In St Petersburg we saw MANY newlyweds around the city. Tradition calls for the groom to carry the bride over seven bridges for good luck. I noticed that the bridesmaid and best man wore a sash and white was not a "must do" for the bride. Each couple had a limo decorated appropriately to cart them to the different bridgesin town and to drink wine along the way seemed to be the norm - as you know, we are counting down the days to Joey and Shelly's wedding! Does your family have any special traditions that you do to celebrate weddings?




The Winner is #6.  It was done by Nancy Derickson from Glendale, Missouri.


The Overall Winner for theme and technique on board was Block #20 by Pam Ventgen of Anchorage, Alaska.

Second place for Theme and Technique was #49

Viewers choice was #52

For a quick reference to all the blocks, click on "Articles" on the purple bar.


Right outside St Petersburg is Catherine's Palace. She was married to Peter and became the Czar in her own right. Her palace was AMAZING! But perhaps most amazing is the way parts have been restored after WW11 when it was basically gutted. Pictures show the "before" (after the bombings) and it is a miracle to see what has been accomplished. The walls are gilded in gold (originally it was real gold that had to be redone every year or so), the ceilings are adorned with incredible paintings - and the floors sing QUILT ME! Restoration continues today and check out the piano Ricky!



We are in Copenhagen right now - our tummies are full (great Thai food) and our beds are turned. Ricky is right - tommorow it is our turn to cross the pond - a 16 hour journey at best. We have had a great time and to be truthful an enlightening time. No matter where you go across this planet -  it is made up of people just like you and me. Never ever as a little girl did I ever think I would have the opportunity to visit Russia. A BIG WOW is what my heart says. As we prepare to take the journey - one thing I know for sure is that when we get home, Sparrow will snuggle in bed with us and then at 4:00 in the morning she will bite me - A fit punishment for being gone so long! LOL





Pink Flower Prelude will be on display at the Festial of Quilts in Birmingham, England next week.

It just so happens that Alex and John are flying over the Atlantic heading home on Sunday and I take off to fly across the pond heading to England for the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England on Monday. Darn, if our flights were just a bit closer we might could have waved at each other as we passed.

I have taught in England on seven separate occasions and LOVED it. The last I was there was during the travesties on September 11, 2001. So it's been a while since I've got to see all the wonderful quilters in that part of the world. I cannot tell you how honored I am to be participating in this fantastic quilt show. There will be a special exhibition of my quilts, I'll be doing a dinner/concert to a sold out crowd of 800, and teaching during my Rhapsody lecture on Saturday the 16th.

I will be at my quilt display when possible. During other scheduled times I will be in the Cotton Patch Booth E20 and D20. Please stop by for a photo op, an autograph, or just to say "It's a New Day!" How many of you will be coming to the Festival of Quilts?


The Winner is #6.  The finalists are in the picture below.  Under the picture are quick links to all the blocks.  They all did a great job.  Enjoy the creativity.


Challenge Blocks 1-6,   7-1213-1819-2425-3031-3637-4243-4849-5455-59



Story Submitted by: RockridgeQuilter

When my daughter became engaged in May, 2007, I gave the happy couple, Kelly and Jason, the option of either a double wedding ring or Mariner's compass design for a hand-quilted wedding gift. They chose the double wedding ring design in a sort of colorwash of yellows and blues. Kelly and I shopped for fabric and I immediately set out to design, assemble, and quilt; believing that with an August 17, 2008 wedding, I had plenty of time. (I also subsequently learned that Alex's son is being married that same day....small world!) Somewhere along the line I viewed the Quilt Show episode that featured signature squares by both Alex and Ricky. The idea of using signature squares in place of the wedding guest book was born. Kelly and Jason thought the idea "rocked", so another project was added. I used the leftover fabric from the double wedding ring project to make signatures squares. I can't wait to see the comments from our guests. And the progress on the double wedding ring you might ask? I'm sorry to say it's only about half quilted at this point. But there's still hope!! Thank you Alex and Ricky. I feel a part of your "quilting family", and wanted to be sure you knew you play a part in my family's celebration.


Story Submitted by: 9patchnurse

I have been a nurse for 30 years, most of them in pediatrics at Johns Hopkins Hospital. I currently work in the Pediatric operating room and a year ago I was offered a wonderful opportunity to go on a medical mission to Peru. A team of pediatric plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and physician assistants (each paying our own travel expenses)traveled over 10,000 feet up into the Andes Mountains to the small town of Andahuaylas. We spent a week in a tiny hospital repairing cleft lips and palates as well as burn scars. The contracted scars from burns can be very disabling as well as disfiguring. Imagine not being able to close your eye or mouth or bend your fingers! And the stigma attached by some cultures to visible defects such as cleft lips can be devastating. In addition to medical care, we took as many donated items as we were allowed to take on the plane. Because our medical supplies and instruments took up the bulk of our allowed weight, each person was only allowed a carry on for 10 days worth of clothes and personal items! HOWEVER, through much wheedling and persistence, I was able to talk my way into being able to take 4 duffle bags of quilts!! With the magic of Space bags, I squished over 80 quilts into my duffles!! I received donations of quilts from my guild, The Flying Geese in Harford County MD, as well as from my online group, The Blockswappers (we met each other through the TQS forum!). Although I took a bit of teasing for my persistence in wanting to take the quilts (I believe I was referred to as the 'Blanket Nazi'), they were such a hit that everyone enjoyed giving them away. The patients and their families couldn't believe they got to keep them! We made sure that all of the children on the pediatric floor and the babies in the nursery got a quilt. The mission was a wonderful experience that I hope to be able to repeat, there is talk of another in the early planning stages. I'd better start sewing! What a great stash buster!!


Photos by Justin Shults

This year dad (81 years old) has been making quilts, quilts, and more quilts. The ones you see here are just a sampling of what he has done this year. A couple of tops are currently at the quilters now and two other finished quilts are in Florida with two of his great grandsons. In one of these photos you'll see my great niece is standing in front of hers (with extra pink, her favorite color). You'll see a few that are variations of Papaw's Choice, a block pattern featured in our Projects page, and finally, Katie the dog was in dog heaven as we unfolded each of them to take these photos. It seems she liked seeing them too.

The string quilt is mostly made from commercial fabrics, blocks that were exercises from classs I taught years ago, but the students didn't take their sample exercises home (so I did) and this was the result. Finally, dad experimented by adding a few commercial fabrics to his stash of my hand-dyed fabrics and that quilt turned out great too. If you haven't watched Epidsode 211, take a look and see my dad talk about his quilting experience.

You may be interested to know that I now offer hand-dyed fat quarter and fat eight packs - so, instead of buying a full yard, you can now get a beautiful collection of fabrics that would assist you in making quilts like dad's. If you try to take a look at the seven different sets, and some are 'gone', then please check back. Once I get home, we will refresh the inventory. The thing that is really amazing to me is that dad doens't really do much planning - he just let's the colors do their thing. Are you a planner? - or can you let go and let it just 'happen'?



Sorry for the late notice, but we need your vote.  We had trouble with the computers on the ship.  So hurry and vote now.  We will be announcing the winner on the ship tomorrow night.  Because of the 3 to 9 hour time difference, you need to tell us your favorite right away.  Thank you again for your participation. 

Ricky, Justin, Lilo and Ruth:  TQS people can vote too!

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