We all love coming to La Veta, Colorado to tape the new shows. We have great guests with special, quick, and accurate ways to make your quilts shine. Here is a quick slideshow so you can be familiar with the town we love to visit. Be sure to stop the slideshow to read any of the signs that draw your interest.

The song is "Heart & Soul" from Ricky's CD "Heart & Soul." The album is available in the shop and you can click here to purchase it.

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(These TQS Members all met at 2008 Quilt Festival in Houston)

Since we posted in the Daily Blog that we have over 40,000 registered TQS members - click here to see the blog-, many of you have emailed us wanting to know more about just where our members are.  We are excited to report that we now have TQS members in over 100 countries around the world.  Woo Hoo!!  We have members in Austria, Finland, Greece, India, Peru, Guam, Andorra, Japan, Myanmar, Bermuda...all points around the world. 

So why not meet one of your fellow international guild members today?  It's easy if you are a TQS Star Member.  Just go to Search in the purple bar above and choose "Find a Member". In the "Country" box select a country where you want to find a member and hit "Submit". Then select a member that you want to learn more about.  Why not send them an email on their profile page by choosing "Contact This Member".  This is a great way to reach out to other TQS members especially if you are traveling to a new location.  Not a TQS Star Member yet and want to use this cool Search feature on our website, then just click here to join today!



The Manteca show was well laid out and perfect for viewing, but the lighting was a little low for photographs.  In order to get some of the shadows out of the picture, I (Capt'n John) snapped it again with a flash (picture on the right).  Not only did it get rid of the shadows. It changed the color.

We took the problem to expert quilt photographer, Gregory Case aka Photo Man.

"When you go to a quilt show, remember that your eyes will see it differently than the camera.  You can see 1000s of levels of brightness and cameras can see just in the low hundreds.  If the lighting is coming from different sources, such as natural light from windows and artificial lights overhead, your camera will get confused on the colors while your eyes think it is pretty clear what the colors are. "

This is a problem for professional photographers also.  We make sure that all of our light is coming from the same source.  Then we test the colors, adjust them with software and then hold the prints right next to the quilt to make sure we are getting an accurate color.

Cameras were made to record pleasing color not necessarily accurate color. There is not a hard and fast rule I can give you like always shoot without flash.  You are going to have to test what the camera sees versus what you see.  I suggest that you photograph the quilt with and without flash, but you can also use your "scenes" like "beach", "snow", and "underwater" etc.  Each will give you a color and brightness that may bring you closer to the original color."

The color (purple) is closer to the original as I remember it.  Have you had these problems?  Do you have a solution?

1772_tennessee_waltzwithout_flash.jpg 1772_tennessee_waltzwith_flash.jpg




1771_lynn_drennenfolk_closeup.jpg 1771_lynn_drennenfolk_closeup2.jpg





You have seen the wonderful quilt, Grape Harvest in our pictures from PIQF and Road to California.  The quilt won Best of Show at Road.  I was surprised to see the quilt matched with the picture at the Manteca, California quilt show. 

Lynn's husband is with an organization that matches mural artists with cities that are looking for art.  Lynn saw the picture by Jessie and knew it needed to be a quilt.

It turns out that Jessie lives in Manteca and was honored to display the picture with the quilt at the show.  Jessie made his living as a commercial artist.  This was his first painting in 35 years.  An interesting side note is that all the pictures of the workers are self portraits, except for the far right which is John Leandro the owner of the vineyard.

Lynn won an award at Manteca with another quilt.  Come back later today to see it.1770_p1010125.jpg



(TQS Member laurieart posted this quilt titled "Flower Child")

How would you like to win a Ricky Tims Rhapsody Quilt?  Well you could, if you post your quilts in the Quilt Gallery.  When we reach 36,000 quilts posted, a TQS member who has posted a quilt will win one of his quilts valued between $10,000 - $15,000.  WOW WEE!!  Click here for more contest details. 

Right now we have 12,213 quilts posted in the TQS Quilt Gallery36,000 may sound like a lot of quilts but if you figure that we have 40,000+ TQS members.  And if each member just posts 1 quilt today...we would have 52,213 quilts posted tomorrow!  You can add up to 12 quilts in your profile, so please add more!  We really want someone to win!  And it could be you...but only if you post your quilts!    



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Music, like quilting, can bring the world together. For privacy sake we can't tell you of all the help and support our online guild has provided between members, but you are definitely a group that stands by each other. 




It's another New Day to celebrate at The Quilt Show.com!!  We just hit 40,000 registered members.  Welcome Everybody!

That means, pretty soon, one of our members will get the thrill of a lifetime!!   When we reach 50,000 members, one lucky TQS member will win a Bernina 730, PLUS a $500 Gift Certificate to Superior Threads.  Let's see how fast we can get 10,000 new friends at TQS. So tell your friends, other guild members, people you meet at quilt shows, and your local quilt shop to join us at thequiltshow.com.  And if you are a quilt instructor, don't forget to share our worldwide quilt guild with your classes. It's a New Day!  Every Day!! 






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