We are proud to announce Stitchin Heaven, an online ecommerce shopping spot for quilters, has come on board as one of our site sponsors. We are so thankful to have them on board. Debby Luttrell and team will be able to assit you when you are having difficulty finding something at your local quilt shop. They have a wide variety of products that quilters will love - check out their site. They will have a banner on in the left filmstrip so they will always be easy to find when you are visiting The Quilt Show. If you every are in Quitman, Tx, stop into their brick and mortar shop and tell them HI.


Welcome Stichin Heaven! 


Story Submitted by: Koala58

For Pueblo's Quilt Expo this year their theme for the challenge fabric packet was "Creativity Isn't Boaring" in honor of the Chinese Year of the Boar. I had mentioned this to several of the quilt guild ladies I meet with once a week, saying "what would you do with that"? I just was going "duh" as nothing came to mind and I decided I wasn't going to do the challenge. I only had 8 weeks to get the fabric, plan a challenge piece and do it. Well, the following week one of the ladies handed me this ziplock of fabric and said "now you get to do the challenge". Now, she did tell me I didn't have to do it if I didn't want to. But, they know me and how I can't turn down a challenge. The fabric sat in the bag for 4 weeks before I took it out, I just didn't know what to do with it. It was all oriental prints. As soon as I opened the bag and took the fabric out, I knew what path I was going to take. A pagoda was wanting to be made. Of the 5 challenge fabrics, I had to use 4 and could add up to 2 of my own. I used 4 of them and added 2. One was a focus print with flowers, cranes, groups of green for the trees. The "shingles" of the pagoda are the feathers from the crane. As each piece was made, the next step would come to me. I started only with a game plan of making the pagoda, it grew trom there. The pagoda, flowers, and the lanterns are sandwiched with timtex to give them the stability I wanted. Their is a boar quilted on the wallhanging, small meandering in monofilament thread surrounds it. For a piece that I initially didn't want to do, I became very attached to it and it was very hard for me to hand off last week for the expo. I will be going up tomorrow, but I got a call today, from my friend that gave me the fabric, that I won 1st place in the wallhanging division! I am estatic! I will be going up tomorrow and I'm anxious to see how others have interpreted the theme. For the non quilters who think I'm nuts when I say my fabric speaks to me, I feel bad for them. They don't know what they are missing by those voices only us quilters can hear.

OOHHHHH, it has been strangely quiet here in blog land. That is because Ricky, Libby, Bob the Thread Guy, Justin and myself have been in San Diego Super Seminaring it. Never having attended this event before, I have to admit it is AWESOME! Though you might think our eyes have drifted from the BIG Day, they have not. Our team has been working around the clock and it seems most the details have been worked out. IF you are having problems with accessing the pre show, PLEASE make sure you are using updated versions of browsers, your connection is strong as well as having flash installed. We thank you for all your KIND AND SUPPORTIVE wishes and look forward to pioneering this form of communication as a team. WE the quilters (and that means YOU) own this venue and for that alone it's time to celebrate! It is A NEW DAY!


Story Submitted by: angelinejovan

My father's 80th birthday was fast approaching and I was just learning to quilt. I had spent the last 6 months telling people I was "sewing", "learning to quilt". I was always too busy "quilting" to accept invitations, go out or socialize much. Time was coming I had to either put up or shut up, so to speak! I was on my second project from Ricky's book - Harmonic Convergence. The first one I did had to grow on me - I didn't like it much at first. Now I was doing one that seemed part "Caveman Quilting" and Harmonic Convergence. I had chosen a light and a dark blue - and they went together well. But were kinda bland. The day before my Dad's birthday - I was out of ideas. I wanted so to give him something beside a tie. Frantically I search through fabric - piles upon piles - looking for anything to make something else. Real fast.... Kona Bays fabric with flowers and koi keep coming up. I'd put the fabric down and it would turn up somewhere else. I walked away convinced I'd never figure it out. That I would have to tell and show people that I was a failure as a quilter. Came back in the room - a large breeze had blown open the windows and that d*mn koi fabric was back. But this time, my caveman/convergence blue quilt had falled off the wall and the koi were on top of it. It hit me - you know, how somethings seem so obvious but we can see it. Use these pesky koi! Turns out my Dad is a Pisces as well as a fisherman. This just might work! The quilt fell into place almost magically. The blue fabric represents the ocean and the two fish in the middle are the symbol Pisces. The little one on the outside is "the one that got away"!



We still get the occasional request to have the video larger. We get comments like, "I think the environments are fun, but I'd reather see a full screen video." Viewing video on the web is really very complex. The larger the image, the more bandwidth that is required. Also because it is streaming on the web, the videos MUST be compressed in order to play effectively. There is a fine balance in order for us to get the best possible mixture of image size and sharpness. If you watch other videos on the web, you'll notice most are smaller than what we are offering - or significantly more 'fuzzy.'

Without being overly technical, we want you to know that we have pushed the envelope to create a video image that is larger than normal. All of this relates to the environments. We built the environments around the video image size. No one would prefer a full screen more than us - but technology does not allow us to do that and provide a smooth playing video with a sharp (by web standards) image. By the way - what we are serving up is designed for both PCs and Macs.

Here are two things you might like to know:

1. Flash, the program used on the video pages that enable you to interact with the remote and accessories - and also delivers the video - has an enlargement feature. For PC - right click to get a zoom option. If your browser allows it (Ricky's Safari does - his Firefox does not)- it will zoom. For Mac folks - Hold "Control" and click on the video and you'll also get a zoom option. If your browser allows it - it will zoom. However, please be aware that by zooming the image is greatly pixelated - or fuzzy.

2. The bottom left tab on the remote control opens to allow you to customize your screen - adding cars, lamps, new wall paper - a different theater - etc. You can create a blank environment by selecting the Living Room and turning off the items by using the pull out tab on the remote control.

Hope this helps you understand a bit more about the limitations of web technology. Also, remember, high quality DVDs of the series wil be available at the end of the year enabling you to watch the episodes in all their glory.




Okay gang - here ya go! We're giving you a sneak peek by showing you the After Set from show 101. The After Set is the informal talk that we have once the show has been shot. So while you won't see the show - yet - you'll see our interaction and get a glimpse of our first guest - Joe Cunningham.

This preview may have some quirks and we need to know about them, however, please don't email tech support - just reply to this blog with your results - yes, it played with no problem - no, it didn't play. You don't need to click on the remote - the video is set for auto-play. If it does not play within a few seconds - refresh your screen and we are interested in how it is behaving for our members.

Where do you watch it? Click on the Watch a show link in the menu bar at the top and select your environment. For now, you don't need to click play. Just click and watch. Enjoy! - Ricky



Glen Eyrie Castle, Colorado Springs, CO, September 11-17, 2007 - Immerse yourself in six days and seven nights of your favorite art at the foot of Pikes Peak.  You’ll be treated like royalty at Glen Eyrie Castle and Conference Center.  You can even stay in the castle.  This retreat will feature some of the textile world’s most sought-after names and is the perfect balance of workshops, social activities and free time.  

Mickey Lawler is teaching a class titled “Paints on Fabric”, Ann Johnston’s class involves “Stamping with Dyes” and Judith Baker Montano will assist her students in creating a work of art using burned and wrinkled fabrics, smocking and a variety of fabrics and threads. Space is extremely limited with a registration deadline of August 11, 2007.  For more information visit www.gleneyrie.org/textiles or call 1-877-488-8787.


Story Submitted by: MarietNieskens

After living in St Louis for 5 years I was really in to baseball. In the Netherlands where I am from you don't find a lot of people playing or watching this sport. I love it and We (my husband and me ) saw Mark McGuyer hit his 70the homerun. As an ode to him this is No 71. We moved in 2000 to India and I missed the baseball. Now back in the US we again go to the baseball and in 2 weeks I will see my favorite team again. We live in Houston but I will silently be cheering for the St Louis Cardinals

223_859049.jpgYou might just want to check out "watch a show" for a REAL sneak peek to see Alex and Ricky at work, or is it really play?

The question has come up, why the need to register (even as a basic member)? It is such a good question, I felt the need to devote a blog to it. Because we have a full service / inneractive site, the registration is for your own protection. "How's that?" you might wonder. If someone becomes "naughtie" it gives administration the opportunity to resolve the situation with out punishing the entire community. It is simply a safety issue....Smile

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