First published in 1814, Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours is a taxonomic guide to the colours of the natural world. It can be viewed as a predecessor of modern named colour systems such as Pantone. What's wonderful about it are the descriptions of the colors by animal, vegetable, and mineral.

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When you click on a color, it will show you images of nature which include the color.



This BOS winner is no stranger to blue ribbons. The quilting and embroidery work are absolutely mind-boggling and we are still trying to figure out how she did the border trim. Take a look at Starburst by Susan Stewart.

(photos: Above - AQS, Blow - Susan Stewart)


Susan Cleveland is in the house and that means precision, fabulous workmanship, and lots of laughs. Susan's Show 2308: It's Hip to be a Modern Dresden debuts this Sunday, October 7, 2018.



As you well know if you have been reading my musings here or on the Woolie Blog...I am a very happy customer and not a designer...although now with a broken wing I am somewhat of a challenged quilter, but my customer skills were not affected by my injury, LOL. Anyhoo, I love all the talent in the quilting world and take every opportunity to learn from the best. Sometimes we are driven to take a class because of the instructor's inspiration in our own creations. Other times it is just to hang with girlfriends in an agreed upon class. I have been known to sign up for a class just because I want to visit a location. In my years of quilting I have assembled a nice little list of my favorite instructors and it keeps growing. Here is the short list of how I pick a class...

1. I want to have a good time.
2. I especially don't want to feel stressed during the class.
3. I like instructors who are not judgmental about my work.
4. I like to learn new things.
5. I like notions and each instructor has their favorite notion!!!
6. I like UFOs cause they are someday going to be art, ROFLOL

Which brings me to one of the instructors on my Favorites List, Tonye Belinda Phillips.

Tonye meets all the points of my short list on how I pick a class. She does guild presentations and teaches class with the joy that is represented in her work. It was fun to arrive back home to a gallery exhibit featuring some of her work and all of the items in the slideshow are for sale!!! You just have to call the Stitchin' Post. I hope this slideshow brings some joy to you this week!

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Just when you thought the TQS BOM Halo Medallion Quilt couldn't get any better, TQS Member VintageLady went ahead and made it out of Halloween fabrics.


Susan's favorite month is October and her favorite holiday is Halloween (which is also her birthday). And what is one of her favorite things about the holiday? It's CANDY!

Here’s an easy project to satisfy your sweet tooth…without any calories at all!

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Star Members can learn more from Susan in Show 1709: From Pineapples to Photorealism and Show 901: State-of-the-Art Quilting: Tradition Meets Innovation.


Alex spoke with Dr. Elizabeth Townsend Gard, Director at Tulane Law School, in a recent podcast. Elizabeth writes about Just Wanna Quilt:

"It started out small: quilt every night and think about copyright.

A year later... We have a quilting army of 500+ strong, a daily podcast, sponsors, adventures, and lots of wonderful new friends.

We've interviewed famous quilters, quilt entrepreneurs, historians, lawyers, inventors, family businesses, and of course, us- the quilting army. Copyright turned out to be only a small portion. We had to understand what quilting is, who we are, where we came from, and all the different kinds of people who come together for the love of quilting."

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Simple pieces with a touch of Jinny Beyer fabric make this block quite striking. What do you think it is called? Play the game and find out.



Rhonda Dort has collected beautiful pieces of damaged floral crochet for years. When she puts them together into this stunning Basket of Flowers, you can almost smell the aroma. She then tops it off by using a vintage table cloth and embellished borders to create a vintage masterpiece.



It was great fun on the set of The Quilt Show when Paula was able to meet the designer of the "Effervescence" fabric that she used in this quilt. Amelia Caruso's fabric makes for a stunning quilt.

Watch Paula Doyle in Show 2307: Easy Stack Quilts & Solving Color Snags.

EffervescencebyPaulaDoyle - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

EffervescencebyPaulaDoyle - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

EffervescencebyPaulaDoyle - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

EffervescencebyPaulaDoyle - 36 Pieces Rotating

EffervescencebyPaulaDoyle - 100 Pieces Rotating

EffervescencebyPaulaDoyle - 289 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis