"Winter Song" by sewearly

As daylight hours shorten and outside temperatures drop we have noticed changes taking place in our local quilt stores.  The owners, having just returned from market, have filled their shelves with luscious and rich cotton, flannel and wool.   We spotted colors in shades of cranberry, plum, warm gold, and old leather. 

To tempt us even more, there are also outstanding quilts using these new and luscious fabrics scattered throughout the store.  How is a good quilter expected to stick to his/her "shopping list" when walking through this candy store?  We want your advice.  Do you purchase a few treats for yourself in addition to the necessary items?  Or do you throw caution to the wind? 


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And The Winners are...
Well folks-it was nip and tuck right down to the wire, but Alex and Ricky will be heading to East Aurora, NY to visit the Aurora Sewing Center and the Morning Star Quilt Guild. TQS extends our sincere thanks to everyone who campaigned so hard to get new Star Members registered before the deadline-you should have seen the scrambling by the top contenders during the final days! And whether or not your shop/guild won, we hope that you'll find The Quilt Show to be a wonderful playground to learn and have fun with quilters all over the world!

East Aurora squeezed out their victory in the final hours-that's how close it was! Here are the final standings of the top three shops and guilds.


1. Aurora Sewing Center-East Aurora, NY

2. Pine Needles Sewing Center-Cedar Rapids, IA

3. Cote Brothers Sewing Machines, Auburn, ME


1. Morning Star Quilt Guild-East Aurora, NY

2. East Iowa Heirloom Quilters-Cedar Rapids, IA

3. Omaha Quilters Guild-Omaha, NE

Congratulations again to everyone who supported this event!


Merry Christmas my friend - You know when you find the perfect gift for your friend? Well, guess what? - this had your name ALL over it (I was SOOO excited!)



This photo represents only a portion of the entire quilt. 

Today is World AIDS Day and a good time for quilters to refelct on one of the most significant quilts ever made. The Names Project, also called The AIDS Memorial Quilt, is the largest community art project in the history of the world. Have you seen the quilt? Have you particiapted in making a panel? If so, you know the power of this incredible quilt. You can visit the names project website here. It was included in the Best 100 Quilts of the Twentieth Century. Here are some facts about it:

The names on The Quilt represent approximately 17.5% of all U.S. AIDS deaths.

Materials Used in The Quilt:
100 year-old quilt, afghans, Barbie dolls, bubble-wrap, burlap, buttons, car keys, carpet, champagne glasses, condoms, cookies, corduroy, corsets, cowboy boots, cremation ashes, credit cards, curtains, dresses, feather boas, first-place ribbons, fishnet hose, flags, flip-flops, fur, gloves, hats, human hair, jeans, jewelry, jockstraps, lace, lame, leather, Legos, love letters, Mardi Gras masks, merit badges, mink, motorcycle jackets, needlepoint, paintings, pearls, photographs, pins, plastic, police uniforms, quartz crystals, racing silks, records, rhinestones, sequins, shirts, silk flowers, studs, stuffed animals, suede, t-shirts, taffeta, tennis shoes, vinyl, wedding rings.

Funds Raised by The Quilt for Direct Services for People with AIDS: over $4,000,000 (U.S.)
Number of Visitors to The Quilt: 15,200,000
Number of 12'x12' Sections of The Quilt: 5,748
Number of Panels in The Quilt: over 46,000
Number of Names on The Quilt: More than 91,000

Size : 1,293,300 square feet (the equivalent of 275 NCAA basketball courts with walkway, 185 courts without walkway)

Miles of Fabric: 52.25 miles long (if all 3'x6' panels were laid end to end)
Total Weight: More than 54 tons


This contest was an incredibly close race - this weekend we will be checking and cross checking to make sure all votes were entered correctly. THANK YOU to the stores and guilds that jumped on board, your participation was fabulous. The winners will be announced in the Tuesday newsletter - no bribing, begging or sneakie phone calls will make us buckle with the news - (well bribing - maybe, never mind)



PADUCAH, KY, USA- This winter visitors at the Museum of the American Quilter’s Society will escape dreary the weather by entering the vibrant colors and designs of the quilt exhibit The Designer’s Eye: Kaffe Fassett, November 30, 2007-February 5, 2008! 

Sponsored by Hancock’s of Paducah, the exhibit includes Fassett’s world renowned quilts, fabrics and knitting. By manipulating simple forms and traditional blocks, he creates innovative designs in glorious colors. The Museum’s Curator of Collections Judy Schwender stresses Fassett’s experience as a designer. 

“It’s important to know that he’s a designer,” Schwender states. “His exuberant color sense imbues everything he does.” 

Many of his design ideas come from international travel including the Orient. His palette is usually limited to one “kick color” and the hues and variations of two or three colors. Fassett believes that quilts with minimal contrast cause the viewer to focus less on the color and more on the intricate and elaborate patterns. 

 The National Quilt Museum is a non-profit institution located in downtown Paducah, KY. The Museum is open year-round Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST. The Museum is also open on Sundays 1-5 p.m. April - October. The National Quilt Museum is ADA compliant. 


Or how about this? Geeze - I need to get back to work! LOL



How are your photo styling efforts coming along? As mentioned at the end of show 112, we challenge YOU to put your artistic skills to work because we want to create a TQS 2009 calendar with our members work in it! (please see the contest details in show 112 resource guide). Ricky and I were talking this morning, brain storming about possibilites for set shots. After hanging up, I ran out doors and took this snap shot - although I like the general composition, I think perhaps the sun needs to be another position - a little too blinding in the bottom right hand corner. But, this is FUN - time for you to join in and get your images to us!




The short Bernina videos have been VERY popular on TQS. They reside in the Bernina banner on the left - just click on "Bernina Educational Videos" and you'll see the list. Nina McVeigh is a national Bernina educator. She has done a great job of coming up with a variety of interesting tips and tidbits about using your sewing machine. Her latest installment is Machine Needle Punch. Did you know you can create wonderful fabric creations without using thread? Take a look. Have any of you created works with needle punch? If so, let us know and send us to your profile page so see.

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