Some quilts just make you smile, and No Worries by Jeannie Moore is one of those quilts. Her depiction of a polar bear floating around in the water, just chillin' and relaxed, shows a level of contentment we'd all like to achieve. Jeannie's manipulation of the fabric gives movement to the quilt and makes you feel like you could reach out and touch the water.

No Worries was on display in Houston 2018 as part of the Animal Kingdom exhibit.





Heidi just loved the way the flowers were "bouncing" around on this quilt's, background which gave way to the name Dancing Tulips.

Watch Heidi in Show 2408.

DancingTulipsbyHeidiKaisand - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

DancingTulipsbyHeidiKaisand - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

DancingTulipsbyHeidiKaisand - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

DancingTulipsbyHeidiKaisand - 36 Pieces Rotating

DancingTulipsbyHeidiKaisand - 100 Pieces Rotating

DancingTulipsbyHeidiKaisand - 289 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: John Anderson


Heidi just loved the way the flowers were "bouncing" around on this quilt's background, which gave way to the name Dancing Tulips. Be sure to scroll down for the close-ups.

Watch Heidi in Show 2408.

Original Photo: John Anderson



Last year Alex had bobbin thread ring sets made up in 40 colors to complement all types of fabric (see her video about them below). 

You loved them, but asked for a few minor changes; you wanted a package that held all of the bobbins together, and you wondered if we could tell you the color codes of the threads too so if you wanted to order more you could? Quilters Select heard you, and this is the result!

This handy clamshell pack holds all forty class 15 bobbins, and when you are done with them you can refill it with your own bobbins. Beneath each bobbin is a handy color code that corresponds with our 80 weight thread spools. This is a great way to have color samples of our 80 weight threads as well!

All quilters will love these threads, and those who love to appliqué will love them even more!


Ricky was captivated by this story of quilts that saved the lives of seven men as they struggled to get flour and food for their starving town. The second video shows a re-enactment of the event.

Learn about The Panguitch Quilt Walk Story 1864.



When we saw this quilt at QuiltCon 2019, we immediately thought of mosaic quilter Heidi Proffetty. While Heidi's first passion might be quilting, her other passion is beekeeping. As you know, bees play an important role in nature, but through history, they have also played an important role in providing community spirit and support. A bee from Manchester by Anne Marie Miro was her way of showing support for the Manchester community after the 2017 terrorist attack.

Watch Heidi in Show 2406 and learn about both of her passions.


Cherry Guidry of Cherry Blossoms shares her Easter Bunny Mini Quilt tutorial at WeAllSew.com. How cute is this? The quilt finishes at 12 1/2″ x 14″ and makes a great table topper that can be sewn and quilted in an afternoon.




TQS brings you the story of the amazing and inspirational Nola Emerie, who—after suffering a massive stroke at age 52 that paralyzed the right side of her body—decided to take up quilting. Nola lets nothing stand in her way (including her pants?) when it comes to making beautiful quilts.

Nola's story is part of Show 1506: Two Amazing Women and the Power of Quilting, which also features Lisa Sipes. In 2008, during a dark period in her life, artist Lisa Sipes was encouraged by her mom to give quilting a try—and a passionate new quilter was born. Now a well-regarded professional longarm artist who loves detailed work, Lisa shares fun ways to add visual and textural interest to a wholecloth quilt with a variety of stitches and colored threads. She also shows how she creates her signature "triple stitch" and alternative ways to finish the edges of your quilt.


G and I love our adventures on the road...not only is our country amazing, but the quilters in it are awesome. The wonderful part about the art of quilting is the wide variety in which one can create. Contemporary, Vintage, Primitive, or Modern...there truly is something for everyone and I love it all. When we visit a guild or class, I love listening to the banter of quilting opinions because we as quilters truly have lots of choices and opinions. 

Landing back at home base is a blessing! I get to see my quilting peeps and what they have been up to. The Fabric Stalkers have been quilting together since the mid 90s and we are representative of the greater quilting community...a wide range of quilting love. I hope you enjoy the little slide show I put together of our show n' tell when we gathered to stitch together for the first time in 2019.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow


My first finish of 2019 using Marcia Derse and J Wrecker Frisch fabrics.

May your week include challenges, support, and creativity!

Stay tuned and travel along with us on Quilt Roadies.

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Claudia Pfeil recently visited the TQS set to tape a future show. While you might know her from her magnificent large quilts (think Fractal or Turtle Bay), she brought along this amazing, little, thread-painted piece. My Little Seahorse measures only 13.5" x 19.5" and is truly a machine quilting masterpiece.

Here is My Little Seahorse by Claudia Pfeil.

TQS BOM 2019 "SIZZLE" by Becky Goldsmith

SIZZLE Quilt - Warm

SIZZLE Quilt - Cool


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Watch Show 1912
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