Recently the Girl´s of Hillcrest Court had a reunion (March 8th blog) - Kerry, the darling little red head upper left, sent me some photos and I could not help but notice all the trim on our dresses. Perhaps this explains my love of ricrac! What are some of the trimmings you are drawn to and does it date you?




That´s right. Justin, (those of you in his fan club will want to know) has finally gone Apple. Here he is holding his first Apple - a MacBook. Any words of advice or wisdom for him?




"Meet Ricky Tims: Texan, musician, quilter, inspirer" by Judi Mendelssohn



July Block "New Day Mix" by Sue Garman

We can´t believe it´s July already. It wasn´t so long ago that we began this TQS exclusive Block of the Month project.  And once again Sue Garman has given us a fun and beautiful block to work on.  This month we will continue to practice our applique´ skills by working on stars, hearts, and circles.  We truly enjoy seeing everyone´s quilts taking shape.  So be sure to post (and announce) when your blocks are completed.  To download the pattern and directions for this block click here. 



(Capt´n John)--This is a family quilt.  Alex´s Dad, like all kids of his generation, had a special hero.  His name was Charles Lindbergh.  That´s right, the famous early aviator.  Alex´s Dad, Joe, remembers whenver a plane came over (which wasn´t often) all the kids would run outside and wave and say "Hi, Lindy".  Joe was very much a fan of Lindy, and so his 2nd grade teacher, a family friend, made this quilt for him. She had just started quilting.  This dates the quilt to about 1932. 

This was a very "loved" and used quilt.  It has faded quite a bit in spots and shows a number of stains.  Below I tried to get some close-ups of the fabrics. 




Gregory Case

The slideshows are ready and you have a backstage pass.  Gregory Case took pictures of each show and gives you intimate, behind-the-scenes peeks into the taping process.  Just click on "Slideshows" on the purple bar and see pictures from Beth Wheeler´s taping and the up coming Jane Sassaman show. 



Just before the very first taping of The Quilt Show back in March of 2007, Alex arrived in La Veta, went up to the ´Control Room´, found a corner and a table and set up her ´office´! She even put down a strip of tape and wrote, "Do not cross!" on it. Since then that corner has always been called "Alex´s Office." We´ll, if the truth be told, that room had tons of wasted and unused space. The filing system was a piling system and I could not function, edit, create... well, frankly, I just could not stand it any longer. Something had to be done to provide some sort of storage.

So, this weekend I purchased the necessary lumber and paint and spent a couple of days putting in a real desk and shelves. I accomplished this all by myself. So here it is Alex - your new "Office!" I´m going to really enjoy it! Now, may I please add carpenter to my resume? Note the alligator beads hanging on the doorknob.

P.S. Looking at the photo, I realise that little table is begging for a lamp. Hmmmmm, I wonder where I could find a lamp that is not being used anymore....?



We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Cindy Needham, show 202, to see what's going on in her life - as usual she amazed us with her incredible stamina.

TQS: What are you doing these days?

Cindy: I've been teaching more than ever now, which is absolutely the best! Traveling and teaching has to be one of the more exhausting things I've done, but it is also the most rewarding.

TQS: Where can our members find you in the coming months and what will you be teaching?

Cindy: It seems that I've been teaching everywhere lately! In the past, my teaching was limited to California, but this year has allowed me to get my feet wet. I've been teaching and speaking for Superior Threads, as well as conducting my own Wholecloth Linen Quilt workshops and guild trunk shows. I have been invited to teach at Sisters Quilt Show, Quilting in the Pines, Houston Quilt Festival, Asilomar, Quilting in the Garden, and Road to California.

My newest "project" is hosting my own quilting retreats at Richardson Springs here in Chico, California. It is something I've always wanted to do, and this will give me opportunity to spend oodles of time with my students on a "non-teacher" basis to spoil them all rotten.

TQS: How does teaching at a retreat differ from a class at a shop or guild?

Cindy: When you are teaching at a shop the class will last for a day or two and often times you are able to establish a relationship with many students who return for future classes. You have the opportunity to watch their skills grow and develop and celebrate their victories. When you teach at a retreat, the students in your class have often waited a year or more to attend and are very jazzed about being there. You only have a few days to inspire them and make a memorable impact on their quilting. It's fun to do special things and spend a little more time with each one.

TQS: We heard that you are going to be featured in American Quilter Magazine.

Cindy: I'm very excited about this feature. I have been a subscriber and admirer of this magazine for years. Of course I couldn't make it easy on myself and use a quilt that was already done! I found a beautiful cutwork tablecloth, layered it on pink Dupioni silk and quilted the devil out of it. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

TQS: Tell us more about your Retreats at Richardson Springs and what a student could expect.


Cindy: The retreats are being held at Richardson Springs in Chico, California which is a beautiful old hotel about five miles back in a canyon. It was built back in the 20's and has so much charm and history. Everyone brings whatever project they want to work on...even if they just want to "veg out" and work on absolutely nothing...it's legal to do so! I have invited two teachers to teach morning and afternoon workshops which leaves me free to spend lots of time with everyone and give help wherever needed. We even get an old fashioned campfire and marshmallow roast at night.

TQS: How can a Guild contact you for a trunk show?

Cindy: I LOVE doing trunk shows. They are popular as the quilts are encouraged to be fondled and checked out. You would contact me by email at linenqltr@comcast.net or cneed1934@aol.com. I only open emails that have "quilting " in the subject line.




Last night was family dinner night. Adair announced her new energy plan - this weekend she bought herself a new set of wheels. She plans to cycle to class this next year weather permitting. Pop Pop has a helmet for her and she is good to go - Any road tips for Miss Anderson with her new mode of transportation?



TQS Articles

Take a look at the purple bar and click on "Articles".  Because of the interest in the wonderful finished quilt, we have combined The Three Sisters blogs into one quick summary.  You can scroll down and see links to all the videos Ricky made when they were creating the new quilt in La Veta.  We hope this makes it easier to find.

Also, coming up in the Articles section will be visits with our artists to see what is new in their lives and their quilting directions.

But for now, enjoy the whole journey with The Three Sisters.

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