Sue Garman's Halo Medallion Quilt in Lucious Batiks (see below)

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Sue Garman's Block of the Month 2017 for TQS, The Halo Medallion, is a beautiful quilt. We quickly ran out of our kits and couldn't get the fabric to remake them. Island Batik saw the quilt and said, "That would be great in batiks!!" So they have done a computer layout of the look and have chosen the fabrics. Are you ready to make a ribbon winning quilt in Batiks? The kits are in the warehouse and ready to ship right away. The kits are $287 and have over 26 yards of gorgeous fabrics. Thank you to the Sue Garman Estate for allowing us to extend the patterns and videos through 2018.

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The Endless Dance of the Ponytail is the cover of Leni's book, Photo-Inspired Art Quilts-From Composition to Finished Piece. It measures 29" x 30" and was created in 2008.  

Take a closer look at the ponytail, Leni says, "Combining patterns in commercial fabric is what gets me motivated. Finding the unexpected pattern that does what I want in the ensemble is the thing that keeps me going."

Star Members can watch Leni in Show 2204: The Human Form from Portrait to Art Piece.

TheEndlessDanceofthePonytailbyLeniLevensonWiener - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

TheEndlessDanceofthePonytailbyLeniLevensonWiener - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

TheEndlessDanceofthePonytailbyLeniLevensonWiener - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

TheEndlessDanceofthePonytailbyLeniLevensonWiener - 36 Pieces Rotating

TheEndlessDanceofthePonytailbyLeniLevensonWiener - 100 Pieces Rotating

TheEndlessDanceofthePonytailbyLeniLevensonWiener - 289 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Leni Levenson Wiener


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Diane Kirkhart joins Alex and Ricky on the set. Diane learned how to sew from her mother at the age of five. It is her immense dedication to handwork that has led her to creating spectacular Millefiori quilts. Many of her quilts include no less than several thousand hand-pieced English Paper Pieced units.
Diane shares three variations on EPP (English Paper Piecing) including an invisible stitch machine method, a bulk reducing figure eight knot, and a fussy cutting tip for creating photo images in the center of a rosette design. This show is chock full of mesmerizing eye candy. You won't want to miss this!

Star Members can watch Diane in Show 2205: Magnificent Millefiori Quilts when it debuts Sunday, February 25, 2018.

Going Up, pieced and quilted by Stephanie Skardal, was awarded Best of Show at QuiltCon 2018. Stephanie writes, "Inspired to create unexpected shapes with negative space in traditional (but large) log cabin blocks, Going Up mixes the hard of high contrast and graphic lines with the organic look of Essex linen and straight-line quilting. This original design was created in Photoshop and machine quilted on a domestic machine."
Stephanie accepted the award with an adorable helper, Ingrid, at her side. Congratulations Stephanie!
(52" x 64") Stephanie entered Going Up into the Flying Geese Challenge, a QuiltCon category sponspored by American Patchwork & Quilting.


Recent Acquistions Enhances What is Known About A Quilter
By Marian Ann J. Montgomery, Ph.D.
Curator of Clothing and Textiles, Museum of Texas Tech University

A great deal of research was done regarding the maker of the pattern, Crossroads to Bachelor’s Hall, for the 2016 quilt exhibit, Legacy of a Thousand Stitches.  When the research began we knew only that she was Mrs. R. P. Price, the maternal grandmother of Robert Fee and that we had two of her quilts in the collection.






Crossroads to Bachelor Hall Quilt by Olive Wigley Price, c 1910-1925, Gift of Mr. Robert F. Fee, Jr., TTU-H1999-026-002. 
American Woman, a magazine out of Augusta Maine, first published this challenging quilt pattern in July 1905.  Photo courtesy of the Museum of Texas Tech University.

This is the sort of quilt a beginning quilter could make, formed using lots of straight lines in a simple block pattern.The fabrics are the indigo prints that were popular at the end of the 19th century for day dresses. These were particularly desirable in rural Texas because they hid the dirt of everyday life.  It is likely that Olive Pearl made this before her marriage.











Hourglass Quilt by Olive Pearl Wigley Price c 1895, Gift of Mr. Robert F. Fee, Jr., TTU-H1999-026-001.
Photo courtesy of the Museum of Texas Tech University.

Olive Pearl Wigley Price was born on August 3, 1885, married on August 8, 1905 and died on May 13, 1974. Along with her husband Robert Pickney Price they were parents to four daughters. The research on the Crossroads to Bachelor Hall Quilt led to a connection to another of Mrs. Price’s grandchildren, Judie Prude Barnes (Mrs. Charles) of Lubbock.  Although we didn’t meet during the quilt exhibit we connected about a year later. It was very exciting to know that there were other beautiful quilts made by Olive Pearl Wigley Price but also that Mrs. Barnes has images of the family and the family home.

Later in the summer Mrs. Barnes not only shared the images with the museum but also donated another significant quilt by her grandmother, Olive Pearl Wigley Price. The quilt is exquisitely created with fine needlework in the pattern Wheel of Time, which is listed in as pattern #1796 in Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns.











The detail of the quilt shows the intricate piecing as well as the eight pointed pieced stars in the corners of the sashing. This is a rare quilt pattern, beautifully executed and in excellent condition.


















Wheel of Time Quilt by Olive Pearl Wigley Price, c 1930, Gift of Judie Prude Barnes (Mrs. Charles) TTU-H2017-063-001. 
Photo courtesy of the Museum of Texas Tech University


The images of the quilt maker and her home provide an indication of the economic situation of her family. The portrait made in her home was part of a series done by a professional photographer. It is also very special to have a photograph of the home in which two of these quilts were made.







Robert Pickney and Olive Pearl Wigley Price in their home in Colorado City, TX circa 1931, photo courtesy of Judie Prude Barnes (Mrs. Charles).

Home of Robert Pickney and Olive Pearl Price at the corner of Elm Street, Colorado City, TX circa 1931, photo courtesy of Judie Prude Barnes (Mrs. Charles).

Other images in the collection show that the family had hired help in the kitchen and also show the interior of the Price Brothers Dry Goods Store in Colorado City that provided the income for the comfortable lifestyle. The images and the quilts tell the story of a comfortable home in the early days of the settlement of West Texas. Although at first only known as Mrs. R. P. Price, her quilts provided the impetus for further research and today we not only know all her life dates and her first name, but quite a bit about her family life.

Interior of Price Brothers Dry Goods Store, Colorado City, TX.  Photo courtesy of Judie Prude Barnes (Mrs. Charles).

This new donation is a significant addition to the Clothing and Textiles Collection at the Museum of Texas Tech University and one that not only adds a beautiful new object for exhibition but also, because of the photographs included in the donation, documents the history of another talented Texas quilter.


Yoko Saito was featured in a special exhibit at Houston 2017. This is an early work and it is her interpretation of a Medallion quilt. It is fun, different, and suprisingly colorful.



This is a quick video slide show describing the decisions and placement for the sides of the mandala (raw-edge appliqué and blanket stitch). In this video there is no instruction,we are just showing progress of the Mandala. Join Ann in part 8 of her Mandala Unplugged hand stitching project.

Please join the Mandala Unplugged Facebook group for support and camaraderie. 



My two great loves (excluding family and pets, LOL) are quilting and reading. And so, I love that there are quilting groups that read...or is it book clubs that quilt...? It makes perfect sense to this die hard bibliophile and fabric aficionado, to combine the two! If you Google book clubs and quilting, there are all kinds of suggestions. As I read through the variety of links, I realized that the book and quilt combo can take on many forms. Some book groups are all about the quilting and choose a favorite quilting book to share. Other groups decide on a novel and then the participants create a quilt reflecting something in the book that spoke to them. There are also quilt groups that choose a book, make a quilt, and when they get together, the hostess serves a meal that is reflective of the location or storyline of the book...so many options!

The Undercover Quilters in Central Oregon are such a group, a quilting group that reads, LOL. QuiltWorks in Bend, Oregon showcased a display of quilts where each member created a quilt reflective of something in the book, Kitchens of the Great Midwest. If you are ever in Bend, Oregon, you must take the time to visit the Gallery at QuiltWorks. The inspiration is just what a quilting soul needs and you might be able to just find your next read!



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Ricky sat down with Jodi Robinson to learn how she became involved in Modern quilting. You might be surprised to learn what she's up to now.

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