
  • An invitation to share the story of your quilt. We will feature Survivor quilts online with the owner's permission.
Anyone who has experienced damage to a quilt due to Hurricane Florence is encouraged to register via this form
Please Note: A limited number of kits are available. If you'd like to make a donation to support the shipping costs of the Quilt Recovery kits, please visit the Quilt Alliance website: www.quiltalliance.org/projects/quilt-recovery-kit/


This episode of Quilt Museum TV features Kansas City Star exhibit Curator Edie McGinnis talking about the exhibit. Also in this episode, Museum Education Director Becky Glasby discusses how to participate in the 2018/2019 School Block Challenge.

Quilt Museum TV is made possible through the generosity of people and organizations passionate about quilting. For information on supporting the museum, please go to www.quiltmuseum.org.



Alex calls C&T Publishing author, Paula Doyle, and it turns into a class. You don't paper piece these Mini-Mosaics quilts, you just...

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We love how there's a fussy cut print in the center of this block. What do you think it is called? Play the game to find out.



This is a fast and easy project to create a set of four new placemats for your holiday dinner created by Kerby Smith for WeAllSew.com.

Click here for leaf template for appliqué.

Learn more about Kerby in Show 702: Quilting in the Digital Age.