Despite the frightful weather, I made it to San Jose just fine. However, my quilt had folds in it EVERYWHERE!



Gregory Case, TQS Photo Man, prides himself on excellence when it comes to getting your quilt perfectly reflected in digital imagery. I needed the wedding quilt professionally documented, and decided to bring the camera along for the ride. Just what does it take to get a quilt photo ready? You will be amazed at the painstaking detail Gregory goes to - it's very impressive.



When the kids were little we would go to China Town in San Francisco with our best friends every holiday season. We would eat at the Far East Restaurant to feast in a private booth. Then the kids would each receive $1.00 to shop. It is AMAZING what you can find for a buck in China Town. As the kids grew older and went off to college all over the map, this tradition dwindled away. We realized this year that EVERYONE would be in the area - so guess where we went? CHINA TOWN! We no longer fit into the little booth - but some things still hold true - yes, you can get something for a dollar - try an ornament and a Chinese back scratcher...........as an aside, when we were leaving the resturant my friend Karan noticed a young family with babies under foot in one of the booths - she told them about our tradition and they couldn't believe that their babies would one day look like our adult babies! What are your holiday traditions? We want to know.Cool



Many of you have asked - did I make Joey and Shelly a wedding quilt? Up to now the answer was no - the Chuppah was very intense and required tons of hand work. However, in the back ground I started a quilt that would serve as their wedding quilt. Not only was it embriodered with their names and wedding date but also the bible verse, "I am my beloved and my beloved is mine" in English - this verse was hand embroidered on the Chuppah in Hebrew. This quilt was REALLY difficult for me as it was totally out of the box.- it got VERY mixed reactions when people saw it in progress - and may I add not good reactions. As the top drew to conclusion I was 100% stumped regarding how to quilt it. So last July, I tucked it away not knowing what to do, very discouraged.

FASTFORWARD: At this years retreat I brought it out and asked for a HONEST take on it - Paula Reid and others LOVED it - when I shared my distress regarding how to quilt it - Paula said, "I know exactly - please let me do it". When the quilt was finished and arrived back home, I got goose bumps when I saw it. Paula choose a tree of life for the quilting design and honestly, she did a spectacular job! To date this is perhaps the best quilt both she and I have collaborated on. Before giving it to the kids, I took it to Gregory Case/ our TQS Photo Man's house to get it photographed. I have to say that the measures he takes is extraordinary and fortunately I had my video camera to document the process. Soon I will share the process he goes to when snapping the pix of your quilt. It was quite an amazing process.  (We had to shrink the pictures to fit on the internet and they are not up to his standards.)

Oh yes - the kids love the quilt!



1570_wedding_quilt_original_close_up_trunk.jpg 1570_wedding_quilt_original_beloveds.jpg




Every year my personal web master, Matt (www.alexandersonquilts.com) comes up with something, well.........different! Last year was a pirate wig for John to wear and this year it is...................can you guess what this is? And do you have a VERY different gift that kept everyone talking? If so, please post it here. We will keep it up for a week or so, then take it down - so please share and let us know - we wanna see!



Photo by Judity Baker Montano

The video link with this blog is the edited version of my 2008 Christmas in a Small Town concert. While we included some favorites in this year's concert (such as Do you Hear?, Mary Did you Know?, and the three tunes featuring Christmas quilts), this version only shows the songs and arrangements that are new this year with the exception of Christmas in a Small town which I've included. If you would like to review last year's concert it lives in the archives (scroll down) on December 24, 2007, but to make it easy, just click here. For this year's concert, click the button below.

I apologize that there are not chapter jumps but you can scrub forward (drag the tiny playhead triangle) or fast forward.

I'm still working on a Christmas video using several of the wonderful photos you submitted - but that video is not included here.

I hope you will enjoy seeing the show. - Merry Christmas!



1. Opening Medley
2. White Christmas
3. Northern Lights
4. Fum Fum Fum
5. Pat a Pan
6. The Huron Carol
7. Christmas in a Small Town
8. All is Well


When Adair was a little girl she asked Santa for L.A. Gear tennis shoes - imagine her surprise when she opened her package from Santa and there were 2 - left feet shoes! I can only imagine which elf got in BIG trouble!!! Last night we were invited to my friends house for supper - we always exchange a gift and I couldn't recall what I got for my friend............then all of a sudden I remembered what it was - Ricky's Christmas CD (she had seen him preform in Livermore). THEN I realized that her CD is in KS under another families Christmas tree (that story we will just pass on) . So I came up with the idea to wrap up one of my CD's and give it to her - so here is what I found - Ricky's Heart and Soul CD - check out the inscription inside and the year - perhaps that is when we first met! Hey Ricky - you are pretty awesome too! Kiss

Do you have any funny present "situations" you would care to share?



Many of you are waiting to see the concert. Well, I have been working around the clock (literally) editing the video of the Christmas In a Small Town Concert. My goal was to have it posted this morning. However, I have two more songs to edit - so for those of you looking for it, my guess is that it will be posted later this evening (Christmas eve) or for certain on Christmas morning. Once the video is complete there are still several hours of formatting and uploading it so you can click to view it on our site. You won't want to miss it so check back soon. Barring any technical difficulties we'll be rockin' and rollin' in a few hours.

In the meantime, I've chosen not to include songs from this year's concert that were also presented last year. That is with the exception of Christmas in a Small Town. If you did NOT see last year's concert, it still lives in the Daily Blog archives. It would be worth looking at prior to viewing the new one I am working on. Here is the direct link to last year's concert posted on December 24, 2007.


Ray of Light
American and Indonesian fabrics were used in this quilt which Jinny began in December 1976 and completed in October 1977. In 1977, this quilt was the winner over 10,000 entries in the Good Housekeeping and U.S. Historical society contest, The Great American Quilt. The Hindi translation of "Ray of Light" is "Kiran," the name of Jinny's daughter, who was born while the Beyers lived in India. (From www.jinnybeyer.com)

"It isn't like I sat down one day and said I want to be doing what I'm doing today, it's just like a slow road and you kind of just keep following the doors that open." - Jinny Beyer

Good advice for the New Year!













Click on the Picture to see a short video.

Meet the remarkably talented Jinny Beyer and follow along as TQS is given a private tour of her property, quilt garden, and historic home.  A traditionalist in all sense of the word, Jinny creates each and every quilt entirely by hand while at the same time writing books and designing six fabric lines a year. 

What began with a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt made in the early 1970's using only available fabrics from the local Indian market, lead to a life long journey of teaching and giving to other quilters throughout the world.  Jinny very generously shares insights into her fail proof color design theory, how a fabric line can sometimes come from inspiration in nature, as well as some of her earliest quilt masterpieces.  Our second Living Legend, and a show you will definitely now want to miss.  To watch the show click here.

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