Vancouver, BC – September, October, November, 2007  Maiwa will host a number of workshops throughout the Fall including dyeing, silk painting, mud printing, bookbinding, blockprinting, and many other topics – too many to mention here!  For more information visit http://www.maiwa.com/symposium/workshops.html Note that registration opens June 25 at 10 am!  Don’t miss out! 


First it was the lamp on the set and then this garage sale find - really, I do have very good taste. I would say my preference is traditional eclectic with a love of antiques and classic colors. So what was I thinking when this little pitcher caught my eye? First, I thought it would be great for Joey and Shelly, as they have a kitchen that was built in the 30's with that turquoise color. But it has grown on me..............don't be suprised if you see a quilt down the road in this color pallet with circles as a design element! Stranger things have happened. Which brings me to the question, where is the most off beat place or item where you have found inspiration?



well - Here are a few hints -

It's all about you!

1. Do you belong to a guild?

2. What is your local / favorite quilt shop?

3. And oh yeah, last but not least, have you posted your complete profile and 6 quilts?

As for the launch? One of our beloved web guys is working his tail off with the details - We will keep you posted!

P.S. We want to know - but your answers are not needed here for the contest. 


I can't say what, I can't say when, but SOOOON Ricky and I are planning a few contests that will knock your socks off. Good ideas came from Spring market, and soon you will know!



Tomorrow is Memorial Day in America. Most countries have a day set aside to remember those who fought for their country. This year's Memorial Day is poignant as we struggle world-wide with the war in the middle east. Whatever your opinions of the war may be (and this is not an appropriate forum to discuss them), we all need to take a moment to remember those who have fought for freedom and the current troops who serve their countries so valiantly.

Both Ricky and I are having the opportunity to be with family and friends this weekend. John's brother is here from Texas and John's mom is up from Los Angeles. Today we plan to take Memaw for a cruise in a tin-boat on a 5 acre lake. One of my favorite summer adventures. Ahoy Matie!



The La Veta Quilt Retreat is over and, as promised, I'm providing a montage of some of the work that was accomplihed this week. These one-of-a-kind works offer a variety of visual stimulation. Each morning begins with a short talk that leads to an introspective look at one's creative strenghs and weaknesses. The works are an outward expression of those thoughts, dreams, and visions. This particular retreat tended toward the artistic, contemporary, but often traditional works evolve as well. Way to go gang!


Stuck in a quilting dilemma? Think your creativity has gone dry? Take a lesson from man's best friend.


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This is retreat week for 10 quilters who have come to La Veta to find the creative muse. Today begins day four (have you wondered where I've been?) of five days of independant study. Each morning begins with a talk followed by a list of journaling questions designed to foster their creativity and help them rediscover who they are. During the day I work with each individual on the process of design and offer suggestions, and if necessary, provide demonstrations on how to assemble their vision. No two people are doing anything alike. Are you anxious to see what they have done? I'll post a montage photo soon, but first -- off to work.


You might think a box of chocolates (dark please) might be a quilters true delight - but forget that! Today I recieved a box of Ricky's new fabric line - 1 yard cuts - with Red Rooster (one of our site sponsors) and YUMMIE! As I type I am sitting with them right next to me, so double yummie.............good job RICKY! Good job Red Rooster!!! I realize this is unfair practice, but this fabric should be available mid summer at your local quilt shop - be sure to ask for it today!


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