What do Pottery Barn and Jane Sassaman have in common?  Large prints are in.  Whether for decorating or for quilting, beautiful large prints should be in your plans.  But how do you handle large prints in quilts?  Check out show 301 as quilter and fabric designer Jane Sassaman shows you how. Click here.



Capt´n John--I received an email from a member wondering about the quilt behind Nina in the Bernina banner in the left border. That red quilt is the quilt shown above. It is by Alex and is made from one of her fabric lines with P&B. The quilt is also featured in her book "Paper Piecing with Alex Anderson" but in different fabrics. Alex really feared doing the Paper Piecing book. I like how the quilts for this book turned out, in fact the pineapple quilt hangs in our front hall. Eleanor Roosevelt said "You must do the thing you think you cannot do". Usually it turns out much better than you ever thought.

Alex is going to Kansas City next week for the exciting Bernina launch. Maybe I can get a few more quilts out of the Armoire.


52" x 58". 72 6: Square in a Square blocks. Paper Pieced by Alex and quilted by Paula Reid.


Having our noses to the grind stone, we were delighted to hear of a free outdoor concert in neighboring town Pleasanton. The band, Tommy and the Four Speeds, has an excellent reputation for the ability to deliver "oldies" right on the money! John packed the cooler and we met up with a few friends. I did not take my video recorder,but realized that my little digital could capture the essence of the event. Rumor has it, the guys in the band were best friends in High School, and the friendships continue strong to this day. (BTW:Guess who took this picture of me - I received it via email in the morning - moral of that story - you never know who´s watching LOLWink)



My guess is that if you are reading this, you consider yourself an artist - that´s right! Even if you don´t feel confident to utter those words in public - somewhere inside of you a little smiley face just emerged.

As many of you know, John and I have a secret hide away that we get to visit periodically. It is nestled in the foothills of Ca. in the sleepy town of Groveland (to learn more about Groveland watch show 212). When we visit, one of our favorite things to do is take an early morning walk. This past time I took my camera (thank goodness) "just in case". That "just in case" scenario was the right decision. As we wandered down the trail, we couldn´t help but notice that art was emerging around us. Not mother nature art, but the human hand art. Here, in the middle of no where, people were compelled to create. So, today´s question is, where do you express your self beyond quilting? And as an aside, we did not create any of these pieces............




Migration Museum, Adelaide, Australia

Ok. Here is a quick quiz for our savvy TQS members. What do William Morris fabric, light projection and Adelaide, Australia have in common? Our friend and roving video reporter Pam Holland has sent us a great video of a most impressive event that took place in her hometown during the Adelaide Festival of Arts. To learn more about this incredible event and to view Pam´s video click in Articles here, or click on "Articles" on the Purple Bar.

Also, be sure to click on Pam Holland above and go to her site.  She blogs on her recent visit to the Amish country.


Migration Museum, Adelaide, Australia

Every even numbered year since 1960 the city of Adelaide, Australia has held a ten day celebration of the arts called Adelaide Festival of Arts. Adelaide is also the home town of our roving video reporter Pam Holland. 2008 is the 25th anniversary and for this year's event organizers pulled out all the stops with a breathtaking night time light show that attracted up to 15,000 people per night. As you may have guessed, this was no ordinary light show.

The Electric Canvas Company of Sydney, Australia used an advanced projection system to completely alter the facades of some of the historic downtown buildings. To create these stunning alterations a digital photograph was taken of each of the chosen buildings. A template was then created and filled in with a variety of designs and colors. Using giant PIGI system projectors, each weighing more than 200kg, the designs were then projected onto each building. Running on a continuous sequence of five minutes, each of the designs bathed the buildings in fabulous washes of glowing color. Designs, ranged from William Morris textiles, medieval motifs, musical notes, to ancient Egyptian statuary.

To learn more about the Adelaide Festival of Arts. See more images and a YouTube video slide show. To watch Pam's video of this amazing event click on the button below.



Last time I was in La Veta there was a big boat being built by a man whose heart is as big as his hat! If you have a dog in need of a home - I know just the place for it! I can´t give out the exact address - but just fedEx it to La Veta in care of Noah. Remember to poke holes in the box!






 If you are in the Iowa area this weekend, the Ankeny Area Quilters´ Guild Presents: "Pieceful Days and Pieceful Nights".  This is the second largest quilt show in Iowa and it´s already underway! It´s a "can´t be missed show"!  Be part of all the quilt excitement on July 11 & 12th. Show hours are Friday, 9am-6pm and Saturday, 9 am-4 pm.

If you go, please go by the TQS booth (that´s right! we have a booth!) and say "Hi" to Susan and Celeste.  JoAnn from Ankeny did and she is our newest TQS Star Member (TQS Member JoAnnDM)!  Ruth got to welcome her personally on the telephone first thing this morning!

At this show, there are fabulous quilts, 195 at last count, great shopping, lectures, events and delicious food.
Check out all the details for the show by clicking here:  Quilt Show

Location, location, location: The Faith Baptist Bible College is located at 1900 NW 4th Street, Ankeny, Iowa. To get there: go West on W. 1st Street, turn Right (North) on State Street turn left on 4th Street. The college is on the right about 2 blocks down.  And when you get home, don´t forget to tell us all about it and send us your photos!  Have fun!


You just have to get Mabel-een under control - here is a tip we found on Youtube-



A month or so ago it somehow slipped out on a blog that Justin and I got a new dog. You wanted to see her - so here she is. It´s not the greatest picture, but it was taken on a rainy day at Autumn Rock so she looks a bit worse for wear. Mabel had been abandoned in La Veta back in April. We saw her and tried to feed her for days. She would take the weenies and run into her hidey hole under a porch next to our ´quickie mart´. She would not get closer than twenty feet to any human - even though her tail was wagging.

Long story - short, we told the town hall if they could catch her we´d take her, but we were heading to Paducah and New York and they would have to keep her in the pen for almost a month. We arrived back in La Veta and the next day the code enforcement officer said, "We got yer dog!" She was very, very shy and we were afraid that if she got off the leash that she would again be very difficult to catch. However, that was not the case.

She is very friendly, still a bit shy, and it is obvious that she had been abused. She has learned that she is in a good home - and now that she is house broken, and after a few pillows ´got ate´, she has settled down and is proving to be a really good dog. When we got her, her ears were still droopy, but now they stand straight up. The other three dogs are finally accepting her as well.

Mabel? We´ll Mabel-een, for her eye makeup. I don´t know much about eye makeup, but she needs someone to help her learn to put it on a little bit better. Doesn´t four dogs constitute a pack?

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