Are your fabrics together and washed? You are now set to begin "Fishing with Pop Pop" quilt. As inspriration we are giving you a great photo (courtesy of Alex) of a scene very similar to the quilt you will be making. So, click here for Part 1 and let's get started. Part 2 will be available August 11, but we're a very nosy bunch, so let us see your progress. Happy Stiching!




Here is a sneak peek at the behind the scenes of Day 1 taping of Series Two. It was a great day, but there was a fly that kept trying to get air time. If the fly doesn't leave, it might be around for all ten shows! Talk about hogging the limelight! Maybe it is one of you who has really found a way to be a "fly on the wall."



The Production Crew has arrived and we are off and running on Series Two. This time we are taping 10 shows in 5 days! Just wait to see how we are getting along at the end of it all. But you'll see here, we are all in great spirits at the start!



Unexpected friendships have emerged during the development of The Quilt Show. We have come to love and appreciate our members, but also those who are behind the scenes that make this all happen. We are only two individuals with the desire to bring you the most sophisticated quilt site ever created - and we've only just begun.

One person in particular works tirelessly and has come to share our vision with tremendous enthusiasm. Bob Bigelow, web guru, was a god-send to us and his professionalism, commitment, knowledge, and genuine friendship is amazing. Check out this video.


OK - starting at square one - do you move or work with what you've got - like it is even a choice?!


I must admit - this was the right (and delicious) choice.

We have learned that it is against copy right to sing Happy Birthday (I wonder if you all knew that?), but WE CAN all certainly wish you/ John of ARJJ / many more!! Have fun with Adair tonight!! XXOO


Story Submitted by: quiltedkathy

My girlfriends and I had finally planned a road trip this summer. The four of us had not done this for 16 years. Two have moved since then so it was exciting to get together again. We met in Deadwood, SD and stayed in a cabin in the hills. The phone reception in the Black Hills wasn't very good so I decided to just turn off my cell phone instead of running down the batteries while it kept searching for service. I guess that was my first mistake. We had left home on Thurs. and on Saturday while having lunch in Rapid City before we headed for the Black Hills Quilt show I thought I should turn on my phone. Well, I was surprise to have several voice messages. My family usually doesn't call me when I am on one of my quilting trips. First there was a message from my daughter, asking me to call home. The second message was my daughter again telling me I needed to call home. The third message was from my husband. He was calling to tell me that he had an emergency appendectomy the night before! Well, I knew that if he was calling me himself he must be doing OK. I called him at the hospital and told him how sorry I was not to have been there. He would be in the hospital until Monday. This was only Sat. and I knew that he would be in good hands with the doctors and nurses at the hospital, so I decided I may as well stay as planned and come home Sunday! What could I do anyway? Going to sit at the hospital or go to a quilt show with my friends - was there really a choice! LOL The quit show was great! I won a couple of ribbons, shopped at the vendors and spent quality time with my friends. I now have to hear about how I abandoned my poor hubby for a quilt show, how he had to drive himself to the hospital, I didn't come rushing home to hold his hand and just where he is on my list of priorities. I am never going to live it down! But he sure has fun teasing me about it! It should get him sympathy for quite a while from everyone he knows. Cellphones - why would you want to leave them on when you are on a quilting road trip? The photo above is of my quilt Circling South which won a first place ribbon at the Black Hills Quilt Show in Rapid City, SD.


Alex, When you called tonight and said you enjoyed your ride from the airport to La Veta, I remembered the pictures I took in June when I made the same trip.  I don't think we ever got around to looking at them.


This is the view leaving the airport in Colorado Springs and heading for the road to La Veta.


Then comes the open low hills and valleys.


Then come the mountains.


You're getting close to La Veta now.  It's a great drive. Have a great time and tell Ricky, Justin and the crew that I think you are all doing a great job.  But remember you have to come back because I'm not the only one who misses you.


Love, DH






Calling all fabric lovers - you have been asking for Ricky and Alex's NEW fabric collections - call and ask your local quilt shop. If they can't help you out, Stitchen Heaven can. Here is a sneak peek to tempt your pocket book:

Ricky's Rhapsodie Coloree Order by the yard or a 28-piece fat quarter collection!

Alex 's Cottage Rose A 22-piece fat quarter collection is available also!



Be sure to join us in the "Featured Guest" chat room tomorrow at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern where Joe Cunningham will share with us his unique methods for handquilting. Joe is a musician as well as prolific quilter you saw in Episode 101.

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