"Roses and Baby´s Breath" by Sue Garman

It´s August and just when you thought you had all of the stitching techniques down, Sue Garman brings out a new surprise to keep you on your toes.  This month you will be working on creating delicate baby´s breath and a floral vase insert.  Baby´s breath is a small white clustered flower stem found so often in romantic floral arrangements.  So let´s get romantic and create this month´s stunning block.  To download this Block of the Month pattern click here.


Photo by Gregory Case

Every couple of weeks I find myself in a quilt store perusing the latest that the store has to offer.  As I am lucky to have four stores in my area I can choose a store based on what I am in the mood for.  Each of the stores has its own feel and focus.  While one has a great selection of books, another has batiks to die for.  And then there is the store that has an amazing selection of beads, paint, bobbles and bangles.  What is a girl to do with so many choices?  Wouldn´t it be great if all of my favorite things could be in one fabulous store?  

Okay, since this is my fantasy, my dream store would be filled with lots of books, embellishments, useful quilting tools, as well as a wide range of fabrics from around the world.  Since quilting is not my only love, I would also include yarns for knitting as well as clothing patterns.  There would be lots of natural light for choosing fabrics as well as fun and snappy music playing in the background.  Comfy chairs scattered around would offer the visitor a chance to lounge a bit while shopping.   

Now it´s your turn.  What do you look for in a quilt store?  And if you could have a dream store what would it include?



and it is NOT Alex, Ricky, Justin.....................so perhaps John!!!!!.....and many more....................




Well, here we are mid-way through the week and lo and behold we got a package from DLQuilter. She attended LVQR back at the end of May. Dana went home with an idea spinning in her head that became a quilt. She sent it along with a message. I got the whole thing on video. Hope you will enjoy! Thanks Dana.



Arriving in Oslo by ship was breath taking. This wonderful capital of Norway is edged by fabulous small islands and light houses. After a great breakfast we took off on a ferry to see the Kon-Tiki boat and Viking vessels. The exhibits were truly breath taking, exact opposite of what we are enjoying on our ship. After a beverage in Oslo, we headed off to see the local church – we were surprised to find it both closed and covered in shrink wrap! It was John who spotted the local Bernina dealer, so we back tracked to meet the owner. He was a very nice gentleman who we enjoyed chatting with. The weather cooperated and now it is nap time, until dinner. The quilters are having a blast and enjoying the native textiles (we loved the clothing store with native garb) and folk crafts.




Summer is the time for travel.  (I wonder how Alex and John are doing on the "High Seas"?!)  And we all know that you can always take TQS with you!  But what are your tips for taking your quilting with you? Do you pack fabric to cut at the beach house?  Do you take books to Grandma´s to plan your next project?  Knitters take their knitting bags.  What do you take?  Besides TQS of course! 


As you know Alex and John have headed to the Baltics on a ten day cruise. If you have ever traveled “over the pond” and especially from the west coast, you know the rule of thumb is to STAY UP until local bedtime. So, we hit public transportation with our friends and discovered the city of Rotterdam. First we met a young woman on the bus who cross stitched and embroidered her bag. She was incredibly “hip” and thrilled that we took notice of her bag. She pointed out that her mother had embroidered the duckies on the bag about 30 years ago. We also ran across a wood carver working on wooden shoes. He was very talented and his designs carved in the wood were very quilterly. The windmills were awesome and we were pleased to have discovered them right in the middle of town. After eleven hours of sleep, we took to the ship and met up with the other teachers who include Joen, Elly, Velda, Jane, Chris and myself. Today we taught at sea – tomorrow Oslo.




(Oh the decisions at the pattern wall at Wish Upon a Quilt in Raleigh)


When school let out for the summer, I had my daughter make a list of things she wanted to accomplish over the summer.  Sleepovers...check!  Learn to wakeboard...check!  Make a quilt...not checked!!  So I need your advice.  Paige and I have decided to make our first quilting project.  So I am reaching out to the experts here at TQS...our fabulous members!  What do you recommend we do?  How should we start?  I look forward to hearing your tips and suggestions.  And keep coming back to see what we decide to do and follow our progress.  Thanks, Ruth




TQS welcomes back Nina McVeigh who returns with her side kick Susan Beck. Both of these very talented Bernina national educators will be bringing you fantastic tips and techniques. Don´t miss the newest video! And then, why not take some time to review some of the incredible past videos. Each of the videos run from 3-5 minues and so they are easy to watch when you need a sewing technique fix. If you appreciate the Bernina videos, why not tell Bernina. Maybe you would like to send a message to Nina or Susan as well.

The newest video is called Machine Binding with Pizazz. To watch it click the Bernina banner on the upper left or click here.


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