Simply Mad, by member jogriffith.

This week more than 1000 quilts have been posted! Yeah - that is awesome. Remember, the drawing to win Ricky's Rhapsody Reality quilt will happen when we reach 36,000 quilts. In simple math that means only 6000 of our current members have to post 6 quilts. Nobody wins the quilt until our goal is met. Look through profiles and if someone has one or two quilts - contact them from their profile page and urge them to post their quilts. The instructions for doing it are posted in the link on the right that also gives details about this contest. Remember, quilts do NOT have to be made BY the person posting them - post family treasures, etc.

To remind you of the variety of quilts that are now in the gallery we have randomly selected this quilt made by member jogriffith for you to enjoy. Check out her pfofile page and see her fun and whimsical designs.



Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada - September 20-22, 2007  This year's show is entitled "Joy in Quilting" and will be held at the Island View Lions Club.  Features include a judged show, display and sale quilts, a raffle quilt entitled "Home Comfort", an expanded Members' Boutique and Christmas Corner.  There will also be a Wearable Art fashion show daily at 3pm and 7pm.  For more information contact Anna Marie Hutton at rjhutton@nb.sympatico.ca

Tuesday night (June 12) - 6:00 pm west coast time. Room: Anybody out there? Cool


I was looking through our quilt gallery last week and found so many great quilts that I felt compelled to let the artists know how much I liked their work.  Funny as it happens several of the members are living out of the US.  And one of them lives in Okinawa, Japan.  Our last duty station overseas.  What a coincidence!  I have now been corresponding with her to find out what has been going on and what she enjoys working on.

In August she (Quilterwithhearts) will be coming to one of the tapings of The Quilt Show in La Veta, Colorado.  We are planning on meeting face to face.  All of this from just a quick e-mail regarding her quilt. 

If you like someone's work let them know.  You never know, there may be a friend just around the corner. 


A few have asked about dancing with alligators - watch show 5.Laughing


Today was the first Groveland CA Outdoor quilt show. Groveland is in the CA foothills on the way to Yosemite. The local guild, The Pineneedlers, hosted this fun event and all went smoothly - though the ladies are TIRED tonight. I hung out at Bunny Rose quilt shop (who is listed in our quilt shop directory www.bunnyrose.com) all day signing books and just generally having a great time. The gals said it this is going to be an every other year event - but I think it needs to be every year. Possibly that thought comes from the idea that two years is SO long away! Great job ladies, Groveland may never be the same!




Is anyone going to the Minnesota State show next week? I'll be there. It will be my third time to participate in this amazing state guild event. If you are going, remember our secret code - "It's a New Day!" - If you haven't made a badge, I've posted it again for you here to use as a guide. It's about 4 inches square and I've seen fused, stitched, embroidered, printed on fabric, and done with colored inks. - Just wear your badge. It will help other members identify you. Those who don't know might ask and you'll have the opportunity to tell them about the site. I'll be reporiing in from the show. - Ricky, looking at a starry night sky in Colorado.



Good news. For all of you that like to chat but do not want to wait for forum responses, we are scheduling some great individuals for live 1 hour sessions. Right out of the starting gate will be Ricky and Alex. They are both holding an open forum, so get your questions ready. I will let you know of upcoming guests next week. Please be patient while you are in the chat room as there may be many of you trying to ask questions at the same time. So check out the chat room. - Lilo - the TQSWizard

Ricky-FRIDAY - 6/8/07 in "Quilt Police Free Zone" at 8:00am Pacific/11:00am Eastern

Alex-TUESDAY - 6/12/07 in "Quilt Police Free Zone" at 6:00pm Pacific/8:00pm/9:00pm Eastern



We now have the flag doing what it is supposed to do. Rather than using your login-logoff date and time stamp, Bob, the web guru, has set it to work with your last visit to the Rhapsody Reality blog page. If the flag is flying, like this

313_994711.gifthere is something new you haven't seen on that blog. If it is still, like this 313_270319.jpgit means there is nothing new since your last visit to that page. Now - the system does not know if you READ that page, but it knows that you went there. If your flag is flying and you go to the Rhapsody Reality page - when you come back to the Daily Blog your flag will be still. - Hope this sorts it all out for you.


I've recenly begun (began/begun, throw me a bone here all you editors) seeing a few of you sign your name or screen name on the blog or forum followed by your state or country. THAT IS GREAT! It's really cool to see that added bit of information without necessarily going to your profile. But, having said that, it makes me want to go check out your profile even more. So - maybe that's something we need to begin doing more and let it become standard for all of us. Let the training mode begin.

If you were on a desert island, what is the one most important quilting tool or accessory that you MUST have? Needle, thread, and fabric and sewing machines do not count. By the way - mine is freezer paper - are you surprised? - - Ricky in beautiful Colorado

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