So many people loved the "Stitched" movie (and so many were sad they missed it) that we have secured the rights for our Star members to see it any time they would like to. It will be housed under "WATCH>FEATURED GUEST DVDS" with our other bonus membership videos. Enjoy!

See all the shows, classes, and DVDs including Stitched.  

What a joy to watch and see the talents and the hopes and the skills. All quilts are of value. All quilters bring art into the world with their fabric created treasure. Thank you - Winnie


A machine quilter beyond compare, Jenny K. Lyon has created a quilt that just shimmers with the essence of fall. Golden Moments was Jenny's first quilt to land in the Houston Quilt Festival back in 2010 and it's not hard to see why it was selected for exhibit. The machine quilting is stunning. Take a few minutes to let your eyes wander over the quilt.

Jenny used Radiance fabric (a blend of silk and cotton) to give shimmer to her quilt. Click here for some of her tips with working with the fabric.

Watch Jenny K. Lyon in Show 2404.

GoldenMomentsbyJennyKLyon - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

GoldenMomentsbyJennyKLyon - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

GoldenMomentsbyJennyKLyon - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

GoldenMomentsbyJennyKLyon - 36 Pieces Rotating

GoldenMomentsbyJennyKLyon - 100 Pieces Rotating

GoldenMomentsbyJennyKLyon - 289 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


Looking for a fun project to keep you busy on those chilly winter days?

Mini Mosaic Kits will get your creative juices flowing!

Mini Mosaic Kits are fast and fun small projects. Each kit for an 11 x 14 inch mini quilt contains the pattern, sticky stabilizer for assembly, "tile" and "grout" fabrics, tulle netting for finishing your mosaic, and full instructions. You will need to provide small fabric pieces for the sashing and border from your stash.

Shop for Cheryl Lynch Mini Mosaic Kits

Mini Mosaic Kit Bicycle


Below are just a few of our favorite designs (to be honest, we love them all!). We have limited quantities of each, so don't wait! 

 Mini Mosaic Kit Flowers


Mini Mosaic Kit Raven


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We recommend a Mini Mosaic Cutting Guide to go with your Mini Mosaic Kits. It makes it easy to cut the "tiles" for your mosaic, and it's on sale!


Mini Mosaic Cutting Guide

It only takes 5 steps and 6 supplies to make fabric envelopes just like Martha Stewart. What a great way to use up those scraps of fabric you've been saving.

Here's all you need:

  • Waxed paper

  • Fabric

  • Paintbrush

  • Decoupage finish

  • Skirt hanger or clothespins

  • Paper envelope

Click on the button to go to Martha's instructions for creating the envelopes.
(photo: MarthaStewart.com)



Love is in the air! The Quilt Alliance would love to match you up with a QSOS interview to show your passion for the rich herstory (and history, of course) of quilts and their makers. Could you make a $25 donation today to sponsor a QSOS interview conducted between 1999-2017? Give securely on Facebook or on the Quilt Alliance website here: https://quiltalliance.org/p…/qsos-20th-anniversary-donation/

The Quilt Alliance is making all 1,200 QSOS oral history interviews available on a new website (You can see Alex's QSOS here). Each interview will be converted to digital audio, indexed (keywords and narratives created) and presented on the new site with new and improved tools for searching, browsing and sharing. The family of quilters and quilt lovers is the most generous and loving community in the world--thank you for helping us preserve our family history.


Birgit Schueller intentionally put holes in her quilt, Hole Cloth. Find out why and discover other different design elements she used to create her quilt.

Hole Cloth was on display at the Houston International Quilt Festival 2018 as part of the Abstract Small Exhibit.
It might be a little bit difficult to tell, but the holes are the black areas (the curtain shows through) on the quilt. You can see it more easily in the detail photo.


Like many of you have experienced or are experiencing, Alex's mother (Dorothy) is in memory care. Dee has settled in very well but truly lives in the moment. Alex made the quilt of Dee's house years ago and it hung in the livingroom. It is now with Dee in her new home and it is one of the things her memory has retained. The other day as Capt'n John sat with her, she pointed at the quilt and said, "I love that quilt. That is my house." Alex made the quilt for Dee's 60 birthday over 32 years ago. The house was an old home that was rebuilt by her father. It is now a Historic House in town.

Comfort, familiarity, and connection mean a lot at this stage of life. Maybe there is a small wall hanging that you have made or could make that would be a comfort to your loved ones?

(Plus it is pinned to the wall and is the one thing she hasn't lost.)


Double Wedding Ring quilt by Hilda Keasey c. 1972. Image Quilt Index

Feed Sacks are Coming
By Marian Ann J. Montgomery, Ph.D. Curator of Clothing and Textiles,
The Museum of Texas Tech University

I’ve been enmeshed in feed sack materials for the past year.  The Quilter’s Guild of Dallas, the South Plains Quilt Guild in Lubbock and generous individuals enabled the Museum to acquire the Pat L. Nickols collection of feed sacks a few years ago and in the meantime my team has been cataloguing and photographing the 5612 piece collection. As is typical when a push is made to acquire a certain type of material at a museum, donors with similar materials come forward. Today the collection of feed sack materials at the Museum of Texas Tech University numbers over 6,000 items and is likely the largest collection of these materials in public hands.

At University museums, peer reviewed publications are encouraged and this much material is idea for research. A manuscript is working it’s way through the peer review process and is planned for publication mid 2019 by Texas Tech University Press. Thanks to United Notions/Moda and the CH Foundation 550 color photographs will be included.

Some of the quilts are just wonderful.  The Sunbonnet Sue quilt below has a great story. Not only was the maker careful to use the free fabric from feed and flour sacks but she had already used that fabric to make dresses for her twin daughters and when they outgrew their dresses she cut them up to put into this quilt.

Sunbonnet Sue Quilt made from feed sack fabrics by Margaret Dollie Wilson
(B. 1912, m.1928, d. 1968, Mrs. Harry) of Pampa, Texas.
Gift of Linda Fisher (Mrs. Charles), TTU-H2015-084-006.

Margaret Dollie Wilson was born in Pampa, Texas in 1912. At the age of 16 she married Harry Wilson and at the age of 17 gave birth to twin girls. Life in Pampa during the Depression, Dust Bowl and WW II was difficult and money was scare. Mr. Wilson worked as a custodian at the local school and then o the railroad. Margaret supplemented the family’s income by working in the school cafeteria and taking in ironing. She raised chickens for their “egg money,” and the chicken feed sacks provided fabric to make dresses for her twins.  When the dresses became too small she cut them up to make quilts. The one pictured here is a twin bed size that one of the twins used on her bed. It was inherited by Margaret’s only female grand child who donated it to the Museum in 2015.

This is just one of several quilts that will be included in the upcoming book to accompany the exhibition planned for June 22-December 20, 2019. The book should be available beginning in June via Amazon and other outlets.

Learn more about the Museum of Texas Tech University Textile Collections.

Click here for related articles from the Museum of Texas Tech University Textile Collections.

First let me say I loved all the responses from last week and it seems the Smorgasbords are helping to keep the Quilting Industry alive and well! But I could tell, like me, many of you aspire to be an Entrée Quilter and I think it is a fabulous dream! May we all embrace who we are and support each other in our individual creativity.

I left a nibble last week about a garden, and with all the freezing cold weather everyone is experiencing, who could even think about gardening! It has been unseasonably cold in Arizona, and the snowbirds teeth are chattering, but when I attended the Valle Del Oro Quilt Show last week I was reminded that Spring IS the next season and it IS going to come! One of the displays was a Tuffet Garden...so sweet and colorful.


If you have never made a Tuffet, you must google and find the nearest class because it is so much fun! I took a class rather than tackle it myself because you need a partner to help you in the final steps and there is only so much that G is willing to do... and Tuffet assembly is not on his list, lol. It does require some tools you may not have at home, and most instructors bring all the supplies. My Tuffet Queen, I mean instructor, is Sheila Sinclair Synder of License to Quilt. She travels around teaching Tuffet and Barn Quilt Classes...both of which I have taken. It was a 2-day class with a homework assignment. But, in the 2-day class, I was able to make myself a French themed Tuffet and, for my DIL, a Tula Pink Tuffet.


After seeing the Tuffet garden, I want to make more...beware, Tuffets can become addicting!!! I hope you all are staying warm and that this time is allowing you to dig into the Smorgasbord, LOL.
Note: Star Members can learn more about tuffets with Sharyn Cole in Show 2104: Zentangle Quilting & Totally Tuffets.

Stay tuned and travel along with us on Quilt Roadies...where we are connecting one quilter and one shop at a time!!



Ricky's Grand Finale is a treasure trove of tips, techniques, and encouragement to finish your quilt. As a Star member, you have access to the full 2 hours of lessons from master teacher Ricky Tims.

This DVD covers everything you need to know once the quilt top is complete: * innovative marking techniques * creating your own quilting designs * managing the quilt *machine trapunto * bobbin quilting * bobbin trapunto * two exciting heirloom bindings made completely by machine. In addition, the DVD contains bonus items of a video gallery of Ricky's quilts, bloopers, and Quilting Caveman Style and Fishin', with original music composed by Ricky exclusively for this workshop.

Enjoy this explanation of the scalloped binding and be sure to Join Us for instant access to all 2 hours.



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