You can almost believe you are under water exploring the beauties of the sea in this quilt by Eileen Williams.

Enjoy Divers Cove, and see the quilt right here.

Star Members can learn about Eileen in Show 1811: Row by Row with Janet Lutz.

DiversCovebyEileenWilliams - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

DiversCovebyEileenWilliams - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

DiversCovebyEileenWilliams - 300 Pieces Non-Rotating

DiversCovebyEileenWilliams - 36 Pieces Rotating

DiversCovebyEileenWilliams - 100 Pieces Rotating

DiversCovebyEileenWilliams - 300 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Eileen Williams


This is a beautiful star block from Jinny. Do you know what it's called? Play the game and find out.



Envision by Sylvia Starr Clary is a strong statement that our ocean's and their natural resources need to be protected. Featuring machine quilting, machine piecing, and machine appliqué, it sends a message that we need to do our part to protect our planet.

Envision by Sylvia Starr Clary of Palm Bay, Florida was featured in the Pictorial category at Houston 2019.



From Quilts Inc.:

After the pandemic caused the cancellation of all its shows in 2020, Quilts, Inc. is proud to announce that Quilt Festival and Quilt Market have both moved online. Virtual Quilt Festival will be held December 3-5, 2020 and Virtual Quilt Market from January 26-28, 2021.

Both editions will have many of the same aspects attendees have come to expect and appreciate from our long standing in-person events. That includes exhibitors, quilt displays and competitions, and education, including classes and lectures. Because only a computer or a cell phone and internet access are necessary to participate, online shows are proving to be very popular.

“Like most other businesses both in the quilting industry and those far removed from it, we’ve had to shake up our business model for our attendees, our exhibitors, and ourselves. Something that would take the best aspects of the shows people expect from us, but with an online structure was required,” says Quilts, Inc. President/CEO and Market/Festival Director Emeritus Karey Bresenhan.

Bresenhan continues, “One of the most important advantages of the online shows is that people who have never attended can easily see the basics of the shows without the expense of traveling! Attendance at Virtual Quilt Festival is open to the public, although attendance at Virtual Quilt Market continues to be limited to credentialed participants such as shop owners and affiliated professionals.”

An internal team evaluated and tried out a number of virtual platform companies to see which one would best fit the different needs of a trade and a consumer show. All the latest info on both shows will be announced in the coming weeks and months, and will be available on Quilts.com. To be added to the email notification list, sign up on the Festival and/or Market page at Quilts.com.

“We’re very excited to take both of these shows into brand new, cutting-edge areas until we can all see each other again,” Bresenhan sums up. “Nothing can stop this industry, and the quilters making great quilts.”

Copyright © 2020 Quilts, Inc., All rights reserved.

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As we wrap up our formal lessons on the Principles of Design, we wanted to give you a chance to see how much you have learned over the last sixteen weeks. We have covered a wide range of subjects. Match the terms with the corresponding images below. Pay attention, some quilts include more than one type of principle. If you are not sure, we have included a link to each term so that you may review the principles again. (We will give you the answers in Lesson 46 on Wednesday.)

Rhythm / Movement - Lesson 39
Unity / Variety - Lesson 40, Lesson 41, and Lesson 42
Contrast - Lesson 43
Symmetrical Balance - Lesson 30, Lesson 31, and Lesson 32
Pattern / Repetition - Lesson 35, Lesson 36, and Lesson 37
Emphasis - Lesson 38
Asymmetrical Balance - Lesson 32 and Lesson 33

Harmony by Cristina Arcenegui Bono (Image by AQS)

Summertime by Elsie Campbell. (Show 407). [Image Road2CA]

Celebrating Our Diversity by Carol Ann Waugh. (Show 1011). [Image courtesy of Carol Ann Waugh]

Autumn Antics by Ethelda Ellis and Sharon Moore. (Image TheQuiltShow.com)

Cardinal Points by Gail Stepanek and Jan Hutchison. (Image TheQuiltShow.com)

Ova Nova by Louisa Smith. (Show 204 and Show 1705). [Image TheQuiltShow.com]

Johnny Jump Ups by Jane Sassaman (Show 301). [Image TheQuiltShow.com].

Log Lunacy by Cindy Seitz-Krug. (Show 2603). [Image QuiltCon].

Click here for more topics related to The Art of Quilt Design program


Taking a similar approach to a popular quilt she made before, Jennifer Sampou took a large animal, in this case a whale, and set it against a simple background to emphasis the appliqué work done in the quilt. Featuring quilting by Jenny K. Lyon (Show 2404), enjoy Whale And I.

You can learn from Jennifer in Show 2706.

WhaleAndIbyJenniferSampou - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

WhaleAndIbyJenniferSampou - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

WhaleAndIbyJenniferSampou - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

WhaleAndIbyJenniferSampou - 36 Pieces Rotating

WhaleAndIbyJenniferSampou - 100 Pieces Rotating

WhaleAndIbyJenniferSampou - 289 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Kristin Goedert


Taking a similar approach to a popular quilt she made before, Jennifer Sampou took a large animal, in this case a whale, and set it against a simple background to emphasis the appliqué work done in the quilt. Featuring quilting by Jenny K. Lyon (Show 2404), enjoy Whale And I.

Learn from Jennifer in Show 2706.

Original Photos: Kristin Goedert


TQS continues its feature of quilts from the exhibit Log Cabin Today! Presented by Brigitte Morgenroth, a series of log cabin quilts created by Brigitte Morgenroth that were featured at the Houston International Quilt Festival in 2015. The exhibit is described as:

"Twenty-five years ago, Brigitte Morgenroth discovered quilting when she lived in Bophuthatswana (a former homeland in South Africa) and Libya. She creates modern and interesting Log Cabin quilts, with her choice of expressive colors and material, combined in different variations and arrangements: Log Cabin with a twist, triangular, undulating, or pineapple. Silk and polyester satin are her favorite materials, sometimes combined with patterned cotton. Mainly, she sews large quilts and sometimes smaller, more sophisticated ones. All of her quilts are hand-quilted. She gives this old pattern a modern, interesting character."

Please enjoy Brigitte's eleventh quilt from the exhibition.

Title of Quilt: Raureif ~ White Frost

Quilter's Name: Brigitte Morgenroth

Photos by John Anderson


TQS is proud to share with you the 2020 Best of Show Award Winner from The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show. Congratulations to Barbara Clem for her quilt, Spring Breeze. Barbara's quilt is no stranger to awards having also taken a 3rd place at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show.

(Photo: The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show)


Have you ever wondered how fabric is printed? Robert Kaufman CEO Ken Kaufman provided a video to give all quilters and fabric enthusiasts a behind-the-scenes look at the printing process. Then get a peek at how TQS guest Jennifer Sampou's (Show 2706) line of fabric is digitally printed in the second video below. Enjoy!


And now, here's how Jennifer Sampou's fabric is printed today!

Top 10 Reasons to Join the Quilt Show!

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