Susan writes about her stunning quilt, Beacon,

"Circles, prisms, and light are part of my impression of an antique lighthouse lens and prism. I tried to capture a sense of light deep in the center refracting out, amplifying the candlelight into a beacon to keep sailors safe."

She conveys this impression by using a multitude of beads and buttons for a striking result. How many do you think she used?

















This quilt was inspired by the brick pattern you often see in Amish quilts. In it, Ann was exploring different shapes and using a softer color palette.

Watch Ann Shaw in Show 2213: Amish Remix and Quilting On The Road.

BrickedbyAnnShaw - 35 Pieces Non-Rotating

BrickedbyAnnShaw - 96 Pieces Non-Rotating

BrickedbyAnnShaw - 300 Pieces Non-Rotating

BrickedbyAnnShaw - 35 Pieces Rotating

BrickedbyAnnShaw - 96 Pieces Rotating

BrickedbyAnnShaw - 300 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


This quilt was inspired by the brick pattern you often see in Amish quilts. In it, Ann was exploring different shapes and using a softer color palette.

Watch Ann Shaw talk about the quilt in Show 2213: Amish Remix and Quilting On The Road.

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis

Alex and Ricky are joined on the set by Renaissance man Mark Sherman, who unlocks the secrets for creating truly unbelievable Tiffany style stained glass quilts based on inspirational photos, hand-dyed fabric and his deft touch at realism.
And if that weren’t enough to get your creative juices flowing, Ricky designs a stunning contemporary quilt based on an antique string pieced tumbler design. It’s a double dose of fun and inspiration in one show. Don’t miss it!

Star Members can watch Mark and Ricky in Show 2301: Luminous Stained Glass Quilts, when it debuts this Sunday, July 1, 2018.

Learn How Ricky's Quilts Came to Be

Ricky walks you through his "Quilts That Speak" exhibit, which was shown during AQS QuiltWeek Paducah 2018. He talks about the evolution and history of many of his quilts, including his very first quilt and the last quilt he made with his father.

We begin with Part 1. Stay tuned for Part 2.


Laura has been loving the rain in Illinois for helping her flowers grow, but the rain has kept her inside. So, she has been working away indoors and has come up with a free stitch along. It's a great take along project that lets you polish up your embroidery skills. Not sure how to do a certain stitch? Laura shows you how.

This free-form embroidery design is stitched on silk fabric with size 8 and 12 pearl cotton threads and measures approx 6" x 9" when complete.

Star Members can watch Laura in Show 1009: "Stamp Out" Fabric, where she demonstrates a variety of hand embroidery stitches.


Linda writes, "My most recent “waves” piece is Mont St Michel - a cathedral, monastery, and town just off the northern French coast. Based on my own photo, it was great fun to paint the sky, paint the buildings and reflections, then add a whole lot of complicated quilting and crystals to really make it shine!"
We agree that this piece really shines and so do others. Here are just a few of its awards:
AQS QuiltWeek Spring Paducah 2018 - Honorable Mention
PIQF 2017 - Best Pictorial Quilt
World Quilt & Textile Competition 2018 - Honorable Mention World

"waves" - an exploration of many non-traditional techniques for making moving water, including twisted tuck waves, and painted waves.



Need a fast (but impressive) gift? Shannon Cuddle Kits have something for everyone, and they go together in a flash!

These kits are fast and easy, and all but the adult kits include everything you need to make a completed project (you supply a backing of your choice for the adult kits). They can be whipped together in just a few hours, and the finished product is very high quality. 

Watch to get a first-hand idea of how easy they are to put together!

These are just a few of the kits that we have in stock:

Alex made this Patty Cakes Swaddle Gift Set (that includes a blanket, a swaddle cloth, and a lovey) in about three hours, and she had enough extra fabric to make a burp cloth.

 The Bambino Cuddle Kit in Sugar & Spice comes with pre-cut strips, so it goes together in a flash!

The My Lambie Play Mat Kit makes a generously sized cuddly lamb that can be used as a play mat or just for snuggling.

The Little Pilot Wee One Cuddle Kit requires minimal cutting. 


In our Quilt Roadies and Anna & G On The Road journeys, we are blessed to meet many quilters, travelers, quilt shop owners, and designers. Joyce Weeks of Geoff's Mom Pattern Co. is a stand out memory. (You can check out the video on Quilt Roadies from 2 years ago.) I have always been a fan of her designs which pull at the heart strings, memories, and dreams. Her designs also live in my someday pile! (I have decided to stop calling it a UFO pile...it is now my "Someday Pile"!) When I got a call that she would be visiting The Bee Hive, I was over the moon!!! Straightened up The Bee Hive...and, lucky for me, it was a regular stitch day for the Sew 'n So friends who could bring their stitching over for a little Stitch Bee. What a lovely day...a lot of conversation, a bit of stitching and a walk to The Stitchin' Post.

Caught up with Joyce's life both personal and professional. There will be big news on both horizons which you can check out in a future Quilt Roadies video. I was bummed though, that this year I can't make the Quilt St. George...WOW...what a great retreat and so reasonably priced. But, next year I am going to put this event on my calendar!!! It is a full time job to keep track of these designers and retreat possibilities...maybe that is why I don't get anything done!!! LOL...it's their fault!!! If you can fit it into your calendar, here is the flyer, take pictures and share on Instagram!!!
Scroll to the bottom of the blog to see more about Geoff's Mom Pattern Co. and to see the Quilt St. George Flyer.

Have a great stitching day and hope we see you at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.

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Every once in a while a "simple" traditional-style quilt just knocks our socks off. This is one of the quilts. Memories of Hailey, by Sharyl Schlieckau of Loganville, WI, uses repeated blocks on point and absolutely stunning quilting to fill the blank spaces.

Sharyl designed and pieced the quilt front when her dog, Hailey, was just a puppy. Hailey always stayed with Sharyl in her sewing room, including during the dog's last days before she died of cancer.

“She saw every stitch, because she was by me every day,” Schlieckau said.

The quilt was photographed at AQS QuiltWeek Spring Paducah 2018. Sharyl has competed at Paducah about ten times.