The Quilt Show continues to proudly support Ami Simm's Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.

Several larger format quilts are up on the auction block today through noon on Tuesday, February 20th in a Special Auction of Little Treasures Quilts. (These are larger than the 9" x 12" Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts)

Anywho, there are quilts by Mary Stori, Lucy Fazely, and Sharon Pederson up there for your bidding pleasure. 100% of the bid goes to Alzheimer's research.

Bid high and bid often! Visit www.AlzQuilts.org




Ready to Sew in Cedar Park really did it up. They provided cowboy boot cups to each participant - a tribute to moi. Then, this little buckaroo - Ayden - showed up in his boots looking for the quilter/cowboy - hes' wearing my hat - priceless! Thanks to Ronna and Mike and the entire crew at Ready to Sew for putting on a great event and selling out all the spots in less than 48 hours! I autographed just about every boot cup that was given out!

Then, I drove on to San Antonio to get ready for my morning class. I arrived in town and stopped at FIVE hotels before finding a room about 11:00pm. No - I didn't do reservations ahead of time because i wasn't sure what town I would stay the first night. Then, the hotel - a very comfortable one - was having internet complications so I could not get online. I've made my way to a Starbucks - with T-mobile - just to post to you thins morning.

Thankfully, I have a different hotel for the next two days and maybe they won't have connection problems. Ah - the joys of the traveling quilt teacher! I'm typing as fast as I can - and will proof this post later today - so don't whine if I've misspelled enythang! I'll also poat another photo of the Ready to Sew gang later.

151_291138.jpgThis seems to be the expression that sums up what Ricky and I are doing at our new home, www.thequiltshow. But this morning, as John stood outside shaving (sorry for those of you in snow), he ran inside and said, "where is your camera"? We need a photo of the new day! It made me think, some of us are morning and some of us are nighters. I am definatly a nine hour a night gal who appreciates the morning. So where ever I am, I try to enjoy the sights of the new day. Over the roof line of our neighbors house stands this 300 plus year old oak tree, with it's leaves tucked away for winter. A perfect sight for an early morning shave.



Hi gang! I realize not everyone would know the geography of Texas, so I've made this map of my journey. It started in La Veta, through Wichita Falls (where I was born, and my family sill live there) - to Tyler, West Monroe, LA, Beaumont and now the Austin area.

I have arrived in Cedar Park (near Austin, the capitol) but since the day getting here was a travel day there's not much to tell you. I spent the drive working out details of the taping of the shows with Alex and talked a bit with justin about our upcoming San Diego Super Seminar. I arrived at my hotel and began working with Web Guru Bob on yet another new aspect of this site that will be rolled out to you soon - List your Quilt Show - Find A Quilt Show!

The next few days will really be tight. I'm teaching all afternoon here - then have to be in San Antonio tonight - then teach there Friday - Saturday - and Sunday - before heading north toward Colorado. I'll do my best to keep you posted.

In the meantime - here are some interesting facts about my native state - Texas.

Did you know? Texas is the only state whose flag can fly at the same height as the US flag. Why? It was negotiated when Texas, then its own country, became a state. Also, Texas has the only US capital building that is larger than the US capitol building. We are a peculiar people, loud - proud. Because Texas was a republic, the independent mentality and strong herritage still prevail. Much like Cornwall in England or Bavaria in Germany. Anyone agree? Disagree?





All database content on this site is member driven. That means YOU submit it. Every Star Member who is a teacher (on any level) or owns or manages a shop are urged to go to Update My Profile and submit the additional listings. This feature, available to Star Members, is at no extra cost.

Recently we got an email from a member who had searched her state and found no shops. The simple fact is the shops won't be found unless they are submitted. It only takes a minute to update the profile and submit the information and a photo of YOUR shop! In time we hope thousands of shops and teachers will be in the database.

There are only a few shops/teachers currently listed, but you can test the system by selecting SEARCH in the menu bar. Then select Find a Shop. Then put CO in the State field. Hit submit and you'll get a list of Colorado shops that are currently in the system. Click on a shop name and you'll go to the full shop profile and have the opportunity to get directions from Mapquest. - How cool is that!

Each of you should urge your shop owners to join as a Star Member and post their shop. It is the cheapest advertising they will ever get! It's up to you to get the information in the site.

Finally, please remember to upload a photo of yourself in your profile page - it is much more personal than the static male/female icon.

What's Next? List your quilt show/event. - Find a Quilt Show/Event.



I think of Valentine's Day as being almost another day of Thanksgiving -a time to remember all those we love and a good opportunity to tell them just how much they mean. On this day - remember to tell all your Valentines how much you love and care for them.

I can easily speak for Alex and our entire crew in wishing you all a very happy day and would like to say thank you for your support of this endeavor. We are truely doing it becasue we care about you!

Happy Valentines Day.



Wow! What a rain strom! However it ended during the evening and clear skies prevailed for my mini-semianrs at Sew What in Beaumont, Tx. I'm hear a lot of you are blanketed in snow and ice - right? Hope you are keeping warm and staying safe.

While the weather was cool, the hearts were warm and the day was just outstanding. Patty, one of the students, purchased a new sewing machine, was expecting a call about the birth of a new grandbaby, and also won a door prize. It was surely a good day for her! I told her to name hew sewing machine after the baby.

Finally, I wanted to see Anita Murphy. Many of you konw Anita as a legend in the quilt world. She was teaching long before it was popular. She was the Texas winner in the 1986 Statue of Liberty quilt contest. She has also been the person who has organized the raffle quilt for the Inteternal Quilt Association show each year. Anita told me that she will turn 80 in a few months. She looked beautiful (as always) and was witty as ever.

There are so many like Anita that paved the way for us and are responsible for building the quilting industry. Our quilt heritage is rich with with folks like Anita. Let's not forget to remember and thank them. - Who was your inspiration?

Thanks you Glenda and staff for putting on such a great event!

145_829796.jpgAfter 60 years of marraige you might think that Valentines day is passe', but not so. Avvioding the rush, we decided to go out to dinner last night with Mom and Dad. We chose Uncle Yu's near the down town flag pole as our choice of destination. Their neighbor, Nick is the head hauncho and treated us very well, including compolimentary desserts. You might theink the chocolate would have been the best, but it didn't hold a candle to the mango sorbet from Italy. SSOO good! If you are in the area, I highly recommend this resturant, make sure you get the walnut prawns. In addition to 60 years, we are celebrating a 1 year anniversary, Joey and Shelly's engagment. Now we have THREE great kids!





For over 5 ½ years, Freedom Quilts has made and collected quilts to give to families of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and families of fallen soldiers.  Over 5,600 quilts have been given to families and the number continues to grow.  Requests continue for these quilts but funding is limited so it was decided to create a red, white and blue quilt to be raffled off to assist with funding for this project. For over 5 ½ years Betty Nielsen's home has been the place for designing quilts for these families.  However, if enough funds can be raised, there are plans to have a building from where the quilts can be designed.For information or to see the quilt that is being raffled, visit www.freedomquilts.net. 

 Also, War Paint (pictured above), one of the original quilts designed for this effort, has been donated by Freedom Quilts to The World Trade Center Memorial Museum in New York City.   Everyone’s help is needed to continue comforting families.  If interested, please contact Betty Nielsen at debeniel@ncn.net 

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