Once again, It's a New Day! While we love providing a place for you to post your quilts. We also know that there are times when you might want to have someone who is a non-TQS member see your quilts. So, we have made a way for you to share your quilts with others who are non-members of The Quilt Show!

To make your Quilts Visible to non-members:

  1. Log into The Quilt Show. Click on "My Profile".
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(The default setting is unchecked, NOT visible to non-members. If you wish for non-TQS members to see your quilt on our site, you must check this box.)

By making your Quilt visible to non-members, it will automatically be picked up by all the major search engines and will be added to our upcoming "Quilt Gallery RSS Feed" (Woops, did I spill the beans?), which is right around the corner. So, it's a great way to show your quilts to the world.

We have provided an easy way for you to email your friends a link to your Quilts. While editing a quilt, simply click the "Copy to Clipboard" button in the "Email Link" section. You can then paste it into an email and send to a friend. The recipient can view your quilt profile but for security reasons, they will not be able to browse elsewhere in the TQS site or see your personal profile unless they login or become a member.

It gets better.

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(Jean Wells with attendees to TQS taping in June) 

Is it possible for two unrelated events to make the same connection in the human mind?  Read Photo Man-Gregory Case’s article (in Stories) of his observations while working on the recent taping of The Quilt Show and Book Expo.  Gregory shares with us that creating, telling, and connecting life stories through the use of words and fabric is a primal need of all humans.


Story Submitted by: TQSWizard

For eighteen years, I worked as a mental health therapist: Master’s degree in Social Work and a California state clinical social worker license. I was often struck by how many clients would state that they felt better “simply” by someone intently listening to them. The great value that group therapy had for its members was taking private thoughts (their “life story”) and making them public. That innate need that all people have to be known and to connect—to be seen, to be heard and, yes, even to learn from others. I was reminded of my therapy days recently by photographing two events in June 2007, Book Group Expo (www.bookgroupexpo.com) and The Quilt Show (www.thequiltshow.com). Both events occurred in different states, at different times, and involved different people and demonstrated that by listening and embracing their member’s comments they improved upon their success. They also shared a common theme: members publicly pursuing their (mostly) private passions. The first event was held in San Jose, California. Ann Kent, one of the co-founders, belonged to a local book group. Like other book groups, they often discover unknown (mostly fiction) authors and regularly meet at someone’s house for a discussion of the latest “group-read” book. These groups are a curious notion—you read privately and discuss publicly. Ann wanted to create a physical event and a virtual (web) place where other book groups could connect. She dreamt of a place where the authors and readers could exchange ideas about the books they have read and discuss how book groups could profit from lessons learned. This June, Book Group Expo celebrated its second year anniversary. Khaled Hosseini, the best selling author of “The Kite Runner” and “A Thousand Splendid Suns” was the featured author, as he was last year. He admitted in a recent PBS interview, that when he wrote “The Kite Runner” that this book could have been a template of how not how to write a best seller. Upon its publication, it was not seen as a success. However, book groups and independent book stores saw the book’s value and by sheer word of mouth, slowly built the infrastructure for the book’s success. Khaled said it was important to return to this year’s Book Group Expo event as a way to pay homage to these book groups. Many expo participants stated how excited they were to meet like-minded book group members, in a salon setting, and to listen to, and interact with their favorite authors. Building on the lessons learned from the first show and this year’s success, Book Group Expo already has plans to create similar events in Seattle and Minneapolis. The second event that occurred in June 2007 was the second set of tapings of The Quilt Show in La Veta, Colorado. Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims wanted to create an event (The Quilt Show) and a web place where the “World Quilt Community” of quilters can, like book group members, connect, discuss, and view their quilt designs. One of the major sections of this web site is the posting of quilts that the world community members have made—featuring some very creative work. These quilters pursue their quilting passions alone and then via the web site in concert with others. At The Quilt Show tapings, the audience arrived early for the tapings and sat enraptured listening to the guests, often taking notes, and making those “ah!” exclamations when they learned something new from one of the guests or from Alex and Ricky. They interacted with the guests and co-hosts. As co-hosts, Alex and Ricky pledged to acknowledge the compliments and suggestions from their web-site and studio audience members to keep doing this, less of that, and more of this. With the addition of several new crew members (new director, editor, and fourth video camera operator) this set of shows improved upon the success and “lessons learned” from the first set of show tapings which resulted in a faster-paced, more technique-driven set of shows. Like Khaled Hosseini, Ricky and Alex continue to paid homage to those quilters who have embraced this first of a kind event and web site created by and for quilters. In the tapings, Alex and Ricky continued to present passionate, well-known artists and authors whose design work and books continue to amaze those in the audience--even the non-quilting video crew expressed their wonderment. One show pursued a serious but life-enriching topic that kept the audience (and crew) near tears. Another show featured a quilter whose pursuit and subsequent quilt left the audience spellbound—how many hours did she say she spent on that quilt? She’s joking, right? No one has that much patience! She also kept a journal of her quilt work, which resulted in the book, “The 1776 Quilt.” Later in the show she revealed, an even larger and significantly more complex quilt design in progress. Both of these events in June 2007 celebrated the private and the public pursuit of a primal need—the creating, telling, and connecting of life stories though the use of words and fabric. Each event acknowledged the underpinning of that old Beach Boy’s song lyric: “I need a mess of help to stand alone”: every event needs an audience, every author needs a reader, and every quilter needs a viewer. As a photographer at these two events, I photographed people listening, intently. As a former therapist at these two events, I found them to be good therapy for all concerned.


Three more Sues made their way to my design wall. The two on the left made their way to Portugal and the Sue on the right is from England. And to think I once believed she never got off the farm, away from scrubbing cloths and making Sam happy. MAN OH MAN - I have been SSOOOOO wrong and misguided for decades. Embarassed THANK YOU!!!!



Happy Birthday to you and many more..........................


keep shining bright! 



It's a New Day and time to celebrate once again. The Quilt Show has reached 20,000 members! You are part of an ever-growing and evolving community. We promise to continue doing our best to make The Quilt Show your daily, must-visit internet stop. Congratulation to our member, RuthMcI from Brooklyn, New York . She will be getting a Super Bernina Bag, filled to the brim with goodies from the taping of The Quilt Show

And now, -drum roll please - during the tapings last week we announced that when we reach 50,000 we will be giving away a top of the line Bernina sewing machine with the embroidery attachment. Bob Purcell, from Superior Threads offered to include a $500 gift certificate from Superior Threads. When we reach 50,000 members, it will go to one of you! Hang on for the ride - we're just beginning. It's a New Day! Now, watch the video below.




Have you heard of the Patchwork Party? It's a bit like an online shop hop where you can purchase twelve incredible sampler blocks from 12 different online quilt shops. The event is so popular that the Spring 2007 edition of the Patchwork Party sold over 24,000 blocks! The blocks for the Fall 2007 Patchwork Party are designed by Marti Michell and the fabrics featured are "Home for the Holidays" fabric collection from Marcus Brothers.

One of the stops on the tour is our very own Stitchin' Heaven. They are offering our TQS members a sneak peek one day early. If you want to check out all the excitement surrounding the Fall 2007 Patchwork Party, go to www.patchworkparty2007.com . Be sure to check out the quilt gallery when you get there to see the beautiful quilts that have been made from these blocks.



You saw her incredible portraits in Episode 105, be sure to join Cheryl Sterling in "Featured Guest" chat room tomorrow night at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern.  Cheryl will give us tips on creating your own quilted portraits.


Show 108 will launch in the wee hours of the night.............

On a personal note, I have waited years for an interview with my friend Mary Fisher. She is not only an incredibly gifted writer and quilter but an inspiration to those who know and love her. Mary has changed thousands and thousands (perhaps millions) of lives, including mine.


Photo by Gregory Case 


20,000 members are around the bend - tell a friend to join today! Where will you be when we hit the big 20?


Photo by Gregory Case 

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