Jayme's quilt, Mama Love, will make your heart sing. How can you not love a mama with her baby giraffe? And, what a great use of batik fabrics.

Learn about batiks with Jayme in Show 2511.

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis

TQS gets another visit from "Down Under" as New Zealand quilter Sheila Christensen stops by. On this show, Sheila offers up fun and exciting ways to utilize the versatility of the triangle with her triangle patchwork technique. From there, she uses these techniques to show how to create a Star Tip block involving triangles in a row-by-row assembly method.

Wrapping up the show is a fashion free-for-all as Tami Pfeil visits to demonstrate all the different types of apparel and accessories you can make out of unusual fabric, culminating in an audience member fashion show.

Watch Sheila and Tami in Show 2512, when it debuts Sunday, December 1, 2019.


I Walked Toward Him Like a Moon Princess by Natalya Lashko of the Ukraine was the winner of the Koala Studios Master Award for Innovative Artistry at the Houston International Quilt Festival 2019. It was on display as part of the Fantasy/Whimsy exhibit.

Natalya uses an interesting appliqué technique we had never seen before. Ricky had a chance to talk with Natalya (with the help of interpreter Maria Nelga) in Houston to find out how she made the quilt. We do know she does it all by hand. Watch the video below the quilt photos.









Lilo recently visited the European Patchwork Meeting in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, France and discovered a wonderful exhibit they were featuring there. Swiss quilt group patCHquilt was celebrating their thirtieth anniversary by putting on a showcase of 100 challenge quilts for the occasion. The challenge was open to all members of the group of every skill level and each quilt had to adhere to the following criteria:

  • Works must be original, not from a kit and must include a red border.
  • They must be 30 cm wide, 120 cm long, and displayed portrait style.
  • The quilt must include at least 1/2 of the Edelweiss fabric (that each person received), and feature a piece of that same fabric that is 10 cm x 10 cm in size.

To join in the celebration with patCHquilt, we will be featuring four of the challenge quilts each week that were displayed as part of the exhibition at the European Patchwork Meeting.

Please enjoy the next four quilts from Fiorina Anklin-Siena, Francine Mahaim, Francois Röthlisberger, and Gabriela Lüngen.

Title of Quilt: Red Scattered

Quilter's Name: Fiorina Anklin-Siena

Title of Quilt: Red Fruit, Chanitilly Cream

Quilter's Name: Francine Mahaim

Title of Quilt: Windows on to Helvetia

Quilter's Name: Francois Röthlisberger

Title of Quilt: Flowers of the Alps

Quilter's Name: Gabriela Lüngen

For those who celebrate, the holiday magic is upon us and nothing feels more magical than home cooked meals and homemade gifts. Our little town of Sisters is filled with both. With the snowcapped mountains, the holiday decorations starting to go up, and the smells of apple cider in the air, you can't help but get a warm fuzzy feeling. One of the highlights of the season is the Employee Gift Faire at the Stitchin' Post!
The employees of the Stitchin' Post are a creative lot, and during the month of December they get to display and sell their homemade arts and crafts. With time running out it is nice to be able to pick up a handmade gift for someone. But, you are also inspired to be creative and try you hand at different arts and crafts that you might not have tried before. If you see something that is interesting you can always give them a call and see if it is still available!
I don't know about you but I have got the peddle to the metal on my sewing machine...but, I do know that if I run out of time I am going to visit the Stitchin' Post again and see what is available!! LOL!
Stay tuned and travel along with us on Quilt Roadies.

Click here for Anna's blog.



We love these images of how 10 famous artists would plate their Thanksgiving dinners as imagined by San Francisco-based artist Hannah Rothstein. Makes you think about how they would design a quilt.

Click on Learn More to see all the images and the article by Christopher Jobson at ThisisCollossal.com.

(Photo: Hannah Rothstein)


Olga Gonzalez-Angulo created an appliqué masterpiece based on one of Antoni Gaudi's amazing architectural designs. Every little detail has been meticulously recreated. It is a showstopper. And, since we know Olga is very good friends with Rosa Rojas, we have a sneaking suspicion this quilt just might have been created with Apliquick tools.

Drink in all the details of Gaudi in Barcelona. It was on display at the Houston International Quilt Festival 2019.

What are Apliquick Tools? Learn about them from Rosa Rojas in this FREE Show 1912: Hand Appliqué Revolution: From Frustration to Perfection. Open to ALL.








Alex's pattern is free for Star Member purchasers. Ricky's pattern, On the Road Again, is also free. You do not have to choose. You get them both with your current renewal/purchase of a 1-Year Star Membership to The Quilt Show. Okay, enough selling.

Alex had to create a pattern and went through several settings before settling on the pattern. In this short video, Alex tells the story of the quilt pattern, Quilt Basket Rendezvous.

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Sarah Thomas (sariditty.com) shows Alex how to get perfect stitches on the BERNINA Q20. With dual BSRs (BERNINA Stitch Regulators), your stitches will look fantastic without hours and hours of practice. But what are "alien eyes"?


We are thinking this block looks like a tree, perhaps combined with others, a forest? Find out what it's called when you play the game.

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