In case you haven't click the Stories link in a while, you should. Believe it or not, our original idea for this site was to have a web TV show and member submitted stories - that's it! My how the dream has changed!

The stories link enables you to share your heartfelt, funny, or othewise interesting story to our membership. If you submit a story, remember to keep it short and sweet like those already posted. What quilt stories do you have that might inspire or encourage our members?

Oh - and I almost forgot. You can always click on the author's screen name and send them an email. 


Story Submitted by: Bonnie23

My husband is an avid weekend fisherman. I and my camera tag along on when he is practicing for an upcoming tournament. He has learned that anytime he wants to either go fishing or anywhere, he can ask if I want to "ride" to take pictures. Now I must admit, he is "fairly" patient when I yell STOP! Who better than a fisherman to understand you must "seize the moment". One that relishes a fish biting at a particular moment, on a certain lure, during a certain moon phase, at a certain water temperture and a certain tide stage must be patient! Hmmmm, kinda reminds me of another hobby of mine. Like so many other quilters, my best designs come to me after midnight. (Oh yes, fisherman have to get a VERY early start on tournament day, too!) My husband has visited local truck dealerships for about two years looking for the ideal truck, in a certain color, with a certain horsepower engine and a certain price. Oh yes it also had to be a diesel and 4 wheel drive. Afterall, he needs something to pull his boat to the tournaments. I finally caved when he found the perfect truck - BUY IT! Since you can't drive a 4 wheel drive truck in the water and a break in his tournament schedule. It was time to take to the woods (four wheels drives like it). Of course, I was invited along to take pictures. Twenty miles off the highway and finally on a dirt road, we happened upon a field of cotton. STOP!!!!! Quilting, photography and fishing are perfect companions. But without the 4 wheel drive, the woods, and the cotton field, I would not have the treasures I brought home with me. The photos are treasures, but so is the renewed perspective of all of the important things in my life. My husband and family, my photography and quilting, his fishing and his truck. Oh yes, the cotton field. The plants were in full bloom when I captured the moment. One that will lead to certain cotton bolls, processed into the certain fabrics that end up in the amazing colors that brighten our world! This is truly where a quilt begins! (P.S. I had a lot of extra photo time as the truck broke down and we had to wait for someone to pick us up! But that's another story.)



Needless to say, it was a great week! But all good things must come to an end. The producers and crew are gone, the set is in storage, and now it's time to begin the editing process. Alex and Ricky express tremendous gratitude for the hard work that everyone contributes to this endeavor.

We hope that the TQS membership will continue to grow and that our show and site will continue to evolve. As you read this, celebrate with us! Do a happy dance, give a shout, or raise a glass and say, "It's a New Day!" We do it for you, and we couldn't do it without you!



Well - Now I officially LOVE you guys (like I didn't before) - what a hoot you are...........I am still trying to figure out which Sue best reflects me - I will pretend it is the bathing suit Sue - but perhaps the alligator Sue is more on target. BTW: It is on my sewing room wall - UH OH


Story Submitted by: marysu4

This is the brief tale of the Quiltersons at their first major show! For our Lissie it is her first quilt show EVER!! (L to R: Kristi, Marysu, Margaret, Lissie) We chose QO because it would be about halfway from our home in Virginia and her home outside Buffalo. We left at a sychronized departure time and pulled into the hotel at exactly the same time --halfway it truly was! Little did we know what a delight was in store for the next four days. QO is held at Hershey Lodge, so lots of chocolate was the order of each day, of course. But the quilts!! The fantastic, fabulous quilts!! Each day became an odyssey of its own and time well spent just ooooing and ahhhing, as well as trying to catch every vendor. In addition to the show entries was a gorgeous exhibit of antique quilts, and the exhibit of all the $100,000 Quilt winners. Who could ask for a more in depth education of quilting at its finest? As the mother of Margaret and Lissie, and the mother-in-law of Kristi, it was such a joy to be sharing this experience with the new generation of quilters, but the surprise for them was that most of the attendees were my age!! I must admit, though, they are the ones who got me into quilting in the first place! We left fulfilled and then some, full of chocolates and quilts--who could ask for more?


Web guru Bob Bigelow has come through again. Try this out---Go to the Quilt Gallery and click on the name of a quilt. You will be taken to that person's description of their quilt. But look up top! There are thumbnails of all of the quilts posted by that member. Click on any of those quilt thumbnails to see the quilt get the description of that one too.

Great addition, Bob. (And Great Quilts Angie!)






Hey everyone – good news – if you’ve not been able to catch Alex, Libby and me at my super seminar because it’s not yet come to your area, or you missed the one that did, we are bringing it to the Houston Quilt Festival on Thursday & Friday, Nov 1-2, 2007.

Registrations are being handled by Quilt Festival, and the seminar is listed on page 41 of the Festival class catalog (or course #400 if you’re registering on their website, www.quilts.com ). Seminar details (topics taught, student feedback, etc) can be found on my website, www.rickytims.com but you have to register with the folks in Houston. Read the great feedback from the San Diego and Richmond participants here. Alex, Libby and I really hope you’ll join us.

And, more good news….we need volunteers to help us set up, break down and work a little bit in between. Our volunteers must be paid registrants to the seminar but receive a $60 gift certificate to use in my vendor booth. You won’t miss a moment of the teaching sessions, and you’ll have a blast.

For details, contact Pat Greenberg (pat@rickytims.com) or 303-252-0579 MWF.



As you might expect, our production crew watch all these shows and start getting interested in quitling. When Sue Patten visited and the APQS longarm machine was on set, the production team took turns giving it a try.



The idea of having Hawaiian day on the set came from the camera crew. It sounded like a good idea so we all played along. We've talked about our community and the "family" that has grown out of the web site. The entire production crew is a family too. As you'll soon see we were PEELING happy and being silly all day... and to think the shows had nothing to do Hawaiian quilts! Oh My, what adults will do when they enjoy their work!

What did Mr. Pistachio order to drink when he arrived in Hawaii? Coke, u NUT!



Day two of producion was a lot of fun - so far spirits are high and the energy is great! Take a peek at some more behind the scenes footage.

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