Take a peek inside Jaquie's (of alden Lane) home - if you have not yet started decorating, this might be the push you need!




Paducah, Kentucky, USA, The ever evolving art of quilting takes on new ground-breaking originality in the exhibit Fiber Revolution: Quilts as Art, November 9, 2007-January 22, 2008.

 Fiber Revolution is a network of professional textile artists combining their knowledge and experience in marketing to exhibit and sell their artwork. Fiber Revolution’s goal is to provide greater visibility for contemporary art quilts while educating the public about fiber art as an exciting art form. Although the art is constructed from fabric, it is not meant to lie at the foot of the bed, but rather to hang on the wall like an oil or watercolor painting. 

 The artists, exhibiting their work under the Fiber Revolution name, use fiber as their medium dying it, painting it, cutting it, tearing it, stamping it, fusing it and embellishing it. The final step, stitching through the layers of fabric, brings a dimensional depth to the artwork that mere paint cannot. 

Click here to visit the National Quilt Museum for hours and information. 


Thank you member Marlene for the ultimate present ANY girl would ever want! I think I need to go to church and pray right now - either for a miracle or for forgiveness - it's your call.




If you love all things old, including barns, doors, and stones, you just may want to plan a trip to Longmont, Colorado for an extrordinary exhibition at the Old Firehouse Gallery.  The exhibit, "Sticks and Stones", features the works of Vita Marie Lovett and Denise Labadie.  Both artists have works depicting old and sometimes ancient structures using fabric, paint and thread.

Vita recreates photos of primitive doors and hinges using hand painted fabric and miles of thread.  Denise, who was our featured guest in Episode 106 of The Quilt Show, continues her work focusing on the ancient megalithic stones and churches of Ireland.  Using hand painted fabric stones Denise builds walls and structures she photographed while exploring the countryside of Ireland.

   "Sticks and Stones" Fiber Art Exhibition

   Opening Reception:  January 11, 2007 from 6-9:00pm

   Show Dates:  January 11-February 16, 2007

   Old Firehouse Gallery

   667 4th Ave. & Coffman

   Longmont, CO 80502





Montreal, Quebec, Canada, May 22-25, 2008, It is with great pleasure that Courtepointe Québec Quilts invites you to the Salon 2008. The provincial Quilt Show will include bed quilts, wallhangings, art quilts, youth quilts, quilts on humorous designs theme, and guilds quilts commemorating the 400th anniversary of Quebec City.

 At this grand exhibition you will admire magnificent quilts created by Quebec quilters. From the largest bedcover to the smallest of wallhanging, from the most classic to the very modern, there is somehting for all tastes.

A boutique will also be open to the public where you will certainly find this unique quilt you have been dreaming of. Do not miss this extraordinary event.

For more information click here.


Anderson, usually a law abiding citizen, was recently caught in the act. What do YOU think the story was? Speculating minds want to know! Person with the best story (keep it short and simple please) will win an autographed copy of Neutral Essentials. This contest has no rules or boundries - it is simply up to the secret panel to pick at their viewing pleasure who the winner is. Have fun!



Calling all dog lovers! Just when you think Santa would have his priorities in line, look where I found him?!




Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, May 8-10, 2008 Extended Hours on Friday Night of the Show Only.  We have re-considered keeping the show open Thursday night during the 5th Anniversary Celebration & Awards Night, and will not do so after all.   

AND we are pleased to offer a special presentation, free of charge, to attendees Friday night of the show!  Bernina of America, Inc. and your local Bernina dealer, Nuttall’s Fabric Centers, are excited to offer an entertaining program entitled "Machine Quilting Techniques for Award-Winning Quilts". The 1 ½-hour lecture/demonstration will present ideas and techniques to quilters of all skill levels no matter what brand of machine they own.  A slide show of award-winning quilts will also be presented. Attendees won't want to miss this educational opportunity to enhance your current skills or to pick up a few new tricks to take you to the next level. 

For more information click here.



Okay gang, I rarely ask for much - but now - I need your help!!!!

Help spread the word about Sugar Plum Fairy! Call every radio station you know! Hound them over and over to play it. They won't know about it so tell them to download it at www.rickytims.com. Email or call every college kid or young adult you know and ask them to listen and spread the word! Send emails to all your friends!

This new arrangement of Sugar Plum Fairy needs to be heard on every radio station this holiday season. I did this entire production last weekend - so it is brand new! Let's show the world what quilters are made of and get this song out there for the holidays. I pulled out all the stops on this one.

It is not on a released CD because its NEW!. It is only available via download. You can download it for $1.00 at www.rickytims.com. Listen to the sample below - the full version takes you on a ride you won't soon forget and you'll want to play over and over and over again!

I've also produced my new song, Christmas In A Small Town - dedicated to La Veta, but perfect for anyone who has memories of living in a small town or the fantasy of being in one. This song is written, sung, and arranged by me (you won't hear me sing very often) for the upcoming concerts on December 14th adn 15th in La Veta. It is also available via download.

If you download the song - come back here and post your comments. Your efforts help will get air play!

Don't know much about downloading music? Get your kids to help! They're download gurus.

Do you like?

653_sugarplumsambuttn.jpg 653_townsmall.jpg



It is amazing to me how what you are interested in as a child remains with you when you are in your developing years and into your adult years. This video was taken when I was 21 months old. I got a tricycle and rocking horse from Santa. My cousin Carolyn got a toy piano. I was more interested in the piano as you will see. Grandpa says, "No Ricky, this is YOUR gift over here!" He sits me on the tricycle. I'm still not so passionate about my vehicles - but I remain very passionate about the piano. This movie is exactly 50 years old this Christmas.

The music is a recording from when I was five years old. It was recorded by my mom and dad. I was playing a Hammond organ. The old album contains about 30 minutes of Christmas tunes, some on the piano, some on the organ. Hope you enjoy this sneak peek into my past. Do any of you cling to those childhood interests and passions like I do?

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