64_945158.jpgQuiters are so creative. I am reminded of that everytime I am around quilters and see what they are up to. Everyone has the gift of creativity and we as a community seem to celebrate it at every turn. As I was thinking about creativity, I do know that it doesn't always express itself in conventional terms. For example, my Mom is really creative and her creativity shines in her life style. She is always working on the house making it into a wonderful home. Each month she stages it for that season, January is bird month. As for myself, one of my hidden talents is costuming. Not in a big way, but with fun and whimsy. I have had the privledge of dressing every dream from superman, sweet angels, surfers to brides. When my son was in high school, I had to make a prom vest. Freaking out, I called my best friend and she said, "Just think batman - you can do it!" And she was right. Mu guess is that you are a quilter. However, I thought it would be fun to share your hidden specialties in the comment section. We want to know who you are and expose all the talent we as a community have. Inquiring minds want to know!



This weekend there are two great shows. First is the biennial New Zealand Quilt Symposium. I taught there two years ago. It's a great event! Check out their website to see who is teaching and all the activities. If you don't live in New Zealand, maybe that would be something to put on your travel plans for two years from now. - visit http://www.quiltsymposium2007.org.nz/

The ever growing Road to Californina quilt show will also be held this weekend in Ontario, CA. Their website will list the events and teachers. You can also see the recent $100,000 winning quilt. The biggest prize ever awarded in quilting. -http://www.road2ca.com/


I guess you Down Under folks are enjoying your warm summer activities. However, we up here are in a deep freeze. Even sunny Californina is struggling to save over a billion dollars worth of citrus crops. In La Veta, we have had sub zero (F not C) temperatures. It is perfect quilting weather.

However, there has been no quilting for me. I've been finishing up my book on Rhapsody quilts and the text was turned in to C&T yesterday! What a relief!


The view of Francisco Street on my drive to the gallery. I could use a one horse open sleigh!


59_810471.jpg First off, Happy belated Birthday to my buddies with whom we share the same date. How fun to see that in the comments section. Here are some random updates.

1. You might have noticed that Ricky has been strangely silent. He is under the gun right now with solid deadlines. Hold a good thought for him. I know how it feels and believe me, though it is all good stuff, it can get hairy.

2. We are plugging away with the two forums that should soon be up and going. However, Bob, one of our web guys needs good thoughts sent his way also. His computor was naughty. Been there, done that, right? BTW: We have THREE super web guys on our team, we aim to bring you the best possible site we can.

3. Speaking of an excellent team, I am more than thrilled to introduce to you our lead producer. Her name is Angel, and in fact she was the executive in charge of Simply Quilts at HGTV. She started quilting because of SQ (imagine that) and has remained a good friend through out the years. She left HGTV about a year before I did and it is thrilling to be working with her again.

4. I am still seeking the red fabric, Julie at P&B doesn't think it was Pats. But thanks Mar, it was a good guess.

5. I do hope to see you at Road to Ca. this weekend. Besides my two presentations you can find me in the Fabric Patch booth Sat. Afternoon.

6. Above and beyond that, we are still hunkering under the winter chill. My poor fountain!

I knew it, I just knew it, how talented you are! I did feel a little guilty pulling the birthday card, but it worked and your work is wonderful. (guilt facter - once a mom always a mom, right?) I hope everyone took the time to view our cyber quilt show. Let's keep the momentum going, and knock everyones socks off with our ever so talented community. Your quilts were a great way to celebrate yet another year! The best part about my birthday quilt show? I didn't spend a ton of money, I'll save that for Road to Ca. next weekend. LOL


Last evening my friend Bunny (she owns Bunny Rose quilt show in Groveland, Ca http://www.bunnyrose.com/) stopped by after work for a bit of cheer. She came with a snuggly quilt and said, “Happy Birthday”. She couldn’t believe that we didn’t have a snuggly quilt on the couch to keep us warm winter evenings. Wow! But more than that, how did she know it was some ones big day?! I haven’t seen the latest issue of Quilters Home Magazine, but there it is, the date (thanks for the quilt Mark Lapinski - YES, that’s what I call team work )! Not being one to make a big deal out of my birthday, but since it is “out there”, here is what I want from you! What, you ask?! Yes, for my birthday I am asking for you to enter your quilts in your profile section. I would like to view a quit show today and I want the quilts to be yours. Please let me know in the comments section when you have hung your work for us to see. Off to quilt now.




56_816846.jpgEver wonder where the deer go when it is 22 degrees in sunny northern California? Thanks Ricky for the reminder to appreciate what is right under our nose.


For three years, on my very short drive into town, I passed a fire hyrant that had not been painted in years. It caught my eye everyday because it was located across the intersection from a stop sign - so I couldn't easily pass it by without noticing it. It was not red anymore. the caps were a faded yellow and the main part of the hydrant was a very unusal coral color. The morning light would illuminate it. I loved it so much that I kept thinking, "I should go back and get my camera, the light is so perfect." But I would keep on going.

Last May, during my daily drive, I came to the stop sign and glanced at the fire hydrant. My heart sank. The city had repainted it bright shiny red. I had missed my opportunity to photograph it. The shiney red paint was typical and boring. I had had hundreds of opportunities to capture the image, but now it was gone - forever. Every day when I go past the fire hydrant, I'm reminded of lost opportunities.

Today we woke up to frozen fog that had enveloped the valley. It was one of those very busy days where taking time to stop was really difficult. Even so, I didn't pass up the chance to take a few photos and capture the beauty. What opportunites will greet you today? Will you grab them? Or will you let them pass you by - maybe forever?



Though it is bright and sunny in northern California today, man oh man it is cold! Tonight down into the teens, brrr. Even Sparrow had the common sense to stay bundled up and warm under the covers!


I had to laugh at your responses to Irwin’s office. Yes, we all work differently, don’t we? What you might have missed was the sign hanging in the back ground. “ A clean desk is a sure sign of a sick mind”. When I commented on the condition of his work situation, he did admit that there was a stack of bills that needed to be paid and smiled. And that is why the industry loves him SO much!





I am not talking about any sort of fiber disaster, but a delightful day at P&B Textiles. Yesterday I ran over to Burlingame CA to see my buddies at P&B. We are currently working on a few new lines of fabrics and needed to meet first hand. I always love going to home base because the folks at P&B are much more than "work buddies". They have grown to be dear personal friends. Not always, but fortunatly Irwin Bear was in the office along with his beloved dog, a fabulous big black lab. After working with the team of designers, I got to spend some time with Irwin catching up on old and new stuff. He is VERY excited about this new site and sees the endless possibilities. If you are planning to attend Road to California in Ontario, CA this year, I will be holding a lecture on the ins and outs of fabric. In preparing this lecture, I spent a lot of time asking questions and have furthered my love affair with cotton. If you are in the area, check it out. I belive there is still room in the class.



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