Kaffe Fassett explains some of his thoughts behind his exhibition on color at the National Trust's Mottisfont Abbey. The exhibition will run from September 16, 2017 to January 14, 2018. They even let him paint the walls to have a different background. Take a look.
From the National Trust:

Celebrating the dazzling work of world-renowned artist Kaffe Fassett, this vibrant exhibition showcases a wide range of textiles from a career spanning over 50 years. Our gallery has been transformed with pools of vibrant colour, providing the perfect backdrop for Kaffe’s distinctive knitwear, tapestry, quilts and more.



"Quilters Take Manhattan," put on for the last seven years by the Quilt Alliance, took its final bow this September. In the future, the Alliance will be focusing their efforts in other areas, including the Quilt Story Road Show:

"For the past seven years, we have proudly presented this Big Apple event featuring some of the quilt world's most talented and fascinating speakers. We raised important operating funds and signed on many enthusiastic new members. We're so excited to take this celebration of quilts, stories and friends to new communities starting in 2018, our 25th anniversary year.

Quilt Story Road Show, our new education and outreach program inspired by QTM, will be offered for a fee to guilds, groups, museums, quilt shows, exhibitions, shops, businesses and communities across the U.S. who want to document, preserve and share the stories of quilts and quiltmakers in their community. These one to two day events will demonstrate and offer hands-on training in oral history, quilt labeling, and other ways to ensure that quilts and their stories do not fade away. Register here to have information emailed to you about our 2018-2020 programs."

-Amy Milne - Executive Director

Click here for an article by the Craft Industry Alliance to see what else the future brings for the Quilt Alliance.

Here are a few memories from Quilters Take Manhattan 2017.


The quilts at AQS Paducah Spring 2017 seemed overwhelmingly great. Many quilts that caught our eye were not award winners, but we thought they certainly could be. For example, this hand quilted piece by Linda Roy; we loved it and thought it was award worthy, but it did not win a ribbon at Paducah. Well, Linda's quilt, Aztec Sunset, came back and won Best of Show at AQS Lancaster 2017. We thought so, Linda.


We caught Bethanne on the set of The Quilt Show and asked her about her design process. She explains how she gets her quilting designs from her imagination onto her quilt and how long it actually takes to make one of her quilts.

Learn more about Bethanne and her work in Show 2107: Extraordinary Binding Techniques & Amazing Fabric Collage.

(Note: This video was shot on a "hot" set during the taping of The Quilt Show. You will notice background noise and activity.)


And so we have reached the last of the 7 Habits of the Highly Effective Quilter...I thought long and hard about this one and as luck would have it, I had a light bulb moment when I arrived home from the Quilt Roadies adventure and unloaded the trailer. Not only bringing in all my sewing projects that were stitched on the road, but also the little treasures I picked up along the way. And so, Habit #7...regular inventory! You know...just like the shops do. A yearly inventory so they know what they have sold and what they have left on the shelf. A sewing room inventory allows you to see what you have left to do and to acknowledge what you finished. I believe by opening all the drawers, looking in all the bins and boxes, and taking a full inventory of what you really have tucked away, you will be reminded of those special projects you once had to have, LOL. I'll admit I did have a momentary anxiety attack...but, since I take an inventory on a regular basis, I have weeded out the "what was I thinking" projects and truly like everything I have in stock, LOL.

With this said, I know that life can get hectic and sometimes we don't know which way we are headed! Sometimes we have the best of intentions of starting or finishing a project and then life distracts us and we forget...that is why a regularly scheduled inventory...maybe once a quarter, which would be 4 times a year, will help stimulate those stitching juices.

I can hear the revolt now, but remember who is in charge of the sewing room!!! No one is the boss of you and your projects and throw aside the judgment and take a full assessment of what is lurking in that closet! You are strong...you are powerful, and no pile of fabric is going to make you weep!

...And just so you know, I have been taking my own advice and spent a couple of hours taking inventory before I put away the new projects. And, while doing so, I remembered a project that I was going to make for my oldest son's friend who is Canadian...now, where did that project go??? With an inventory I was able to find it and finished it!! I feel so satisfied and I think she is going to like it!

I hope you have enjoyed the 7 Habits of the Highly Effective Quilter...I know it has helped me light a nice quilter's fire under my needle! And now it is heated up and ready to go! Have a great week and we'll see what next week will bring!

Click here for Anna's YouTube Channel.


Only 5 left to reach our goal of 300 IMQE Partners!
To reach our goal of 300 IMQE Partners, we only need 5 more International partners! We have 7 US quilters waiting for International partners. Won’t you join us and help IMQE exceed our goal?
Internationally, the United Kingdom still leads with 56 Quilters, followed closely by Germany with 54 Quilters. Italy is the next closest country with 48 Quilters participating.
Some our International Quilters are in very interesting places around the world: Zimbabwe, Argentina, Finland and most recently Malaysia.
In the United States, California leads with 30 Quilters and Texas is close behind with 28. Illinois is the next closest state with 15 Quilters participating in IMQE. We would still love to hear from Hawaii and West Virginia. Alaska now has 3 Quilters participating in the exchange.
We also have 5 partners using translation software to communicate as Quilting is their common language!
Join the International Miniature Quilt Exchange and help us celebrate reaching our goal. Let’s break records with this exchange.
Quilters have until March 2018 to complete their miniature quilts. Get all the details here.
1 International Quilter + 1 United States Quilter + A Passion for Quilting = A Priceless Experience


Send your little one off to celebrate Halloween in style with these easy-to-sew, fun-to-make Trick-or-Treat bags from WeAllSew.com. Spook them up with seasonal embroidery and use glow-in-the-dark embroidery thread for maximum effect. Don't have an embroidery machine? Just use a pre-printed panel cut to the right size. Need something a bit smaller for a party favor or gift bag? Then stitch up a cute mini version!

Click here to download measurements.






Right outside of Comic Con International San Diego 2017 this year was an exhibition of the costumes from the Star Trek: Discovery series. We were drawn to the use of pattern repetition as well as the use of quilting to enhance a costume. We were also amazed at how leather was worked in the shoulder of one of the coats.

If you want to know about using pattern and repetition in quilting, read Design to Quilt: Principles of Design-Pattern/Repetition (Week 35).

If you want to know more about quilting with leather, watch Show 1909: Taking Leather to a Whole New Level, featuring Cathy Wiggins.

Video: Mary Kay Davis


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We have temporarily turned off the Closed Captioning so that the tablets should now work. (Let us know if you still can't get the iPads to work. Our test group says it is working now.)

We apologize to our Closed Captioners and want you to know we are working with Vimeo to clear up the conflict.


The colors in Audra Rasnake's quilt, Consider the Lilies, 95" x 95", are very different and very beautiful. Then we noticed there was no white...maybe a polkadot?

This quilt was in a very strong category "Hand Quilted Quilts,"  (Spring Paducah 2017) where a number of quilts deserved awards, but only three can win. (We were right that it deserved an award. The quilt won 2nd Place Hand Quilted at AQS Grand Rapids 2017). Watch for Wednesday's newsletter for another that was at an award winning level. Audra's quilt was not only hand quilted, but hand embroidered and hand appliqued and we noticed some crystals. Its design source was the Lily Pattern in Susan Brubaker Knapp's book by C&T, Appliqué Petal Party: A Bouquet of 16 Blocks and Flowering Border.


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Watch Show 1912: (Free) with Rosa Rojas

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