Cheryl Lynch loves blue and white fabric and was motivated to have this project finished in time for Hanukkah. Not only did she finish it, she's created a free pattern for "AHAVA Means Loves" as well. Click here to read more about her process for making the table topper.

Download the pattern HERE and click on VIEW DOCUMENT. It does assume knowledge of paper piecing.

(You may have to enter your e-mail address to read the blog and download the pattern.)

Star Members can watch Cheryl in Show 811: Quilt a Fiesta with Tile-Inspired Quilts. She's also coming back to TQS in 2018 with new mosaic quilts, stay tuned.



TQS takes a peek into Mel Beach's studio and takes a look at her wonderful quilts.

Star Members can learn about Mel and her quilts in Show 2112: Creating Improvisational Patchwork and Modern Molas & A New Spin on an Antique Quilt.


The Patchwork Barn Quilt combines a fun sampler for piecing and branches. leaves, and flowers for appliqué. BUT there is a shortcut. Each kit comes with 3 packages of silhouettes filled with pre-fused fabric to create all the leaves, flowers, and branches. Just place, fuse, and sew. The patterns begin January 1. Remember, we are including a full $49 1-Year Membership with each kit so that all the patterns will be available. Use it yourself, or give a membership to a friend.

Want another kit choice? We have one by Ricky and one by Sue Garman. Both come with the Free 1-Year Membership.





I'm a grandparent, so sue me if I like cute kid things. Rebecca Lilly Segura won an Honorable Mention for her quilt "Scene from an Ordinary Life" in the Art-Miniature category at Houston 2017. BUT don't miss the techniques used in this adorable quilt. See the sign at the bottom.


I have pincushions on the brain!  One of my stitch groups decided to have a Christmas pincushion exchange.  Which meant I had to make 6 pincushions. You would think that would be a piece of cake! But, if you look at my Pinterest Pincushion board the choices are endless!!! I can remember as a child that the only pincushion I ever saw was the tomato. Now stitchers are finding creative ways to store pins and many quilters have collections of adorable pincushions in their sewing rooms.

The first recorded origins of the pincushion date back to the Middle Ages in Europe. Seamstresses through the ages found innovative designs for keeping their pins. The tomato with the strawberry attached showed up during the Victorian Era. It was believed a tomato placed on the window sill would bring riches to a home and protect against evil spirits. That was great during the growing season but during the off season a pincushion could be made to look like a tomato and continue the protection.

Pincushions are a very satisfying project as they usually are short and sweet from beginning to end. They also are a wonderful gift for a quilting friend...and, who knows they might provide some protection from the evil spirits! After traveling to Portland this past week and visiting not only Acorn & Threads cross stitch shop but Pioneer Quilts my list of pincushion options has increased!!! I hope you enjoy this little pincushion slide show...there are so many choices and if you want to send me one, I will add it to my collection, LOL!!!

Click here for Anna's YouTube Channel.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow





Yes, you still have time to join the IMQE and experience the holidays through the eyes of your partner. What traditions does your partner have for the holidays? Is there a special dish that will be served? What is your fondest holiday memory? All of these are great topics for your first email exchange.
You have to take the first step and join the IMQE!

We have 311 partners and International quilters waiting patiently for US quilters to join the fun. Relax, there is plenty of time to work with your partner since the quilts are not due until the end of March 2018.

In January, Ricky will have a special video class for all the IMQE participants on how to photograph your miniature quilt. You will learn about the photo size and appropriate staging to take that perfect photo to show your work at it’s best.
We currently have 5 international quilters waiting for US quilters to join – will that be you? Act now as we will be bringing IMQE 2017 to a close in December and will no longer be accepting new members.
Quilters have until March 2018 to complete their miniature quilts.
1 International Quilter + 1 United States Quilter + A Passion for Quilting = A Priceless Experience



Click here to learn more or to donate to the Quilt Alliance Fundraiser.

Here's the latest from the Quilt Alliance:

What if quilts could talk?

Our vision at the Quilt Alliance is simple: no more anonymous quilts. How many times have you visited an antique show, history museum, garage sale, or even your own family's linen closet to find a quilt with an unknown maker, no date or location, and most importantly--no story?

We believe quilts are important historical and cultural objects. They have stories to tell, and we want to make sure quilters, quilt collectors, historians and anyone who loves quilts are empowered to capture those stories before they fade away.

Introducing: Quilt Story Road Show

Starting in 2018, we're taking our mission on the road: the Quilt Story Road Show. We'll visit quilt guilds, art groups, museums, quilt shows and communities that have quilt stories to tell (if you'd like to bring the Road Show to your area, send us an email at info @ quiltalliance dot org!). When groups come together with us to celebrate their community’s history, we all come away inspired, with reignited creativity and excitement.

Our lecture includes not only educational material on labeling and other ways to document quilts (photo, video, text), but also information on why historians, collectors and museum professionals put such a high value on documentation.

We need your help to save quilt stories.

The Quilt Alliance has received a $15,000 challenge grant to launch the Quilt Story Road Show program. We need to match these funds, dollar for dollar, by the end of December in order to fuel the first stage of our traveling education and outreach program. Funds will be used to:

  • Recruit and train our Quilt Alliance Ambassador team.
  • Create outreach kits to guilds who want a DIY (Do It Yourself) version of the program.
  • Streamline our video editing process for Go Tell It at the Quilt Show!

And of course, we've got some perks for you...

Whether it's a quilt label so YOU can get started on your own quilt documentation projects, a Quilt Alliance membership (or renewal), or one of our snazzy tote bags, we want to say "thank you!" for your donation.

Click here to learn more or to donate to the Quilt Alliance Fundraiser.









Mel Beach is something of the Queen of Quilt Challenges, more than 18 this year alone, and she often gets asked where she finds those challenges. She has a list of 5 places where opportunities abound. Click on Learn More to read Mel's latest blog for more information regarding each item on her list.

  • Quilt Guilds
  • Magazines
  • Online
  • Fabric Companies
  • Friends and Fellow Guild Members


Star Members can learn more about Mel and quilt challenges in Show 2112: Creating Improvisational Patchwork and Modern Molas & A New Spin on an Antique Quilt.


Name: Michele Sanandajian and Laura Wasilowski Mini Quilt with Unusual Edge
Designer: Ann Myhre

Show 2109: Inventive Products & Binding Unusually Shaped Quilts
Begins: December 5, 2017
Price: Free to Star Members
Description: Practice Michele Sanandajian's and Laura Wasilowski's techinques for creating a fabric collage mini quilt with an unusual edge.

You must be logged in as a Star member to download the patterns. If you are not logged in, you will have to login and then return to the TQS Show Techniques page.

Star Members click here to get the pattern.

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Understanding the Principles of Design which include balance, contrast, movement, rhythm, emphasis, pattern/repetition as well as unity/variety is fundamental when it comes to presenting your work. As the last lesson of this major unit, we want to focus on contrast and the important role it plays in tying all of your elements together for maximum appeal. Força Barça by Rosa Rojas and Olga Gonzales Angulo (Show 1912) is an example of a quilt with maximum visual impact and would stop any quilter in their tracks.

Do you remember at the beginning of our Principles section where we used the example of a very involved cake for a special occasion as a way to illustrate the important roles that each of the various parts played in making the cake remarkable?

It is with contrast that you as the quilter can bring life to your work. It is the last element in the cake assembly process. Contrast is the difference between all of the elements within the entire design. Each part of the cake (e.g. blueberry sauce, lemon curd, marscapone filling, the layers of cake) is unique and interesting, but when combined, helps to bring the finished cake to a whole new level of enjoyment for those who receive a slice at the party.

Creating contrast can be achieved in a number of ways including:
Light vs. Dark
Warm vs. Cool
Black vs. White
Soft vs. Detailed
Large vs. Small
Text Size / Font

Let's say you want to design a quilt featuring blue circles.
But find that the design is not that interesting in and of itself.






How about using just two circles, with one being considerably larger than the other?






How about a bit of texture (with quilting or fabric choice) to make the circles stand out from the background?






Color can certainly make a huge difference. But if the colors are of the same value and, as in this example, direct opposites on the color wheel, the combination can be jarring to the eyes. This might not be the direction you want to go, unless you want to create that bit of unease for the viewer.





Colors that are farther apart on the value scale within a design present a calm and quiet message.





If both elements (background and circles) are in the same color family and closely located on the value scale, there is still contrast. But the message, again, is of a quiet and calm nature.





Let's look at some examples of quilts featuring various forms of contrast:








Text / Font:


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