Cochise County, Arizona, USA - A new non-profit entity, the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame, is currently being organized.  Initially it is to be a virtual entity, housed on the organization's website.  They are  looking for exceptional quilters to honor.  Nominations will be accepted beginning in March 2008 through May 15, 2008. Nomination forms and more information are available on the organization's website. 


We are about to start taping Series Three right after Easter. These new shows will start posting in July. We are able to create these productions because of the support of our Production Sponsors. We are extremely grateful for our good friends at Bernina and Gammill! Without their faith in our endeavor producing shows on TQS would not be possible. So our hats are off - these companies are our Oscar winners for 2008!

Sometimes it is VERY important to simply say thank you. Please join us and take a moment to thank our production sponsors.

Thank Bernina

Thank Gammill


Award plaques for Bernina (two years) and Gammill (one year), created by Around the block Designs)


For many years, in fact decades many of us have had the opportunity to experience Empty Spools Seminars in Pacific Grove, CA. This wonderful state owned park houses an incredibly inspirational atmosphere which has inspired quilters for decades. It is nestled between Monterey and Carmel, right on the Pacific Ocean. I can remember first attending as a student (probably about 25 years ago) and after about 5 years graduating to teacher. This is one of my coveted teaching gigs because not only do I get to spread the gospel of quilting, but I always come home immensely inspired. You might want to take a peek at their web site - and put it on your quiltie wish list. Or perhaps you have attended - if you have, who did you take? It is a personal goal of mine to once again attend as a student.



Here is the next quilt I promised you yesterday - As you can see learning a new technique can set you free. This was really quite easy and tons of fun to make. Again, the border was pieced using Ricky's basic soft curve piecing techniques in show 204 (watch today)



At the top of show 204 with Louisa Smith - Crazy about Curves (subscribe today), Ricky shows his cool method of piecing soft curves in an easy and painless way. This pillow I made for my daughter's new apt. implemented his technique. Also, tomorrow you will see another quilt I made that used the same technique in the border. I am really having a blast making these pieces.




The Quilt Show will be sponsoring the new $7,500 World of Beauty Award at the 2008 International Quilt Association show and contest in Houston. IQA states that this award will go to "a quilt that has beauty appealing to the heart or mind, as well as the eye. As examples, the appeal may come from exceptional and exquisite workmanship, a striking and well-wrought image, or from a message of hope and inspiration. Overall, the impression the work gives should be a pleasurable and positive one. Because this special award carries the name of both our Judged Show and our official publication, Quilts A World Beauty, the winner will exhibit the universal appeal that our organization believes is innate in quilts."

TQS/ARJJ is thrilled to sponsor this prize and we feel that the new World of Beauty Award aligns perfectly with our goals of connecting quilters worldwide, sharing positive messages in quilting, and celebrating quilting as a lifestyle.






                                                                                                      Photo by Gregory Case

Join us Wednesday, February 20, 2008 at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern when Louisa Smith is our guest in chat room "Featured Guest".  This will be an excellent chance to ask Louisa how to make your quilts more dynamic using her technique of curved strata. Louisa loves teaching and is looking forward to sharing her work with you all.



Season Two of the quilt show will feature another quilting first. Alex and Ricky, with production crew in tow, took a road trip recently. Where did they go? Well, that remains a secret. There will be a few clues during the upcoming A&R tips given by Alex and Ricky during the breaks of episodes. And by the way, the Forum is a great place to leave a tip.

The trip lasted three days and was a total blast. Alex planned part of the trip, and kept it a secret from Ricky - while Ricky planned the latter part of the trip keeping it secret from Alex. Justin, aka Bad Bart, took the driver's seat. In some cases they showed up unannounced. Of course, some of the quilters we met had no idea we were coming to knock on their door - but even those folks are sworn to secrecy and won't tell! These two episodes will be 212 and 213 - the grand finale of Series Two.

We plan to do another TQS Road Trip! Who knows when Alex and Ricky might make a surprise appearance in your neck of the woods. If you've got special quilting attractions, personalities, or know of something in your area that would be of special interest to quilters, put your idea into the suggestion box - just comment right here - or just give us any good reason why we should bring the production team to your area - who knows, we just might take the bait.

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Louisa Smith, author and master teacher is the featured guest in Episode 204. Born in Indonesia, educated in the Netherlands, she moved to the United States in 1960 and is now here at TQS for you. Louisa shares ideas for curved and strip piecing to create movement within a quilt. (Check out the fabric she starts with.)

How many megapixels should my camera be? 1..2...7...8? What about for email? Photoman tells all.

"Caveman" curves? Does Ricky ever measure? See his technique (but don't throw away your 1/4" foot).

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