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La Veta gets hammered with a spring snowfall.

La Veta, CO - Thursday, April 17 @ 11:01 pm

Whew! Taping 14 TQS shows, a retreat in La Veta, one week with Rick Mahal (TQS Video Editor) and one day to pack for a long trip. Oh yeah, on top of that, we got 12 inches of snow last night. Thankfully the roads are clear now. I hope you are ready because I'm planning on taking you with me. No need to pack your bags - just log on to TQS and enjoy the ride.

First, this journey will take me to Paducah, Kentucky for the AQS show and contest. Alex and Libby will meet up with me and we will do a Ricky Tims Super Quilt Seminar during the three days prior to the official kick off of the AQS event. I won't return back to La Veta until the first week of May. However, I've got my trusty camera and plan to bring you all the exicitement as it unfolds!

I have a surprise treat planned for the 1800 quilters attending my concert on Friday, April 25, at the Four Rivers Center in Paducah (see photos of this spectacular venue). Any guesses about the surprise? Actually, there are three surprises that night. Do you wonder what other mysteries lie ahead? What do you hope the camera will record for you? - and no, the concert will NOT be recorded for you - concert hall rules!

Speaking of Road Trip - we just finished editing Part One of our "official" two part TQS Road Trip. I'm bursting with excitement about these Road Trip shows and can't wait for June 9th and June 23rd. There has never - never ever - been ANTYTHING like this for quilters. Fasten your seat belts, there are fun, surprises, advice, lessons, and quilting treats coming to a computer screen near you! Season Two subscribers are in for real treat.

See you around the bend. -Ricky

ADDED, April 18, 6:48am. Toady we'll be heading into Kansas on I 70 - stopping in Lawrence, KS for the night. Then, on Saturday, we're heading through Kansas City, St. Louis and down to Paducah, KY. Anyone on that route, be sure to wave. Should we stop in for a cup of coffee?



As a person wanders through the convention - the pure joy of meeting good friends is one of the best parts - and they continue to put up with me despite my camera Cool.





Summer time is travel time. If a family member or friend is getting ready to “hit the road,” request a fat quarter of fabric instead of the usual coffee mug, fridge magnet, or t-shirt souvenir. This is also a good suggestion to a spouse or retired parent who travels regularly.


For many years we have enjoyed the benefits of quilting and fashion as one. In the early years this opportuntiy was provided by Fairfield Batting - several years ago it was morphed into the Bernina Fashion Show. As a result, the creativity has continued and now several of the garments would be of red carpet consideration. This show always debuts at Houston International Quilt Festival and then is viewed at various events throughout the year. This year, in Chicago, I had the pleasure of viewing it. Diana (of Bernina) and I sat there choosing our mother of the bride and groom outfits. This year was over the top - check out the garments here. If you ever have the opportunity to see this show - GO!



Check this out!!! In my home today was Kris and her trusty side kick and good friend Helen. This quilt was designed by both Kris and myself - Kris is doing all the incredible work. It has been a joy to watch this quilt progress. Today I handed over the quilting design that I created to compliment her delicious work. Oh, did I forget to mention? This is Mantica California's opportunity quilt for 09!!!!! We wil keep you posted when the tickets are ready - In addition a pattern will be available. My heart is spinning.




The forum problems are larger than we thought.  WebGuru Bob is going to take it down again and go back to the best backup we have.  This looks like April 9.  He anticipates that it could be down 3 days while he restores the back ups and tests the posting process.  We will keep you updated on the progress. 

By the way, it is always good to back up your letters and pictures that are on your computer in case of a problem.  Just ask Alex and WebGuru Bob.  My suggestion for home computers is to use a memory stick.  They are getting very cheap and can hold a lot of information.  They are also easy to use.  In most cases you can just insert them into your USB drive and the computer will know that you have some extra memory.




Which way is which? Try this simple test to determine the grainline of fabric that no longer has its selvage. Firmly grasp the fabric in both hands and tug. Lengthwise grain responds with a loud “snap,” while crosswise grain gives a lower-pitched “thud.”

Once you’ve determined which is which, insert a small, rustproof safety pin into the fabric, parallel to the lengthwise grain.



Do you have treasures in your closet and not sure what to do with them? Check out this blog with Cindy Needham - she gives a new twist to the word recycle- to learn more about how Cindy works watch show 202 - her show is a TQS classic! If you have not yet renewed series two - go here. Also, Bob the Thread Guy and Gammill pop their heads into the picture -



Meet Jen G. who was at the Chicago Festival - She brought along her first applique effort from my book Hand Applique - Pretty awesome job Jen! It is always a pleasure when students bring along projects that have been inspired by either work shops or books. THANKS Jen and check out her blog here.


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