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Join us for an hour of quilting and fun with the effervescent Eleanor Burns. Eleanor, creator of Quilt in a Day, has the audience and the hosts in stitches as she teaches blocks from her newest venture. But what Eleanor does not know is that Alex and Ricky also have a little surprise up their sleeve for her. In addition, Ricky shares a little stripping action of his own - it's TQS on the wild side!  Have your notepad out, because between the laughs Eleanor does a lot of teaching.


Photo by Gregory Case


Story Submitted by: ajclapp

I am a planner, list maker, and organizer, but most of all I enjoy precision piecing quilts using modern timesaving techniques. Like many quilters, I get ideas for new quilts faster than I can process them so my list is quite long. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with Stage 0 breast cancer and my concentration level went to near zero, but I discovered I could still make quilts. Sewing is like walking for me. It's just one stitch in front of another. It doesn't take much concentration but you do have to watch where you're going. Those of you who have been sewing for a long time know what I mean. When our quilt guild asked for more Susan G. Komen miniature silent auction quilts for our quilt show last May, I spent a weekend piecing this Sunshine and Shadow quilt while waiting for test results. The squares are 3/8" finished, it was machine quilted diagonally, and a ribbon design was quilted in the border. I haven't been able to locate the photo of the finished quilt. It received a member's choice and honorable mention award at the quilt show, even with its imperfections. Since then I've pieced several more quilts that weren't on my list, finished one work in progress, and purchased fabric for two new quilts this week, one of which is already in progress. These quilts have extra blocks or cut-off triangles that will inspire my next miniature or donation quilts. My energy level has remained high and life is good. Soon my treatments will be over, my life will be back on a new schedule, and I will be making a new list. I may not finish much on that list this year, but am thankful for the doctors, nurses, and medical technicians who work together to make it possible for me to continue to make my lists, and for the prayer and support of family and friends. You do not have to have a lump to have breast cancer. Listen to your doctor if he says you have calcifications and don't skip your mammograms. If it's caught at an early stage treatment can be minimal. Don't assume you won't be the one because no one in your family has had it. Only 20% are family related, the other 80% could be anyone. Take time to make a miniature donation quilt. All it takes is a weekend and the leftover scraps from another quilt. It doesn't have to be fancy or even a prize winner. It may remind someone of a quilt from their past and make their day. If your quilt guild doesn't have a silent auction, help them start one, or check on line for other ways to donate your quilts. Every little bit helps. You can make a difference. Every day is a new day!


You are knocking our socks off! Apparently TQS folks DO NOT have idle hands - stick around - more to come!!!!!

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Some people asked how to upload their pictures so they can participate in the "Quilting Bee".  Here is a quick instruction video that can help.  The quality of the production is low, but it covers the basics.


WOW - We are impressed! How fun to think that we can virtually quilt together and celebrate each others progress and creativity - TQS members rock!!! We asked, what are you working on this weekend and fantastic!!! - you are busy!!! If you have not yet posted your weekend project - don't be shy. Sharing is one of the best parts of our quilting experience - We are certainly a diverse group, from scrappy triangles, our block of the month to blinds - what fun! 




TQS celebrates U.S. history with the incredibly playful Eleanor Burns. In the midst of all the fun and craziness, Eleanor teaches 4 historic stars and a fantastic border. In the perfect Burns way, Eleanor demonstrates tips, techniques and shortcuts to enhance our quilting experience. This show will debut this September 1. For a sneak preview visit slideshow provided by Gregory Case, AKA photo man.


Photo by Gregory Case



TQS Production Sponsor Gammill Quilting Systems will sponsor the "Quilt National" exhibit at the 2008 International Quilt Festival, October 30 - November 2 in Houston, TX.  "Quilt National is the most important contemporary art quilt exhibit in the Quilts, Inc. family of events", stated Vicki Mangum, Manager of Special Exhibits, Quilts, Inc.  The works in a "Quilt National" exhibit display a reverence for the lessons taught by the makers of the heritage quilts, as well as expand the boundaries of traditional quiltmaking by utilizing the newest materials and technologies.  We understand that thousands submit enteries for "Quilt National", but only a few are selected. 

"Gammill is pleased to sponsor this prestigious exhibit", stated Ronald Parker, Chief Executive Officer, Gammill, Inc.  "This is one of the favorite exhibits of festival goers."  So TQS members, if you are going to IQF in October, be sure to put the "Quilt National" exhibit on your "to-do" list!

Have you submitted an entry into "Quilt National"?  Did you get selected?  Let us know about it  We love to show off your work!


It seems appropriate that on the eve of taping series 400 (can you believe it?), I am grabbing a day or two to quilt. Here is a look at what I am currently working on, but WE want to know what YOU are working on! Please take a minute to snap a shot and up load it in your personal profile (did you notice that web guru Bob has given you more real estate to strut your stuff?) - then tell us HERE and we will take a peek at what's cooking in your quilting life! Don't be shy - lets have a virtual quilting bee this weekend. NOTE: If you use one of the first 12 slots, your image will turn up in the gallery - please use one of the last 6 Personal Photo slots (not the first 12) if the quilt is in progress - save the first 12 slots for the finished project.



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