Annie and Lynda, a.k.a. The Hoop Sisters, delight us with the variety of ways digitized embroidery designs and the hoop can be used to create a quilt entirely constructed on the sewing machine. Along with tips for avoiding common mistakes when building an embroidery design, the sisters share how to join blocks and how to finish a quilt by machine.
Also in this show, Alex demonstrates a fun and tantalizing technique for inserting a pop of color and texture into a Dresden Plate block using ricrac.

Star Members can watch the Hoop Sisters in Show 2206: The Magic of Quilting in a Hoop when it premiers on Sunday, March 11, 2018.

Rayna Gillman created a quilt by asking herself "What if?" and was juried into QuiltCon. We caught up with her on the exhibit floor and asked her to share her ideas for improvisation with no rules or rulers as she talks about her quilt, "In Sequence."



Laura Hartrich used her quilt as a means of visualizing her goals and she did it with some of the smallest half-square triangles we have ever seen. They are literally the size of a fingernail.


This DIY ottoman cover is guaranteed to sweep you off your feet! Or at least give you somewhere to rest them. Re-cover a tired, old ottoman with a fresh design to spruce up your living room or sitting area. Spoonflower walks you through creating a cover of any size.



Kristin in Marketing has been searching for a portable magnifying lamp for ages. We just found one that we *love*!

This lamp has a small footprint so it can easily fit on your desk or worktable, and it folds flat so you can pop it into a bag to go to a class, friend's house, retreat, etc.- just unfold it and plug it in and you are ready to get to work.

We find that a magnifier makes handwork much easier even if you don't require it- we get smaller, neater stitches with a magnifier, and seam ripping becomes much easier with one- no more accidental holes where we cut the fabric thread instead of the sewing thread.





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Marti Michell's Magic Mirror Will Help with Alex's Dresden Plate Quilt and More...

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Use the Magic Mirror to preview quilt blocks before you cut and sew. Keep from wasting time and precious fabric by previewing what your combined pieces or blocks will look like once assembled, rather than cutting pieces or sewing blocks only to find out later that you don't like them together.

Preview 45°, 60° and 90° patterns, eight pointed stars, 6- and 8-pieced kaleidoscope blocks, sunburst, dresden plate, and patchwork blocks that are made in quarters.


Barbara has more great tips for those of you working on the TQS BOM. She writes, "You can always follow the instructions as written. Here I offer options to help you build your "toolbox" of techniques."
These tips work just as well for all quilters when it comes to making Flying Geese and Half-Square Triangles, even if you aren't making the BOM.


I am having a wonderful time working on Yoko Saito's Floral Bouquet quilt which was a BOM by Primitive Gatherings. What I have loved about this particular BOM, is that the motifs are all in wool. And, since I am a Sue Spargo fan, my wool projects are no longer stitched with just a whip or buttonhole stitch. This is my excuse for being so far behind!

I love that the team at Primitive Gatherings stayed true to the taupe feel of the original quilt as designed by Yoko Saito, and I have been stitching away on my blocks...I have one more block to prep which will leave three blocks to finish stitching. After all...the joy is in the journey, not just reaching the finish line. I have worked at giving the blocks an additional dimension. Once the blocks are done, I will tackle the borders. I already know I will be doing a little redesign of the borders to give it a touch that is pleasing to me.

So...the title of this post is the #1 Quilting Tool??? If you are like me, you are always looking for that tool that will make quilting easier, more innovative, and faster! A tool that would help you finish all those UFOs, WIPs and PIGs. Well, I have discovered that tool!!! The Instant Pot!!!

I am not kidding!!! Having a long history as an out-of-control cook, who has burned more food and set fire to a kitchen because of my distraction due to a quilting project, I now...have more quilting time and tasty dinners. This kitchen appliance does not cut down on the prep of cooking, but once you put everything in it...you get to walk away and head up to the sewing room...never looking back...feeling secure that dinner will be delicious and that the quilts will get done!!! I now count the Instant Pot as my #1 Quilting Tool!!!

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Helena Ashbridge at WeAllSew writes,

"Ah velvet! So romantic, so soft, with rich colors and beautiful sheen. I am so glad it is back in style! I’ve hopped on the velvet bandwagon gleefully, but quickly remembered that velvet isn’t all fun and games, there are some challenges to sewing with this tricky fabric.

After my first velvet project didn’t go as well as I hoped this winter, I did some research on some key tips and tricks for handling this luscious stuff."

 See what tips Helena has to share.


(photo: WeAllSew)


Alex catches up with Karlee Porter and while she learns how Karlee gets her work done with an 8-month old baby boy at home, she also discovers that Karlee is offering more online classes. And the best part? She's giving TQS a discount coupon code for you to use to sign up! And wait until you see the FREE gifts she has in store for you!

Shimmering Symphony
Graffiti Quilting Master Class
Watch the video and then,

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The first classes start on March 24th. Sign up soon!

Sandra Kaye made six hundred 1 1/2" plus signs for her award-winning improvisational quilt, Happy Dance. She enjoyed the process so much, she had a hard time stopping...thus, the 600 pluses.
Happy Dance won Best Machine Quilting Frameless, Needle Stationary at QuiltCon 2018.

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TQS BOM 2018 - The Patchwork Barn Quilt Kit by Edyta Sitar


TQS BOM 2017 Halo Medallion Kit by Sue Garman in Batiks
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