Congratulations to Barbara Binotto for Best Wall Quilt at AQS QuiltWeek Charleston 2019.

Artist's Statement from her website:

"Acadia’s Own - Cobblestone Bridge” - Barbara Binotto - Island Falls, ME
47"x 63"
Created from an original photo taken in May, 2016 during the run-off from the winter's snow.  Spring greens and rushing waters highlight this piece, composed entirely of fabric and thread.  Many techniques were used in this challenging piece to replicate as closely as possible all the details of the scene.  Cobblestones are cut, shaded and sewn on individually, matching as closely as possible not only the color and shape of each rock but also its placement on the bridge.  Detailed thread painting below the bridge invites the viewer into the distant woods.  Individual   rocks are composed of several blended fabrics, shaded with fabric inks and highlighted with thread painting. The turbulent water is represented with batting and thread painting, quilted closely to emphasize movement against the rocks. My most challenging piece to date, currently on the national quilt show circuit.

Click here to see more photos of the quilt.

(Photo: AQS)


While collage work is the focus of Ann's show, she has made many other types of quilts, including Vacation, featuring some very fun loving people close to Ann's heart.

Watch Ann work her collage magic in Show 2507.

VacationbyAnnMyhre - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

VacationbyAnnMyhre - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

VacationbyAnnMyhre - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

VacationbyAnnMyhre - 36 Pieces Rotating

VacationbyAnnMyhre - 100 Pieces Rotating

VacationbyAnnMyhre - 289 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


While collage work is the focus of Ann's show, she has made many other types of quilts, including Vacation, featuring some very fun loving people close to Ann's heart.

Watch Ann work her collage magic in Show 2507.

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis

Sarah Ann Smith, a TQS member from the very start, taught herself quilting while working in Bolivia using Quilter's Newsletter magazines.
In this show, Sarah Ann teaches us how we can achieve realistic results for recreating photographs using a variety of techniques. She also demonstrates using threadwork to enhance your quilt.
Also in this show, Ricky demonstrates two techniques for sewing a perfect mitered border corner. He follows this up by offering tips for avoiding puffy or tapered borders and how you can use this same process to create a multiple border mitered corner.

Watch Sarah in Show 2508, when it debuts Sunday, October 6, 2019.


The Stitch TV Show talked to the creator of the Machinger gloves and got tips on how to clean them. Give it a try. They share how to clean dye transfer and other dirt off of the gloves. The technique should work for any brand of quilting gloves with rubberized parts.


Patty Girvan talks to Bonnie Browning about how she quilted the TQS BOM 2017 Halo Medallion Quilt using rulers and a little help from an ironing board. Her quilt, Right to the Point, won 3rd Place in the Large Quilts: Stationary Machine Category at AQS QuiltWeek - Grand Rapids 2019.

Congratulations Patty!




Don't Eat the Red Berries - Katherine Jones, Chigwell, Tasmania, Australia

Katherine's quilt, Don't Eat the Red Berries, won the Best Original Design Award at AQS QuiltWeek Charleston 2019. We've never quite seen anything like it. Take a look at the detail below. Congratulations Katherine!

(photos AQSblog and Katherine Jones)   

Note: We believe the quilt was photographed on top of a blue fabric background. The blue is not part of the quilt.



We are senior citizens now...we can get discounts at the movie theater, but back in the day, Terri Budesa and I were college roommates both graduating from UCSB. I have memories of Terri sewing clothes in our apartment which amazed me...she had sewn her own clothes through high school, including prom dresses! After graduating, we transitioned to the job market and then created our own homes and families. She taught me how to cut G's hair after we were married and since I have cut his hair for 42 years it may be why I had the money to quilt, LOL. But, as life sometimes does...our lives took different paths and at times, even different states. Our contact was a yearly Christmas card to catch up on our busy lives, working and managing a family. Little did I know that we both had started quilting...around the same time at opposites ends of the state.

Our quilting paths took entirely different directions but I can remember the first time I saw one of Terri's quilts at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, I was gobsmacked! The talent, perseverance and ability to place color were amazing! She took her first Judy Niemeyer class in my hometown of Sisters at the Quilters Affair and has been passionate about the process ever since!


Fire Island Hosta was shown at the Pacific International Quilt Festival.

The Feathered Star Quilt was also juried into the Pacific International Quilt Festival and was used by Mancuso, the show organizer, in their banner for 2 years!

The Blue Quilt is called Amazon Star and was gifted to friends who lost their home in the Camp Fire (Quilting is not only healing for the receiver but also for the giver).

And last but not least...the quilt that was juried into the Quilt Show in Paducah this Fall!!! Lost in Translation.

Rarely does one get to observe the full spectrum of a quilter's life from college kid to worker bee, embracing family life as a wife and mother and now an award winning quilter!...I am proud to say I knew her when...

Stay tuned and travel along with us on Quilt Roadies.

Click here for Anna's blog.


Saturday, November 2, 5:30-7:00 pm; Event admission: $35


More than a musical concert, more than a walk down memory lane—an evening with Ricky Tims promises to be a delightful mix of extraordinary entertainment by one of the quilting industry’s most versatile talents.

An award-winning quilter, pianist, storyteller, author, musician, composer, and host of The Quilt Show, Tims’ easy sense of humor combines with his extraordinary storytelling and original melodies to make this an unforgettable and inspirational evening. Don't miss your chance to celebrate Festival's 45 years in the way that only Ricky Tims can offer!




Note: Tickets for the event are only available for purchase through their online enrollment system. If you are enrolling for other classes or events, you can add the event to your enrollment submission form. If you are not enrolling for classes, simply select the "No Enrollment Fee" option before proceeding. 





Guess what? - Kathleen responded and told us how she finished the quilt. Thank you Kathleen!

Thank you everyone for your great comments! I quilted the quilt and then cut around all the feathers, leaving about 1/4”. Then I took out all the stitches around the feather tops, turned the front and back in on each other and hand stitched the edge closed using a blind stitch. That is basically what I did, but I figured out a couple of tricks the second time....I had to get the quilt to a show and hurricane Florence hit us, so I didn’t have light or water...and I was late as usual! When it came back, I could see where I could improve it, so I took it out and did it again...very time consuming. It really looks great on my bed with a dark red sheet.
This winner of the Viewer's Choice award in Charleston has us scratching our heads. We can't figure out how she did the edge treatment on this amazing quilt. Enjoy Blanket of Snow by Kathleen V. Stuart.


(Photo: AQS)

(photo: Jenny K Lyon)


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