Alex and Ricky welcome longarm expert and international award-winning quilt artist Cathy Franks. This powerhouse of exuberant energy shares a dizzying number of creative techniques on the longarm.
And, did you know that by manipulating just one stencil, you could create dozens of interesting and unique quilting designs with just a twist and turn of the wrist? The creative ideas just keep coming as Cathy is guaranteed to keep you enthralled.

Star Members can watch Cathy Franks in Show 2302: Creative Embellishments and Quilt Stencil Versatility when it debuts, Sunday, July 15, 2018.


More Applicutters Have Arrived!

L. says "I just used the Shark Applicutter on a "tree" applique pattern that I have cut many times with regular scissors. And the Shark was awesome! It reduced the cutting time by at least half, and it was so much easier because I could just lay the pattern down and cut -- with precision! -- and I didn't have to worry about the material getting in the way as I was cutting. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tool!"



Get them while they last!




Janeene Herchold created Carnival by using a variety of surface embellishments to enhance the basic design shapes. She used beads, threads, ribbons, fabric paints and more to add dimensions and volume. The design is raw edge fused to the background and the shapes are couched around the edges for definition. Some shapes are filled with beads, pompoms, etc. for added volume. Everything was completed by hand with the machine used only to add the binding.

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We are in full swing with the Quilter's Affair and The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. The most amazing thing you need to know about The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is...it's Free!!! Over 10,000 visitors come to view this one-day outdoor show.

"It is the mission of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show™ to educate the public about the art, skill, and heritage of traditional and contemporary quilts and fiber arts, while enhancing the cultural vitality of the community of Sisters and Central Oregon."

The show is supported by a variety of fundraisers and supporters. One of the most amazing fundraisers is the Wish Upon A Card exhibit and silent auction. Anyone can make a post card and donate it to this event for sale. The instructors of the Quilter's Affair have long been supporters of this fundraiser which raises funds for The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and the SOQS Arts Scholarship Fund. The cards, which are made by The Quilter's Affair instructors, are framed by Myrna of https://www.highdesertframeworks.com/. Her generosity of talent and time are truly the foundation of this amazing fundraiser. When it comes to framing, she is an artist!!! I found a letter written by my grandmother (who I never met) and although it was written to my mother and father, the message of love resonated with me. I had one framed photograph of her and the letter. I asked Myrna to use the same creativity that she brings to the Wish Upon A Card framing...OMG...it is absolutely beautiful and I had to share it with you!

She dropped a hint when I picked up my beautifully framed family heirloom that my postcard turned out wonderful...well, I had to sneak over to the Sisters High School where the cards are on display for the silent auction to see it all framed up. I was in awe of all the wonderful cards which you will see on a Quilt Roadies video. But I have to say my card is sweet and beautifully framed. If you are in Sisters you can bid on the card, or there is a Buy It Now price. We shall see how much my card raises, but I swear Myrna's framing really makes the card sing!

Stay tuned for more excitement from Sisters, Oregon!

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Barbara writes, "Every time I give my lecture, "Time Management for Quilters." I hear from people, days, weeks or even months after who tell me they picked up a few tips that really helped them get more done. Some ask me to go into things in more depth. So here are my 3 Top Time Management tips, the things I do that really help me get more done."

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Want to get your quilt into a show? Good photography is the key. In this video Charley Lynch, AQS Photographer, shares some helpful hints for photographing your quilt.

In this quick video, artist Mark Sherman talks about his quilt Wisteria, his motivation as a quilter, and asks everyone passionate about quilting to support The National Quilt Museum.

Star Members can watch Mark Sherman in Show 2301: Luminous Stained Glass Quilts.


A wonderful traditional appliqué design will surprise you when you get up close. Judy Mathieson was the featured artist at Quilting in the Garden in 2012. Her quilts looked fantastic up in the 400-year-old oaks and in front of the garden center. This quilt was a big favorite and a delight to all who stepped just a little closer (scroll down)...

Have you put any surprises in your quilts?

Star Members can watch Judy in Show 707: Stellar Star Circles.





5102__dsc0364.jpg  5102__dsc0366.jpg




This is a beautiful star from Jinny Beyer. Do you think it could be strip pieced? Maybe if you knew the name of the block, you could look it up and find out. Play the game and learn the name.



What happened? The fire swept through and missed Ricky's house. Here's the latest update from Ricky:

WILDFIRE UPDATE: Sunday morning 7/8/2018

Today I might actually get in to see first hand how the fire swept through our Yellowstone Creek Ranch development destroying almost everything in its path and choosing to spare little. This photo shows just how vast the fire was there and how our house (the Rookery) is standing as an island in a sea of Armageddon. Our parcel is named Autumn Rock for the large outcropping you see on our parcel just past the Rookery.

There is a little road the leads down there as well. That is where our tiny log cabin and tipi were.

The greater mystery remains that the vegetation near the house also did not burn.

The fire is now over 107,000 acres. It is 55% contained. It has caused a tremendous loss of houses in an area called Paradise Acres and continues to threaten other areas.

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