Photo by Gregory Case

Join quilt artist Paula Nadelstern as she teaches you how to design an intricate looking quilt that "fools the eye" using easy block design and complex fabric.   It's all about simple tools and fabrics that aid in masking seam lines.  The show premieres on Monday.  Join Now.

I love Paula Nadelstern. My local quilts shops' Saturday 9am Sampler Class just completed Paula's Puzzled Quilt book as our 2007-08 project and I am getting ready to post my interpretation of the Puzzle Quilt when I get it photographed. Paula is an amazing talent and I am very much looking forward to her show. Laura Barnes



Well it is Sunday, so I've got some charity in my heart.  One of these patterns is called "Algonquin Trail".  How many of these did you identify?  Did my hint help?



Here is your bonus block for today.  I tell the answer in the comments.  Did you get it right?

Here is how the contest works.  After we show the last 5 blocks on Sunday (#26-30) email us a list of your 30 answers to the block names.  Every email, whether right or wrong, is a valid entry.  You may only enter once. We will select by a random number which entries are the winners.  All entries have to be in the email box by Monday night at 12:00 EST.  That gives all our viewers all over the world a chance to enter.

Email your answers to  blockguess@thequiltshow.com

We will retell the rules on the Blocks 26-30 blog. 



Have you ever made a quilt with any of these blocks?  How many did you know without looking?  Tell us in comments.  As a hint, some blocks can have more than one name for a pattern.


1. Yo Yo

2. Carmen's Block

3. Country Lanes/Cross in the Square



If you are looking these up or if you were going to look these up, where would you look?  What book would you use?

Also, how many of these did you get without looking it up?



Because this is a Bonus Round, I will give the answers tomorrow.



Remember not to tell what the patterns are, but do tell us how many of these five you knew without help.




And were off.  These are the first 5.  Start numbering right after the "Start #1" sign.  There are some easy ones and some that are not so easy.  Now go to the comments section  Without giving away any of the names, how many did you know without getting help?

Aren't the fabrics interesting? Remember these are from the late 1800s.



School is in and it's time for a pop quiz. Beginning tomorrow we will show quilt blocks made in the 1800s.  See how many of the patterns you can name. Make up a sheet with 30 lines.  We will show two blogs a day with 5 blocks each.  On Tuesday we will show the answers.  You will love the blocks and the old fabrics.  Then on Sunday and Monday you can email us your answers (the email address will be on the last blog).  You don't have to get them all correct to win the goody bag.  Entries must have 30 answers, you can only enter once, and we will select the winner in a random drawing. By the way, what is the block above?

Thank you to The Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek, California.  They have allowed us to use these images from their exhibit "Untold Stories". The show features early American Quilts from the collection of Susan Brooks.  The show runs through November 23, 2008.  They have some great events to attend during the run.  Go if you can or Click here and thank them for us.  Click Here.

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