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AND - regarding "Tell a Friend" contest, your quilter buddies can have a peek at what we are about before signing up.

We are VERY excited about this feature - we hope you are too!




Ricky Tims' Original Hand-dyed Fabric Clearance Sale!

Right now at Tims Art Quilt Studio it's out with the old and in with the new. We are changing our base fabric for dyeing and all the current hand-dyed fabrics MUST go. The color recipes will change once we begin using the new base fabric. We don't want to have the old mixed in with the new - so it's time for a Clearance Sale.

I started selling hand-dyed fabrics 10 years ago - and I haven't changed the price since I started (compare that to the price of gas). Right now you can get 50% off on all our current hand-dyes. The new fabtrics will be available in about two months. Our standard 'buy four get one free' is not avaiable during the clearance sale, and once a color is gone - it is gone. Whether you like the multi-colored "Caveman" fabrics or the original "Rhapsody" fabrics, click through to the www.rickytims.com online store right now and stock your stash with the best deal EVER on my Ricky Tims Original Hand-dyed Fabrics.

Clearance price $12.50 per piece. Each piece approx. 36" x 45"



I did not know Helen was bringing her pet kangaroo, Skippy! At least Annette has come to the rescue and redeemed this video!

Also, check back in the previous blog's comments for some of the 'Sisters' answers to your questions. If you leave a question here, they'll reply if possible.


OK- so hat choices were not always my forte



We had a GREAT time - unfortunatly, no video as one is in a witness protection program - just kidding. It was a great night of memories and catching up - look at the darling basket they brought me!!!! LOVE IT - To come - Just who am I in the line up - a clue will be revealed!



Tonight promises to be fun! Four of us "girls" who grew up on Hillcrest Ct in Livermore are having a reunion at my house. I was the youngest of the lot (not by much) - which means I was perhaps the most irritating of the group growing up. Guess who I am? Now the really cool thing is that I know for sure two of the gals who are coming are TQS members - and one isn't even a quilter!



Story Submitted by: Quilter79

This wall quilt was made for my niece Nicci's 5th grade class. Each child made a seat cushion out of fabric of their choice. The class tradition, and MY CHALLENGE as the volunteer, was to make a quilt that used each child's fabric scrap. What a challenge! I received fake fur, a piece of velvet and lots of fleece! When I saw this bookcase pattern in my EQ6 software, I knew this setting would be perfect. I put lightweight fusible interfacing on the back of the fleece and velvet, which stabilized the fabric for cutting. I fuse appliqued the letters, then stitched them with monofilament thread. Finally I heavily quilted the quilt so that the letters and books Popped out. I took it a step further. Though I live in PA, I am a native Minnesotan. Therefore, I had great fun printing off pictures of famous Minnesotans and placed them in each book. I used the special deskjet treated fabrics (some are sold at EQ6) and printed the photos onto each sheet. I then cut them out and appliqued the photos onto the quilt, sprinkling some around the letters. Such Minnesota notables are: Chief Justice Warren Burger, Vice President Hubert Humphrey, Vice President Walter Mondale, Charles Schulz, Sinclair Lewis, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, The Andrews Sisters, the Pillsbury Company Dough Boy and more! I've heard that the teacher just loved this quilt. My neice Nicci thought it was super as well! That made my day! The quilt resides at a Woodbury, Minnesota elementary school.


Ricky prepares for an interview with Seth Doane of CBS news. The interview will be featured on CBS News Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood. Photo - Justin Shults

Those of you in the USA, Heads Up! Ring the Bells! Spread the news to everyone you know!

The CBS News Sunday Morning program with Charles Osgood will be featuring a segment on quilting tentatively scheduled for Sunday, March 16, 2008. The confrmation of this air date won't be confirmed until mid-week next week but we want you to have as much heads up as possible. We will provide confirmation updates from CBS right here on The Daily Blog, but do watch for this program to air soon. Be sure to check your local listings for exact times.

CBS News Sunday Morning features beautifully produced, personal human interest profiles. We understand that a portion of the story will focus on Ricky, his quilting and his music. "I'm honored that I was selected for this profile," says Ricky, "but I'm more excited that quilting will take front stage on a national news program. I envision hundreds, if not thousands, of new quilting wannabes heading into quilt shops once this show airs". We at TQS urge everyone to immediatly send emails to guild members, friends and family and use any other means possible to spread the word about this upcoming program.

Here's what we know: The CBS production crew met up with Ricky at the International Quilt Festival in Houston last fall. Then the crew and CBS correspondent Seth Doane, came and spent some time in La Veta at the end of January to interview Ricky. Set your VCRs, DVRs, or whatever you have - this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for quilters. It will put quilting on the national stage (U.S) for the first time in years.

Many of these profiles also are posted on the CBS news website - a great thing for our international TQS World Quilt Community members. However, the shows are not posted until after it airs in the US. We'll keep you updated.



Three quilters, from three countries (all of whom do portrait quilts) have arrived in La Veta to collaborate on a new quilt. Last year you may remember we blogged about their quilt - see The Daily Blog on October 18, 2007. I've decided it would be fun to give you a peek into their combinded created process and they are willing to share. Start by meeting them. They are nicknamed, The Three Sisters - Annette Hendricks, from USA, Gail Thomas from Canada, and Helen Godden from Australia.


When I think of a few years ago, I didn't even know what a podcast or ipod was! Now here we are just few years later and we are delivering to you full production TV shows and so much more via the internet! I truly believe that in the "off" year, had I not explored and played with the concept of podcasting, I would not be here today. All that said, because of my recent computer trauma, the podcasting came to an abrupt hault. But guess what?? I am back in the saddle. My most recent episode is up and running - Subject: Caring and Feeding of Fabric. To take a listen to The Quilt Connection go here.


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