Alex, Gail Thomas, Annette Hendricks, Helen Godden, and Ricky 

During our time in Houston many stopped by The Quilt Show booth to say hello and to snap a photo with Alex and Ricky.  It was also great meeting so many of our TQS members in person.  One afternoon the “Three Sisters” stopped by to visit.  We were able to grab a quick photo of these three incredible artists.  Just a few days prior they won first place in the group category for their collaborative work on their quilt “The Three Sisters”. 

The story of their meeting and collaboration on this quilt is fascinating in itself.  Who would have thought that three women from different countries who met in Houston two years ago would, during one long night in a hotel room, design a quilt that would travel back and forth across the world?  Each woman added her own artistry to the piece before sending it on.  To read the complete story about this amazing quilt click here. 


Photo: Typical silk kimono merchant's selling room.

In Kyoto, Mariko arranged to take me to see Mrs. Kondo. Mrs. Kondo’s father was a silk kimono merchant. She has turned the front portion of her house into a private museum that features kimonos on the screens (sliding walls) of their traditional Japanese merchant house. Mrs. Kondo lives here, but keeps the front part of the house just as it was 80 years ago when her father sold yuzen dyed silk kimonos.

Her father also started the Yuzen Dyeing Museum which is located adjacent to her house. Yuzen dyeing is a stencil process of dyeing and hand painting silk. The museum features an array of antique kimonos –some that are 400 years old. On the upper level of the museum you will find artisans who are still doing the yuzen process. Prior to the Yuzen dying process the designs were generally embroidered on a colorful silk background. To read more about Yuzen dyeing click here.

I was honored to get to have a private tour of this historic place. The antique kimonos are artfully attached to the screens and all the leftover bits were used in fans as well as to decorate many other items as shown in the video. Many of these kimonos are 300-400 years old.

Following my visit to the Yuzen Dyeing Museum we went to see the Kinkakuji Temple with its breathtaking gardens and lake. Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) is a popular name for one of the main buildings of this Zen temple, which is properly called Rokuon-ji Temple. In the 1220’s (yes, 1220!) it was the comfortable villa of Kintsune Saionji. It is completely covered in gold leaf and it is a world heritage site. You can learn more about this incredible place here.



As you saw in the previous video, I survived the octopus. However, there was much more to my day in Kumakura than a fried treat. As a matter of fact, I was very fortunate because it was a festival day for children who were 3, 5 and 7 years old. On top of that I witnessed a wedding. The wedding music was - ahm - -fascinating. It was great having Leanne and Paul show me around and I felt lucky to have a day off from teaching.



            "Rag Quilt" by emoore 

For all of you making quilts for the California Fire victims we would like to say Thank You.  Wendy has informed us that she has received word of many quilts being created for this nation-wide effort.  We even have a member from New Zealand whose guild is involved in this project.

The San Diego Fire Dept. has requested that donation quilts be sent to the following distribution center:

   Attention:  Debra Fischle-Faulk

                   Rancho Bernardo Local Assistance Center

                   18448 West Bernardo Drive

                   San Diego, CA 92127

Post office shipping is very expensive.  We have found FedEx ground to be the cheapest method for those wanting to send their donation quilts. And thanks again for all of your efforts.



Many of you may have missed the recent Ricky Tims' telephone interview with Penny Halgren on October 15, 2007.  Penny has been so kind to allow our TQS members to read the transcript of the interview at no cost.  To read the interview transcript click here.

Penny will also be holding another live telephone interview with Alex Anderson on December 10, 2007 at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern.

Dial (620) 294-3005--Pass code 3639#

      To mut yourself out *6

      To un-mute yourself  *6

If you register prior to the interview on December 10, 2007, you will receive additional information about the call prior to that evening.  To register click here



The day has finally arrived.  The Quilt Show Shoppe is having its grand opening.  In celebration everyone shopping at the Shoppe from November 12-26, 2007 will receive an automatic 10% discount off all purchases.  After November 26, 2007 all Star Members will receive an automatic 5% discount on all purchases.  Purchase discounts do not apply to subscriptions.  Visit the Shoppe and you will find patterns, books, notions as well as many of the products we presented over the last year in our show episodes.  We also carry the limited edition TQS pins.


For those of you around the world who do not have easy access to quilt shop or are otherwise stranded when you see a product mentioned on the show that is not available locally, you will find what you want right here with us online.  Click here to enter the Shoppe.




On my free day, Leanne and Paul (Leanne is with Bernina) took me to Kumakura. There is a lot more to see - and I'll show you, but first, enjoy this clip of me trying something new!

Your thoughts please.

We have a new member from Japan, Miyuki-please see her profile - her comment on Japan Blog #3, and send her a big TQS welcome. We will most likely see many more Japanese members as I have been telling them all about the site.



The 15th Annual International Quilt Week Yokohama has come to an end. This video shares some of the quilts that caught my eye at the show. I hope you will enjoy these quilts and find inspiration for yourself by viewing them. What do you notice about the Japanese quilt designs? What is your impression of their work?

Yesterday was a sight-seeing day for me and I will share my adventure with you later. I was fortunate to have some very unique experiences. The next two days I will be teaching in Tokyo.



     "Twinkle, Twinkle" by Strawb 

Are you looking for ways to add more sparkle to your next quilting project?  Join us tomorrow in chat room "Featured Guest" at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern.  Bernina educator, Faith Reynolds, will share with us tips on embellishing using your sewing machine. 

If you are not able to join us, you may read the transcript once the chat room time has ended.  Transcripts for all posted chat room discussions are available by clicking the box "Chat Transcripts".  Scroll down and click on your desired selection.



    "Dear Jane Quilt"  by Nancy Ewell

If you have wanted to re-create a historic quilt why not try your hand at a Dear Jane quilt.  Check out Stitchin Heaven's block of the month program.  "We take great pride and care to select just the right fabrics so that the finished quilt is a close replication to the original Jane Sickle quilt."  As a bonus to TQS members:  Register by November 30 for the Block of the Month program, enter the code TQSDJ for a free start fee ($25 value).  To register for the program click here. For more information on a Jane Sickle quilt click here.



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