Ever wonder where I get most of my work done? We'll, since a lot of it is on the computer, I use my laptop. About 80% of all my computer projects are on the laptop (yes, an Apple, but I'm not an Apple snob). Moments before this photo was taken, I was editing video and reading blog comments. Wanda (left) and Raisin (right - they are sisters) think they should be in the chair with me. We'll, they DO need their lovin' and who could resist faces like these. So I take a break and let them crawl on up - I'm such a pushover. Editing video - watching football on TV - lovin' the dogs - and sipping some peach tea. Is this the calm before the storm?

I haven't forgotten Katie (the thrid dog) I'll save her story later.




It's a new day for TQS as we welcome Gammill to the family. We are doubling up to create two series (26 shows) for 2008. The entire Gammill team is excited about the opportunity to help keep the TQS shows coming. All of us at TQS are very thankful for Gammill's support and we hope you'll show them your thanks too.

There are many levels of much needed support to keep TQS healthy. The Production Sponsorships are the highest level of support. You'll see the Gammill production banner and link to their website on the left. Take a moment to visit the link and check out the variety of options available to quilters. If you would like to thank Gammill for their TQS support, please send them an email by clicking here.


What are these ladies saying/thinking? (photo by Gregory Case, TQS Photo Man)

Because we like to have fun - we like to pick your brains - we think you are clever and brilliant - and mostly because we have a few extra Bernina totes with quilting goodies inside that we would love to give away - we are offering you the opportunity to win one. Caption this photo. There are three ladies on the front rown of the audience at a taping of TQS. Meet Mrs. Lepht, Mrs. Sinter, and Mrs. Wright. What do each of them have to say? Your answer must fit within 1000 typed characters allowed on the comments page.

How are the winners are picked? The four winners will be picked by Alex, Ricky, Justin, and John - ARJJ. We will pick our favorite answers. It's that simple. We can be bribed! NOT! But you can try. Give us your best shot at captioning this photo for a chance to win a goodie bag to celebrate the first TQS birthday. Deadline for submissions is January 7. Winners will be announced in January 8th newsletter.

Remember - we're looking for a conversation, thought -or comment from all three ladies. 




Issue No. 63 of Quiltmania profiles Ricky as one of 9 "Exceptional Men" in the quilting world:
"Coming from the Texas plains where there are more tobacco-chewing cowboys than ballet dancers, where there is only red earth, and cattle and cactus stretch to the horizon, Ricky has, like many Americans, a family affair with quilting. In his case, it took the shape of the sewing machine he inherited from his grandmother and which he enjoyed watching her use when he was little. Ricky made his first quilts in 1991 and has just entered the Top 30 of the best quilters in the world! What a lovely development for this artist who never goes without his Stetson, whom thousands of fans worship and who brings his music to numerous quilt shows across the USA. There is no need to choose between his talent for music (his first love as he writes and performs his own pieces) or his quilting. He plays the piano and works with a needle with equal brio and enthusiasm!"

Ricky has created quilts in many different styles over his career. See his latest creative ideas in his book, Ricky Tims' Rhapsody Quilts.



My lunch today, a plate of black-eyed peas, ham and mashed potatos.

I've learned that not everyone knows how important black-eyed peas are to folks in the south. I've had them every New Year's day of my life. They are supposed to bring good luck and prosperity for the coming year. It's soooo important to me that three years ago I had to travel to Victoria, BC, Canada to teach on New Year's Day. I actually had to ask the coordinator of the workshop to find some black-eyed peas for me - in Canada - on New Year's Day! She finally found a can of assorted salad beans with a few black-eyed peas mixed in. At the hotel I asked the desk clerk for a can opener, went outside and sat on the sidewalk and picked out the black-eyed peas.

Here's a link on the subject. Click here. Do you eat black-eyed peas on New Year's Day? If so, tell us, and state where you are from (notice I didn't say live - rather FROM). If not, what do you do? Are there any other New Year's traditions out there for us to learn about?



It's a New Day! It's a New Year! And it's OUR FIRST BIRTHDAY! That's right. Exactly one year ago today we opened the website for the world to see. Two thousand of you joined in the first week - amazing, since the new shows wouldn't be posted until April 1.

It's been a great year. We've learned a lot. We've learned from you. We have had fun beyond our wildest imagination, but most of all we created a community - a family. May the new year bring you and your loved ones happiness, peace, health and prosperity.

Thank you World Quilt Community - now let's all celebrate - it's your birthday too! In the new year, share the love - bring a friend into the TQS fold - nurture them, teach them, and help them grow.

Happy Birthday TQS - It's a New Day!



Just like you, we have been chomping at the bit to get these ready for ALL of us. It is taking a bit more time than we originally anticipated. Status: The DVD is in the process of being authored and prepared for manufacture. You can bet we will jump for joy and toot the horns from the roof top when they are ready. Thank you for your understanding.

So what are you doing tonight? Our friends are coming over for supper and then leaving after we celebrate East Coast New Years. I am not a night time person and John has year end close where he works (accounting). Hmm - any suggestions for an easy and yummie super? I was hoping for crab - but apparently that is out of the question due to the S.F. oil spill.


 My grand dog getting ready for tonight's festivities -


Bad Bart and his Mini Me (photo by Gregory Case - The TQS Photo Man)

The end of the year is a time of reflection and a time for renewal. Alex and Ricky have been reflecting on the past year. Now it's your turn. What memories do you have that are directly related to TQS? Did something on a show inspire you? Did you make a friend? Have your found assistance in the Forum? Were there any surprises?

While it's good to reflect, it is also good to look foward, so part two of the questions is: What do you hope TQS will bring next year? What do you hope stays the same? What should we change? What new features do you hope to see?

So it's time to reflect and renew. It's a New Day - and soon it will be New Year!


Story Submitted by: eyeonquilts

I have never been able to surprise my parents at Christmas. I always had to have Mama give me hints of what to get them and Daddy always guessed what was in the box before he even started to remove the paper. But this year I finally did it. I made them a quilted wall hanging of their house that they have lived in for the past 40 or so years. It was my first attempt at designing anything original and I am very pleased with the way it turned out. They hung it up on Christmas Day.



You might have noticed that web guru Bob has been into his tricks again. By many of your names you see a series of stars (up to four in many cases). Each star has significance which we would like to share with you.

1. Gold Star to the far left with a "C" - this indicates you were a charter member and joined before April 1 of 2007. Basically it indicates you had faith in our venture - THANK YOU.

2. TQS Star with "1" - This indicates you have purchased Series 1 (13 episodes) which have all aired. You will have the ability to watch these shows over and over again until the end of 2008. In addition this star "unlocks" many portions of the website, such as Alex's class room, Ricky's rhapsody and search functions. These features (and more) will also be yours to enjoy through out next year. This star is only available to be purchased until then end of this year - then it will be retired.

3. TQS Star with "2" - This indicates you are on board to start watching Series 2 (13 shows) which will start this January - Our first Show is with Judith Montano.

4. TQS Star with "3" - This indicates you are on board with Series 3 (again 13 shows) which will start airing this summer after series 2.

We are very excited that next year we will be rolling out a new show about every other week. We have ten "in the can" and are ready to rock and roll! We also have some cool surprises up our sleeves - just as we did this year. Now is the time to jump on board if you want the Series 1 star - because as stated above, after the end of the year it will never be available again - kind of like collecting show pins.

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