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This is retreat week for 10 quilters who have come to La Veta to find the creative muse. Today begins day four (have you wondered where I've been?) of five days of independant study. Each morning begins with a talk followed by a list of journaling questions designed to foster their creativity and help them rediscover who they are. During the day I work with each individual on the process of design and offer suggestions, and if necessary, provide demonstrations on how to assemble their vision. No two people are doing anything alike. Are you anxious to see what they have done? I'll post a montage photo soon, but first -- off to work.


You might think a box of chocolates (dark please) might be a quilters true delight - but forget that! Today I recieved a box of Ricky's new fabric line - 1 yard cuts - with Red Rooster (one of our site sponsors) and YUMMIE! As I type I am sitting with them right next to me, so double yummie.............good job RICKY! Good job Red Rooster!!! I realize this is unfair practice, but this fabric should be available mid summer at your local quilt shop - be sure to ask for it today!




What a great time! There were over 250 machine quilted quilts and over 4000 people in attendance.  Over $12,000 in cash awards and prizes were given to winners at this year's show.  For a full list of quilt competition award winners, visit www.hmqs.org/2007_awards.html

Over $1500 was raised and donated to the American Heart Association, which was 100% of the proceeds of the Silent Auction of the Challenge Quilts.  A huge thanks to Cranston Fabrics for sponsoring this Challenge and to Winline Textiles for donating batting.

The "Into Africa" project received donations of $378, which Mary Ogwel took on her trip to Kenya right after HMQS 2007.  The donation includes a generous gift from one great quilting lady from Vermont who had a birthday party and in lieu of gifts, asked them to donate money for "Into Africa".  What a great idea!

Next year's show dates are May 8-10.  Plan now to attend, take classes, vend or volunteer.  Exact times and more details to be released soon!

I am sure many of you are familiar with Gina Halladay's web site www.quiltersbuzz.com She does a bang up job on her site. Yesterday (Thursday, May17th) she posted the question who most influenced you to start quilting, a quilters hall of fame (great topic Gina!). As I read through the answers, I was struck by the ground root effort of one quilter teaching another. Sure there were some recognizable names there, but in the end it gets down to each and every one of us. Someone passed you the thimble, and now it is your turn to pass it to someone else. Take a moment and read the posts, they are very inspiring!




Hey everyone! Remember to visit our sponsors and thank them for their support of The Quilt Show – we could not do this without them. Our site sponsor Stitchin’ Heaven is launching a great new summer shopping event called "Shop 'n Tote" where you can earn a wonderful Tutto Machine on Wheels Tote for free just by shopping at Stitchin’ Heaven! These totes are great to transport your machine to classes and they are the right size to carry on an airplane. The event starts this Sunday, May 20. Go to the Stitchin' Heaven web site for details!

When you are a hard core quilter you will quilt in unusual spots. For instance, my friend had her kids return home and that forced her sewing room into the master bathroom. No, she doesn't live in a huge home, it was just that her vanity sported a double sink with some space between the sinks. Another quilter had a really cool sewing spot on their 40 foot boat. Where do you stitch?



Photo by Teresa Davis

I referred to my Granny (as I often do) and her quilts during the opening of Episode 104. You can see one of her quilts under Find Out More on the Show 104 page. From 1979-1991, she was a widow and lived directly across the street from our home in Wichita Falls, Texas. Granny loved to garden! On occasion I did too.

During my college days, I planted some beautiful white Shasta daisies in our front flower beds. Year after year they would put on a glorious display. Granny had planted some wild petunias in her front flower bed. In about 1985, after I had gone off to seek my fortune (ha), Granny saw in her Farmer’s Almanac that it was transplanting time. While mom and dad were at work, she dug up our beautiful Shasta daisies and replaced them with her wild petunias. Needless to say mom was not pleased, but Granny insisted that plants needed to be moved around in order for the flower to put on their best show. We didn’t argue. It wasn’t worth it.

In recent years mom has tried to dig up those old petunias and replace them with something a bit less leggy. However, they are hardy and nothing seems to prevent them from coming up. So she finally gave up trying.

Granny passed away in 1993. Her house has long since been sold. The Shasta daisies across the street no longer bloom. However, Granny’s wild petunias persist. Every year about Easter time, those petunias start to bloom - some in the front flower bed of our family home, but most come up and bloom in the cracks of the driveway. Dad will go outside on a spring day, come in and say to my mom, “Granny is in the driveway!” – and we know she’s still with us.


This past weekend was truly the best Mother's Day EVER! After visiting PA I flew directly to Los Angeles to celebrate Shelly's graduation from Law School (I actually cried tears of joy at the graduation). Who is Shelly you might wonder? Shelly is Joey's fiancee that we love and adore to pieces. She has just raised the bar for intellegance (ha ha intelligence lol) in our family. Speaking of bar - now she has her head in the books preparing for that! WOW! Ahhh ........To be young again....... Wedding date? Next spring. WAY TO GO SHELLY, WE LOVE YOU! Laughing




I want to thank all the mothers for:

  1. Knowing our favorite foods
  2. Being able to find the other sock
  3. Taking out the splinters gently
  4. Making us be a part of the school talent show even though we didn't have any
  5. Telling us we could be anything we want to be, even when it was obvious that nuclear physicist and relief pitcher for the NY Yankees were not an option
  6. Caring when our friends abandoned us
  7. Not leaving when we became teenagers
  8. Telling us we're good looking
  9. Telling us to sit up, say thank you, and don't be scared

....Now it's time for you to add your own.

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