Update March 2020:

Janet's quilt, "Garden Variety Sampler," won Best of Show at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show 2020.

Update January 2019:

Janet's quilt, "Garden Variety Sampler," won Best of Show at Road to California.

Update August 2018:

Janet's quilt," Garden Variety Sampler," won Best of Show AQS Quilt Week Grand Rapids 2018.

Click here to see the promised close-ups.

Click here to watch Alex interview Janet when she won BOS Houston 2017.


The Houston Quilt Show began with Awards Night. It is always exciting to see the quilts presented under the lights. The walls are black and the curtains rise as each quilt is awarded. Finally there was only one award left and Best of Show was received by Janet Stone. We will get you ultra close ups for Friday because Janet has been awarded "Master Quilter" status. Congratulations to Janet our artist from Show 1401.



Self-taught quilt artist Kim Lacy stops by the show to demonstrate the secret to getting great texture in your quilts and shares an excellent painted mosaic technique. Also, Ricky takes trapunto to a new level with a tutorial on his “Thread Crusted Trapunto”. Take a look behind the scenes.

Watch Kim in Show 2606, when it debuts Sunday, March 8, 2020.


Crazy weather in Woodland, Washington allowed Ann to hunker in and play more with her new mini dehydrator and work on this week's project, a slipcover for the Airstream TV with storage pockets and a frame. She then traveled south to Canyonville, Oregon, where she played a bit in the Casino and finished her new hand crafted storage unit. The Anna Marie Horner Folksy Flannel fabrics can be found in her Etsy shop. Thanks so much for traveling with Ann in week 7 of her 8-week journey. Next week is Shasta Lake and Reno for the big cribbage tournament! Wish her luck!

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Want to see what else Ann has been doing on her West Coast journey in her Airstream trailer?

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A Tale of The Salem Witches Quilt Guild - Those Pesky Goblins! by Kathryn Bernstein, with embroidery by Cindy Brauntmann and quilting by Susan Corbett, won Most Humorous Quilt at Road to California 2020.

'My beloved quilt group, the YaYas, support me when I get crazy design ideas so this quilt reminds me of the YaYas and our witchy ways. I always imagine that goblins will magically finish my quilts while I snack and chat with my buds so I included them on this quilt and wrote a limerick for them on the label in hopes that they will visit my studio while I sleep! The YaYa motto magically appeared on the class board "Completion Trumps Perfection!"'

Photos by Anna Bates



We continue our selection of quilts exhibited in 2019 at the Houston International Quilt Festival as part of their 45th Anniversary, the Sapphire Anniversary. The Sapphire Celebration exhibit is described as:

"Quilters have long used the color blue to symbolize trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Sapphire is also the chosen gem to celebrate 45th anniversaries—which International Quilt Festival is doing this year (2019)! These new and antique blue and white quilts will be suspended from the ceiling in a spectacular and unforgettable display."

To be a part of the exhibit, quilts had to fit the following criteria:

  • Entries may be Traditional, Modern or Art.
  • Entries must have been made between 1974 and 2019.
  • The minimum size is 50” x 50”

Please enjoy the third quilt from the exhibition by Sherry Songhurst.

Title of Quilt: The Stars at Night

Quilter's Name: Sherry Songhurst

The one thing about the quilting world is that there is such a variety of things you can learn. And of course that would appeal to this old nurse because the career of nursing also offered a variety of specialties. Which means you are never bored! When the owner of The Olde World Quilt Shoppe, Monique, told me I had to come take a felting class because it was a Bee Hive...well, how could I say no!! I get to learn something new while visiting one of my top 5 quilt shops :) I had never felted anything on purpose and I was a bit leery that with these few tools I could create a Bee Hive.
What was reassuring, although Monique is a quilt shop owner it does not equate to knowing everything in the quilting world, LOL! She definitely needed those finger guards!
What I truly loved about this class was you finished the day with a completed project.
...and you spent the day with a wonderful group of people!
Stay tuned and travel along with us on Quilt Roadies.

Click here for Anna's blog.


Fabric Magic® is a sew-in interfacing that shrinks up to 30% to add texture and dimension to projects. It is quick and easy to use - just stitch it in place and then apply steam to shrink it. Results are permanent and will last through laundering. We can imagine using this to make so many textures - bark, flower centers, leaves, animal skin, stone, earth, etc. etc. etc. - or to add unique interest and depth to a project just like Sarah Ann Smith does in Show 2508.


Watch the video below to learn more.

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Carolinas by Terry Sargent Peart won the Best Use of Color award at Road to California 2020. Each block was inspired by sketches she made while vacationing with her husband. She simplified the sketches and made blocks representing the sun, sea, and sky which resulted in a very colorful quilt.


Photos by Anna Bates


TQS was honored to spend time with Japanese quilting icon Shizuko Kuroha. She is internationally known for her work with vintage fabrics, particularly indigo. Her work has been widely exhibited in many parts of the world, including the prestigious International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Shizuko sat down with Ricky and talked about her beginnings as a quilter, how and why she selects her fabrics, and where she finds her fabrics. She then demonstrates her unique hand quilting method.

And, to top it off, we are treated to a look at her quilts from a once-in-a-lifetime exhibit at the Houston International Quilt Festival.

There's lots of great stuff here, grab a cup of coffee and settle in.


This month Barbara has some great tips for cutting, choosing appliqué thread, and assembling that interesting Twirly Balls block for the TQS BOM Afternoon Delight

Remember, even if you aren't making the BOM, Barbara's tips are helpful in all areas of your quilting.

Click here for Barbara's tips.


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