Find out how a comic book influenced Cheryl Sleboda's quilt in this Go Tell It at the Quilt Show video from the Quilt Alliance.

I’m a fiber artist who loves to manipulate fabric and also light up my work with LED lights.

Whether it’s heirloom dimensional fabric manipulations like smocking, pleating, or tucking, or cutting edge technology like LEDs, microprocessors, or circuitry, my work combines design and innovation for unique fabric art.


Alex and Ricky are joined on the set by Zentangle master, former cosmetologist, and quilt artist Nysha Oren Nelson, who demonstrates six elements of marks in his free-motion quilt designs. Then, self-appointed Queen of Tuffets Sharyn Cole shows that these little jewels of eye candy aren’t just for Victorian ladies of yore.

Star Members can watch Show 2104: Zentangle Quilting & Totally Tuffets when it debuts Sunday, August 13, 2017.

Victoria is giving you a peek at her exhibit at the Festival of Quilts 2017 in Birmingham, England. She is exhibiting her Wedding Ring quilts as well as new work based on a seemingly complex Herringbone pattern from her soon to be released book, "Modern Quilt Magic" (C&T Publishing Sept 2018).

Annie Smith of SimpleArts.com shares some “warm-up” free-motion exercise tips at WeAllSew.com.
Star Members can watch Annie in Show 209: Fabric Detective.




In Houston 2014, there was an exhibit of 500 Traditional quilts. Amazing quilts were displayed and collected into a book by Karey Bresenhan. We are going to show you several quilts from the exhibition but all 500 are in a beautifully photographed book. The book "500 Traditional Quilts" can now be found at crazy low prices (click here). TQS has no financial association with the book. We just like it.

The quilt "Crazy About Ballet" by Linda Steele incorporates crazy quilting, embroidery, fun piecing, and wonderful design. Linda ended up with four quilts in the book. Congratulations and well deserved.



Noriko Kido's quilt "Promise" was displayed in the Traditional Quilts Exhibit at Houston 2014. It is beautifully done (see the techniques in the sign below) and we loved the color and format.

Have you always wanted to have a quilt hang in Houston? Look what they are doing at Quilt Festival this year!
Here's the information from Quilt Festival. Click here to go their website.

We love sharing the work of talented quilters from around the world at Quilt Festival each year. But we know that quilters are a humble lot, and there’s much more talent out there. We want to see it! So, we’re introducing a fun, new opportunity for quilters to see their work at our Houston show…in the form of a photo!

We will display photos of traditional-style quilts in a special “You’ve Got Talent” display at this year’s International Quilt Festival in Houston. Entering couldn’t be easier—simply email us a photo of a finished quilt or quilt top using the guidelines below.

STEP 1. Take a photo of your finished traditional-style quilt or quilt top.

  • The entire quilt must be visible in the photo. There should be no people, pets, or background
    objects in the photo.
  • Please do not drape your quilt over furniture or on a bed. Hang the quilt or lie it flat to take
    the photograph.
  • Take the photograph at your camera’s highest resolution setting. Photos need to be high quality,
    and able to be printed at 8” x 10."
  • Please include “You’ve Got Talent” in the subject line of your email.
  • Include both your name and the title of your quilt or quilt top.

We look forward to seeing all of the photo submissions and sharing them with visitors at this year’s show!


I can hear a collective groan at the mention of DIET...let alone a Quilter's Diet. And no, I am not suggesting restricting anything...either chocolate or fabric, LOL. But, I am going to share with you one of the adjustments I have made in my quilting life. I love Block of the Month (BOM) programs, kits...and quilts of all kinds and sizes. But, the reality for me is our current house has huge windows on nature and limited wall space. This means any BOM that I signed up for and intended to make had no wall space on which to display my accomplishments. That is when I decided that no one is the boss of me and my BOMs...I'll just make them smaller!!! Hence the Quilter's Diet was born. Twelve block BOMs became nine block BOMs because I had one wall that could display a quilt that size. And with the remaining blocks I can make pillows, table runners or mini quilts.

Then I thought... "Why do I only have to make big quilts to satisfy a quilter's itch?" Maybe the Quilter's Diet could mean a turn back to my history of miniature quilts!! If I see a sweet fabric line that I must have, it doesn't mean I have to always make a big quilt...I can get a taste by making a smaller quilt. Besides, learning new techniques or trying out new tools on smaller quilts is a great way to develop the skills for larger quilts. And after all...diets...all kinds of diets, including a Quilter's Diet, are more successful when followed daily and with the support of those around you. 

So, what to do with all those Quilt Diet quilts???

I hang them in groupings! Then I get to enjoy the different techniques that I have successfully executed, the lines of fabric I love, and most of all, I can honestly say...I have been very successful on this diet!!!


Alex recently posted a video about sewing with children. In response she received a fun idea from Rita P-S.

My granddaughter is 3 1/2, but lives in Denver and I live in the Chicago area, so I can't teach her to sew yet. I just sent her a Ziploc bag of large buttons from my late mother's button box and some threader floss (like for those who have a bridge.) Amy said she strung buttons for hours! It's a start!

Rita P-S

Do you have any fun tips for sewing with children?

In 1865, the Ladies Social Circle of Eureka, Humboldt Co., California dedicated a quilt to Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant. It was auctioned off at the sanitary fair to raise funds to assist the Union troops through the sanitary commission.The Civil War ended shortly after this date. The Ladies Social Circle dedicated the banner quilt to Ulysses S. Grant honoring his stay at Fort Humboldt.
Do you think they knew he'd be president someday?
This quilt lives at the Clarke Historical Museum in Eureka, California, where we taped Pat Durbin's Show 2103: Easy Mosaic Techniques and Adding Detail & Depth to Your Quilts. In this show, we also take a tour of the museum.

Click here to learn more about the quilt.




Show 2101: Joen Wolfrom on Understanding Color in Quilts

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