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It's time once again to reserve your tickets for the next set of TQS tapings. Here are the dates, guidelines and policies for requesting tickets. Those of you interested in flying should consider coming into Colorado Springs-1:45 minutes from La Veta (Denver is 3 hours away). Lodging in La Veta is VERY limited, but Walsenburg, 15 minutes away has several hotels. Pueblo, Trinidad, and Alamosa are larger cities with plenty of amenities-all about 1 hour from La Veta. For general information about La Veta click here.

Two Shows for Series Two and Twelve Shows for Series Three!

Dates: Thursday-Wednesday, March 27-April 2, 2008

Two shows are taped each day. Attending the entire day is required.

Cut off date for requests-February 15, 2008, or when 'Sold Out'

Free tickets are offered on a first come, first served basis. All requested tickets MUST be used. Please do not request tickets if you are not committed to attending. Seating is limited to 40 and we do not overbook the seating area. Therefore, unused tickets result in empty seats and diminishes the energy of the show and denies someone else the opportunity to attend. If you have reserved tickets that result in a "no-show" or "partial-show" you will not be eligible for tickets to future show tapings.

Due to the overwhelming request, tickets will be distributed for one day of attendance only. Confirmation of tickets will be in the form of an e-mail document. You may however, request up to two days. If you request two days, state your FIRST preference. Second day tickets will only be distributed if additional openings are available after the deadline for ticket requests (February 15, 2008). In the event that second seating is available, you will be notified by e-mail to confirm second day attendance. These second day tickets will also be based on the original request on a first come, first served basis.

To make your request for free tickets or to get further information about tickets and our ticket policies e-mail service@thequiltshow.com . Please note that your e-mail request for tickets should state the word TICKET in the subject line in order for it to be processed in the order it was received.

Large groups desiring to bring a chartered bus of attendees to the show tapings should contact Lilo directly at (719) 481-1757.



There are only four more days until the winners of the "Win Alex and Ricky for a Day" contest are selected.  Alex and Ricky want it to be your favorite quilt shop or guild.  Competition for the most new members is heating up.  So get out there and encourage your local shop or guild to sign up new members.  Remember the last chance to register a new member is before midnight (Pacific Time) November 30, 2007.  To view current standings click here


Story Submitted by: dphock

In early October, my daughter's elementary school had an electrical fire, and about half of the school buildings were destroyed. (Thankfully, the fire occurred on a Sunday and no one was hurt.) As a result, the kids were out of school for two weeks while school staff regrouped to provide a safe school site. During that time, my 11 year old daughter and I talked a lot about the fire and about how people come through scary and difficult experiences like that. Caroline was born in China and her Chinese name includes the word for "Phoenix," so she is well-acquainted with the symbolism of a phoenix rising from ashes. (Every kid who has read or seen Harry Potter knows about that, too!) We decided to use Caroline's time out of school to make a piece of art for her beloved principal, Rhonda Bellmer. Caroline drew the phoenix image, and I enlarged it on my computer. Then, Caroline traced it onto a piece of silk using a liquid resist. She painted the silk, too. Once it was all dry, I sandwiched and machine quilted it, adding subtle flames with red and yellow thread. We presented the Phoenix quilt to Ms. Bellmer on the first day back at school. Ms. Bellmer was speechless and teary-eyed, and invited Caroline to show the quilt to the school staff at the staff meeting that was just about to take place. So, Caroline then showed the quilt to all of the teachers and staff and talked about why she'd made it and what it meant to her. There wasn't a dry eye in the place! This Phoenix quilt now has a place of honor in the principal's new (temporary) office. It was a wonderful experience making this together. It allowed us to talk a lot about a difficult situation, and it was satisfying for both me and Caroline to create art that presented a positive image for the experience.


Story Submitted by: SandiMako

A few years ago, I found an abandoned adult rabbit in the park. My son named him Stew and my two cats quickly adopted him. Now he roams the back porch with the cats and and he learned to use the litter box. He also does a little dance for his meals. My husband, Mike, started a garden for us with lots of collard greens, kale and parsley for Stew. When I saw this quilt on the cover of the April 2007 Quilter's World, I knew I had to make it using some of the garden material in my stash. I call it "Stew Bunny in the Garden." It was temporarily hanging in our local library's display window.



Meet Virginia Avery. Jinny has been a guiding force in our industry for over 50 years! Jinny was a pioneer to quilting when she started teaching in the 60’s and did not retire until recently in 2005. Through her enthusiasm in teaching and helping people find their voice in cloth, Jinny quickly became a major influence during the quilting renaissance of the 1970’s and her efforts continued for decades. Her innovative approach of using patchwork in garment construction was ground breaking and paved the way for the incredible popularity of art to wear. Her perseverance, dedication and love of this industry has made her our pick for the first TQS quilt legend – 2007!



We snuck away in Houston and got to see where Libby Lehman works and plays - As always, gracious and welcoming!



As the "win Ricky and Alex contest" comes into to the last week of voting, it came to my attention that one guild was concerned that their members had used two or three names for their group. As I started to "undo" their specific situation, I noticed that SEVERAL guilds were in the same boat. Hours later, I got the tally straightened out - I was AMAZED at how the standings had shifted. In addition to the shifting, the race is VERY CLOSE!!!!! If one of the guilds listed in the top twenty really gets organized this next week - Ricky and I could very well be at YOUR guild. You have until Nov 30th to rally the troops and tip the scales - This has become VERY exciting to watch!!!!



627_filters.jpg Here is a way to use the blog filters to find what you want. There are two drop down boxes that help you locate past blogs.

Select how far back you want to see. You can choose from Today to The past 12 months.

Then select a category in the second box.

Let's give it a try. First select "View the Last 6 months". Then in the second box choose "Ricky". After it filters through the blogs you will see all of Ricky's Japan Series right near the top of the page.

Now choose "Alex" in the second box. After it sorts, you will see the Houston Series right near the top of the page.

Now choose "Breaking News" and scroll down to August 2, 2007. There you will see the Production files from the last taping.

It's fun and useful. Give it a try.




On Friday and Saturday, December 14-15, 2007, Ricky Tims will perform a Christmas concert at Tims Art Quilt Studio and Gallery in La Veta, Colorado. The multimedia concerts will feature Ricky's unique arrangements which are always created and performed with sensitivity, intimacy, and passion. Kat Bowser, one of Ricky's longtime friends and Nashville vocalist, will be featured as a special guest in the concert. Another concert highlight will be the performance of his unrecorded original song, "Christmas in a Small Town."

Concerts are at 5:00 and 7:30 each day. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. If you are interested, advance tickets are stongly recommended as the concerts are likely to sell out. Tickets go on sale Monday, November 26, 2007. For more information, or to purchase tickets, call 719-742-3755.

We realize that many TQS members live far away and might not be able to attend, but many of you might be up for a road trip and can put this concert on your holiday calendar. For those who cannot attend and would like to enjoy his Christmas music at home, you can listen to samples and purchase Ricky's Christmastime CD here.




It's the biggest shopping day of the year so don't forget about browsing around the TQS Shoppe. Looking for a great gift for a quilting friend? Why not check out the kits that are ready to go. Remember, you get 10% off all purchases during our grand opening. Offer ends November 25th so don't delay!

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